October 2014: Wantable Accessories

Hey friends!

I survived Part I of Wedding Weekend Octoberextravanza 2014. It was a lot of fun! I was a spastic bridesmaid and got to catch up with some old college friends. No one tripped, all brides were married, and I got queso. I consider it a success!

Anyways, I’m back this week with some new posts before I’ll be heading out of town for Wedding Weekend Part II!

Although I’ve been writing posts, I haven’t had much time for interacting on Facebook, Twitter, etc. So just a general shout out and thanks to everyone who has been reading this blog, and welcome to any new followers! Despite everything going on my life, I genuinely love writing these posts and managing this blog, and I’m happy to share it with you!

So that being said, let’s get to the important stuff. I got my October Wantable Accessories Box! As usual, it was $36, and shipped quickly, I got it before Oct. 1!

Check out what I got this month:

wantable accessories october 2014

This month Wantable chose bold pieces for the accessory box, and their info card also shared that they partnered with designer Emily Maynard* for the box.

*I just found out this is a former Bachelorette. Hm.

wantable accessories October 2014

Unfortunately, this was my first Wantable Box that wasn’t an immediate hit. I blame Emily Maynard. However, given how picky I am, I knew this would happen sooner or later, and overall I really did like this box.

Retail Value, $50

Retail Value, $50

So let’s talk about this Ashley ring. I am actually looking for a statement ring for holiday parties this season, so I was very open when I saw this in my box. Unfortunately, one of the rhinestones had fallen out, and also I couldn’t wear it without feeling like I had on brass knuckles.

Just say no to brass knuckles.

Just say no to brass knuckles.

Ashley ring

Look, I know some ladies can rock this style, but I personally do not like my fingers being enclosed in metal. Like, how will I hold a delicious craft beer with this thing on? This is a serious issue.

Anyway, I logged into my Wantable account and discovered that since the retail value of this ring exceeded $36 bucks I paid for the box, I could return it for a partial refund! I was very excited, because I didn’t want to send the rest of the items back. (Friends of mine who read this-you should be excited too, because I was going to pawn this ring off on you if things didn’t work out.)

I printed out a packing slip and I’ll be sending it out tomorrow. I’ll update this blog when the returns process is done, and let you guys know if it went smoothly. So far, I’m impressed!

Mona Earrings, Retail $14 and Margot Earrings, Retail $19.

Mona Earrings, Retail $14 and Margot Earrings, Retail $19.

I got some silver in my box this month, which is fine with me because I need to branch out a bit. I like both pairs of these earrings. The Mona studs are subtle, but interesting, I think they could add a bit of flair to a work outfit.

The Margot earrings are a bit out of my comfort zone, but I think that’s a good thing, in this case! When I wear them, they kind of twirl in the air, they don’t remain in the shape featured in the picture. However, I think this makes a pretty, unique effect and I like that I could dress up an outfit with these.

Jeanne Bracelet, Retail $12

Jeanne Bracelet, Retail $12

Obviously I liked the Jeanne bracelet, because I love me a simply gold bangle. This is basically going to be a go-to bracelet for me. I even wore it as a bridesmaid this past weekend.

Overall, this Wantable box had some great pieces I really liked. I didn’t fall in love with any of them, as I have in the past, but I still felt the value was there for me. I especially appreciate that it seems I’ll be able to return the ring very easily. Always a fan of simple and efficient!

Question of the Day:
-Hello, how was your weekend?
-What did you think of my Wantable Box?
-Would you have kept the ring? Are you the lady that can rock that style?




4 thoughts on “October 2014: Wantable Accessories

  1. Avery says:

    Hi Rebs! I wanted to drop you a note and say I really enjoy reading your blog. I’m a craft beer lover and newbie homebrewer, and I’m just getting into makeup. I subscribe to Wantable too and I also received the Mona earrings. My box also contained a really pretty ombre scarf with hearts, a chunky matte gold ring and a silver statement necklace. That feather ring looks really uncomfortable, I don’t blame you for sending it back!

    Your posts have inspired me to try NYX, and I am on a huge NYX kick right now. I have four shades of the butter lipsticks (Pops, Licorice, Mary Janes, and Sweet Tart) and a Simply Vamp cream in Covet. Today my round lipsticks in Pumpkin Pie and Violet Ray finally arrived, as well as the powder blush in Pinched, the illuminator in Ritualistic, a butter gloss in Red Velvet and a soft matte lip creme in Cannes. Wow I sound like a crazy NYX lady haha. I wanted to list the shades in case you have tried any. I am definitely on a budget too (as glamorous academic publishing might sound) and took advantage of the Ulta sale. I have a wedding to attend next weekend as well and am trying to plan my makeup.

    As for seasonal beer, have you tried Southern Tier Pumking or Dogfish Head Punkin Ale? They are on the flavorful side of pumpkin beers but I’m a fan. Beyond that, there are a lot of small local breweries around where I live but I don’t think their distribution is very expansive. Anyway I’ve rambled enough, thanks for writing such a fun blog!

    • Hi Avery!
      1. Your comment is awesome.

      2. Welcome to home-brewing! It’s very addicting! Mr. Danger started with a Mr. Beer kit 3 years ago, and now he’s taken over the garage. (I’m just the Taste Tester, tough job.)

      3. Your box sounds like it was a good one! I’ve changed my preferences to see if I could get a scarf or statement necklace next month.

      4. Yes NYX! They are my Holy Grail for pretty much every lip product. I finally grabbed some of the Simply Creams from the Ulta sale, (I got Covet!) and I’m testing them out currently, they might make it to Happy Hour status because so far they rock. (For the others you mentioned: I wear Pops and Cannes for work a lot, and Mary Janes is a great red. Haven’t tried Sweet Tart or Licorice yet!) For this past wedding as a bridesmaid, I actually wore the Revlon Balm Stain in Crush because I knew it would stay on foreveerrrrr.

      5. You are reading my mind, because my October Happy Hour posts are all going to be Pumpkin Beer themed. I have tried and liked both of those beers, and I plan on featuring one in an upcoming post. PS: If you like Southern Tier’s Pumking, you might also enjoy Warlock by them.

      6. I love rambling. See above response.

      7. Thanks for your comment, I love hearing back from other beer and beauty lovers!

    • Agh! I sent it off already! I knew there would be a lady out there who could rock it! I’m not opposed to brass knuckle rings, (well I am opposed to brass knuckles-but rings are ok), but I feel like this wasn’t the one for me. I’ll keep searching!

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