sixteen92 Fall Collection: Review

Hey friends!

I’m almost done with my reviews of the indie perfume autumn collections! Just in time for their Yule collections to come out!

Today’s review comes from a fairly new company, sixteen92. I had heard great things about this shop and I had to try. Claire, the owner, runs the shop through Etsy and obviously takes a lot of pride in her products. The branding and imagery of sixteen92 doesn’t look like a new company, but rather one that’s experienced and polished.

.I ordered my Fall Collection on September 16th, it shipped on September 22nd and showed up in its new home with me on the 24th. That’s about a 2 week turnaround time, which is fairly normal in the indie world.

8 scents came in the Fall Collection, and though I didn’t love them all, they were all very different and interesting!

sixteen92 fall collection

The fall pack I purchased came with 8 scents in 2mL bottles for about $30 with shipping. This is a bit more expensive than the other indie perfumes I’ve bought, but on the other hand these bottles are bigger than the usual ones so I am getting more product. Full sizes are $13, which I think is super reasonable!

Now onto smelly goodness!

Calaverita-Pan de muerto sweetened with cinnamon sugar, Calaveras (sugar skull candies), crisp November air, and an ofrenda of sweet incense and candles to honor los difuntos

I really like this one! It’s spicy-sweet immediately, and it mellows out into a crisp cinnamon vanilla on me over time. I was afraid I would smell like a Red-Hot or potpourri with this one, but it actually does remind me of pan de meurto, which keeps it from being too spicy. Really interesting, I like it!

This is not real pan de muerto, but you'll have to use your imagination. Photo by Serge Bertasius

This is not real pan de muerto, but you’ll have to use your imagination. Photo by Serge Bertasius

Hallowmas- Fossilized amber resin, spiced Bosc pear, red apple, black musk, heliotrope

This one sounds like it would be so interesting, but my skin sometimes does not enjoy apple notes, and that was the case here. This just smells like bug spray on me unfortunately. On someone else this would probably be more woodsy or outdoorsy. Not for me. 

This is what I imagine Hallowmas would smell like if your skin is not rude like mine.

This is what I imagine Hallowmas would smell like if your skin is not rude like mine. Photo by: dan

Helsing-Smoky Lapsang Souchong tea, dragon’s blood, cedar wood, fir balsam, leather, saffron, chai spice accord

There’s a lot going on in this scent, and I think I like it more on Mr. Danger than on myself. It’s definitely smoky, woody, and very masculine. I got a hint of leather in the beginning, but not much tea or chai at all. I do think this is name is aptly given, because I would imagine a vampire hunter would smell smokey and woodsy given the nature of their work. A little too smokyMr. Danger approves, but not for me.

Van Helsing probably smells like this perfume. Photo from: Wikipedia.

Van Helsing probably smells like this perfume. Photo from: Wikipedia.

Huntsman-Cardamom and vanilla infused coffee, fossilized amber, Agarwood (oud), tilled soil

Now this is a masculine scent I can enjoy! I mostly pick up on the cardamom and amber, though in the bottle I can smell a hint of the coffee. This is a well balanced scent, and though it does lean masculine, it’s not overpowering. Again, this scent is well named because I can definitely imagine a sexy huntsmen traipsing around in it. I probably can’t wear something like this to work, but Mr. Danger can so I’m letting him keep this one. Maybe he’ll take to traipsing around the woods, I don’t know. Good for Mr. Danger!

A good place for sexy huntsmen to go traipsing. Photo by: Evgeni Dinev

A good place for sexy huntsmen to go traipsing. Photo by: Evgeni Dinev

Raven- Spiced apple, tea leaves, tobacco, guaiac wood

This apple scent works better on me than Hallowmas, but again my skin is not a fan. The apple and tea scent kinda turn to cleaning product on my very rude skin. It is a crisp, clean scent and not offensive, though. However, I’m pretty sure it’s not what the scent would smell like on a normal person, so my skin wins this round, unfortunately. Pleasant, but does not work for me.

Photo by: podpad

Photo by: podpad

Salem- Damp leaves, church incense, worn leather, dry birch woods, clove bud absolute, bonfire smoke

This one has really grown on me! At first it was a bit too clove-y for me, but I’ve worn it a couple of times now and I’m starting to love it. This scent is really complex, but it all blends beautifully together. I can actually smell all of the notes listed in the description, and it comes together to create an image of what I imagine Salem in Autumn would smell like. To me this is the perfect atmospheric fall scent, and I’m really happy I gave it another try. Love it!

Photo by: Serge Bertasius

Photo by: Serge Bertasius

Vespertine-Aged, double-distilled patchouli, precious mitti attar in sandalwood oil, white thyme, frankincense, rich black myrrh, long-dried rose petals, cannabis flower

Whoa, Vespertine and I do not get along. I don’t know what scent I’m getting here but it’s really biting and almost chemically on me. I’m not picking up on a lot of other notes here because my skin is mad! Not for me.

Photo by: domdeen

Photo by: domdeen

Wicked- Three vanillas, aged patchouli, marzipan buttercream

Despite the fact that I am picky about my patchouli scents, I really love this one! I get the marzipan scent immediately on application, but it then mellows into creamy vanilla with a hint of patchouli. It’s subtle and sweet, and makes me smell delicious! Like it!

Apparently this is a marzipan cake. We will go with it free stock images. Photo by: Apolonia

Apparently this is a marzipan cake. We will go with it free stock images. Photo by: Apolonia

All in all, I think sixteen92 has got something good going on. Although not all of the scents worked for me, I found that they were all thoughtfully blended and interesting. As I’ve been toodling around indie perfumes, I’m starting to be able to appreciate when someone is particularly skilled at blending notes, and I think Claire from sixteen92 has got that down.

I’m seriously considering getting a full size of Salem, and I do really like Wicked, Calaverita, and Huntsmen as well. I already have a cart set up to check out scents from her regular line as well. And I’ll be checking out her Winter releases when those come out later this year. So you know, just giving sixteen92 all of my money.

Questions of the Day
-Have you tried sixteen92?
-What is your favorite fall scent?
-Are there any scents that your skin likes to get in fights with? Or any that your skin loves? (Mine is a fan of vanilla.)










2 thoughts on “sixteen92 Fall Collection: Review

  1. Stop making me want to buy things! I haven’t tried this shop yet but now I want to!

    I don’t know what my favorite fall scent is, but woodsy, sweet and musky are kind of my jam, so I think fall is my fragrance season in general.

    My skin doesn’t get along with most normal scents that people wear- floral, fruity- just no good. Smells like chemicals. I can tolerate sweet very well. For example, in your post about Alchemic Muse you said you didn’t work well with Samhain. Well… that is now my new favorite because it is so sweet and amazing (I told you to stop making me buy things….)

    OK, I’m done hogging your comments now. Talk to you soon!

    • Haha! It’s sooooo easy to get sucked into indie perfumes, save yourself! (Or come to the dark side, it smells wonderful here!)

      Our skin chemistry sounds really similar. (Other than how mine hated Samhain, maybe I’ll try it again in a week or so and see if it got any better.) Apple, citrus, and floral all smells like cleaning products on me, but my skin will amp vanilla and smoky scents all dayyyy.

      I do think you would like sixteen92, but I would also recommend Haus of Gloi. Their foodie scents are reallyyyy sweet and yummy. They’re releasing their Yule collection on Sunday. (And I still haven’t gotten my review of their Autumn stuff up. I’m timely and relevant.)

      Anyways, you can always hog the comment section! I’m feeling like a pretty anti-social blogger lately, (because of thesis writing), so it’s nice to talk about perfume and makeup with someone! See you around!

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