Happy Hour: Real Ale Oktoberfest and Essence Mascara

Hey friends!

It’s Fridayyyyy!

I don’t know about you but it seems I can’t go to bed before 11 throughout the work week, and then Friday I pass out around 8pm. I’m such a party animal.

I meant to go to an Oktoberfest this year, but sadly I forget that most of the events around me are in September and not actually October, and thus have already happened. (I resent this inappropriately planned event if you can’t tell.)

Anyway, just because I didn’t make it out, doesn’t mean I can’t have my own Oktoberfest. I just need some vegetarian sausage, some pretzels, delicious beer and cheap, fun, mascara. (Yes, mascara is required for Oktoberfest, it’s traditional.) That’s the plan anyway.

If you are also recreating an Oktoberfest this weekend or getting pumped up for one, I have just the beer and mascara for you! (Note: These two products are also enjoyable for those of you who plan to catch up on Teen Wolf and pass out at 9 pm. Just saying.)

Welcome to Happy Hour, friends!

Happy Hour essence mascara real ale

Makeup Product of the Week: Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume, $3.

Essence I Love Crazy Volume

This mascara is cheap and it really does make my lashes thick and long. I would compare it to Too Faced Better Than Sex. It’s not the most lowest maintenance of mascaras, but the payoff in full lashes is worth it. My local grocery store sells Essence products, but Ulta also has them.

Essence I Love Crazy Volume

The wand if you were curious. Nothing fancy, but effective.

essence mascara

And Essence Mascara on my actual eye lashes. Not too shabby.

Beer of the Week: Real Ale Oktoberfest

Real Ale Oktoberfest

Real Ale is an awesome brewery from Blanco, TX. I’ve tried many of their beers and have never been disappointed. I’ve also gotten to visit and they have a lovely little tasting set up.

Bestie and I like to awkwardly pose. #LadiesWhoLoveBeer

Bestie and I like to awkwardly pose. #LadiesWhoLoveBeer

In preparing for my Oktoberfest post I also tried many beers to find the best, (for science), and indeed, this one by Real Ale beat all the others.

This beer is 5.7% ABV and it’s great for drinking on a fall day. The flavors of malt and caramel come across the strongest to me, with a bit of chocolate notes in the background. This gives the beer a rich, smooth taste and makes it very drinkable. These flavors are typical for this style of beer, but I feel Real Ale does one of the best versions with this smooth, sweet beer.

Marzen/Oktoberfest beers pair really well with spicy foods, such as sausages, and this one is no exception. I personally like it with a giant pretzel, but I’m partial to those guys.
Essence I Love Crazy VolumeHopefully, you guys also enjoy some mascara and Oktoberfest time this weekend. Or at the very least, enjoy your weekend! I’ll see you Monday!

Questions of the Day:
-Do you celebrate Oktoberfest?
-What’s your favorite mascara?
-Do you like to go out on Friday or stay in and watch PLL episodes you missed?




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