Cream Blush on a Budget

Hey friends!

I’ve been wanting to share the best cream blushes on a budget for a while now. Really, I meant to write this post a lonnnggggggg time ago. I first thought about it when I reviewed some of the most hyped up drugstore powder blushes. Since then, I’ve been slowly collecting drugstore cream blushes and testing them out, which led me to two conclusions:

1. Many drugstore cream blushes are overpriced. I decided not to buy anything over $10, which ruled out some brands like Revlon and L’Oreal.

2. I’m personally not the biggest fan of cream blush. I’m a powder girl apparently. I guess you never know until you try…7 cream blushes.

Anyways, I did try to keep an open mind about writing this post, because once I set my mind to do something, I stubbornly persist in doing it. (Even when this determination has to do with drugstore cream blushes.)

And many people actually do love cream blushes, so hopefully I can lead you to some cheap ones that may work for you. I also threw in a bonus way to try Benefit’s Posietint!

Cream Blush on a Budget1

nyx cream stick blush


NYX Stick Blush, $6.

Pros: Pigmented, lasted on me for about 5 hours
Cons: I thought this was one of the tackier blushes, and had a harder time blending it.

nyx cream blushNYX Rouge Cream Blush, $6.

Pros: Creamy, easy to apply, pigmented.
Cons: Not really any. This blush only lasted about 4 hours on me, (on a regular person it’d probably be 6-7), but it was really pretty, so overall I did like it.

maybelline blush stick

Maybelline Master Glaze, $9-7. (I got mine at Target for $7)

Pros: Of all the cream blushes I tried, this one was by far the easiest to apply, it was very creamy. I bought Pinch Pink, and it gave me a nice natural flush.
Cons: This only lasted about 2-3 hours on me. Also I looked for these at several stores before buying because the color in the packaging looked a little “off”, like it had gone bad. This was at several places, (like CVS, Ulta, and Target), not just one store. Not sure what that says about the formula, but it made me a little nervous. No rashes to report so far, though!

maybelline dream bouncy blush

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush, $8.
(Technically,  I already reviewed this blush in this post, but it’s more of a cream blush, so I wanted to mention it again.)

Pros: Pigmented, creamy and easy to apply, lots of color options, and pretty long lasting
Cons: Not really any. Doesn’t last as long on me as powder blush, but this is my FAVORITE of the cream blushes.

elf hd cream blush

e.l.f. HD Blush, $3

Pros: Very bright and pigmented, cheap, super creamy-and the pump reminds me more of a mousse than a cream
Cons: Hard to blend, not long lasting, I would say 2 hours on me. (But I have demon skin, so probably 4 hours on a normal person).

boots no. 7 cream blush stick

Boot’s No. 7 Stick Blush, $7-9 (I got mine from for $7)

Pros: Adds a nice flush, easy to blend
Cons: Not long lasting at all, and Boots products may be harder for US residents to find in stores. (Although they do have a US website, if you are interested.)

Super teeny samples, but still cheaper than buying the full size and realizing you don't like it.

Super teeny samples, but still cheaper than buying the full size and realizing you don’t like it.

Bonus:If you want to try Benefit Posietint and High Beam without committing to their respective $20+ price tags, Ulta has a $13 sample set called Cheek Me Out. I personally learned that I don’t really like either of these products, but hey- you may want to experiment!

Overall Favorites:
If someone was holding my dog hostage and told me I had to choose a favorite cream blush for her speedy return, I would probably pick the NYX Cream Rouge Blush or Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush. (I may actually buy more Maybelline blush even without threat to my dog. I do like that one.)

Hopefully that helps any cream blush lovers get started in the right direction!

Questions of the Day:
-Cream blush or powder blush? And why?
-Any beauty products you’ve discovered you aren’t the biggest fan of?





2 thoughts on “Cream Blush on a Budget

    • I just wish the Benefit tints had more colors, the only one that really works on my skin tone is the original, but it is very pretty. Posietint and Lollietint don’t show up on me very well.

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