Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinet: October 2014

Hey friends!

Just in time for Halloween, my Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet showed up last week! I was already impressed with their September subscription, (which you can check out here), and I just keep getting more pleased with this subscription.

First of all, these eye shadows are amazing and so are the extra lip products that seem to be included in each subscription. Second, there’s a theme each month-and I love me a good theme. Third, it’s $12.90 a month, which is not bad for all the product you get!

There is a wait list at this moment for the subscription, but I would follow Notoriously Morbid on Facebook for more info on any openings.

Anyway, if you’re interested in what comes in one of these little dudes, check out this month’s Walking Dead themed bag!

I've been waiting for a chance to use that font.

I’ve been waiting for a chance to use that font.

This month included four shadows, each based on a character from the Walking Dead. Full disclosure: I am a complete weenie and have never seen or read the Walking Dead because blood and guts gives me nightmares. (I know I would love the story line, but again, complete weenie here.)

So while I don’t have a connection with the Walking Dead, I still completely loved these eye shadows. Two of them are shades I would have picked out for myself, and two are out of my comfort zone. But that’s what’s great about these subscriptions. Normally, I would NEVER buy myself a purple, blue glittery eye shadow, but heyyyy-Silent Samurai is amazzzzing.

notoriously morbid october vanishing cabinet

Pray I’m Dead, Officer Friendly, Cherokee Rose, and Silent Samurai

All of the pretties in their glory.

Pray I’m DeadA weathered moss green with gold sparks. Think Daryl Dixon after rolling around in the woods a bit.
This comes out a bit more grey than green on me when I use my Glitter Fix, but it’s very sparkly and pretty.

Officer Friendly-A spice brown with purple, green and gold sparks and a pearl finish.
I am always a fan of a good brown eye shadow, and this one is so shimmery and lovely. Definitely something I can wear to work.

Cherokee Rose-A delicate, dusty rose semi-matte with gold shimmer.
This is almost a peachy light brown on me, but hey I love a good neutral, and this one is sparkly and soft. I can definitely see this being a great base color or crease color.

Silent Samurai- A lapis/violet with such a strong cerulean shift and so much blue sparkle, it’s the one shadow you’d carry with you during the zombie apocalypse.
So I would normally NEVER pick an eye shadow out like this for myself. But I LOVE this. It is such a beautiful purple-blue and the glitter is perfect. Honestly, I don’t have a lot of places to wear this color to, but that’s not a big deal. I will make up reasons to wear this. Exhibit A: This is the perfect color to wear when transcribing research notes. Perfect, just perfect.

I may or may not have been sampling beers for Happy Hour when these swatches were done. That is for me to know and for you to assume based on the quality of these swatches.

Cherokee Rose, Officer Friendly, Pray I’m Dead, and Silent Samurai. I may or may not have been sampling beers for Happy Hour when these swatches were done. That is for me to know and for you to assume based on the quality of these swatches.

Just look at that beautiful blue up there. Perfect eye shadow shade for shopping at the grocery store. Just perfect.

notoriously morbid vanishing cabinetThis month’s Vanishing Cabinet also came with a glitter sample called “Just Another Monster”. Apparently said Monster loves Mardi Gras, because this is a pretty mix of purple and green glitter. That I want to wear all the time. Seriously, why is glitter not considered business professional?

Also I’ve been wanting to try NM’s Coffin Kissers, which are deliciously scented lip balms, and I was very excited when “Feeling Alive” showed up. This is a peach flavored lip balm, and I love it. Which is amazing because I hate peach. It’s moisturizing and smells delectable! After the mad seasonal indie rush is over, (if you are into indies like me, you know your wallet has been taking a beating since October started), I will definitely be picking up some more Coffin Kissers.

Finally, I got a sneak peak of next month’s theme with “You’re Thinking Too Loud” and it’s True Blood! (Yeah, I was that weird 15 year-old who read those books). I’m still undecided on the actual shade because it’s like Barbie Doll Pink, but hey-possible blush?


Image from Notoriously Morbid’s website

All in all, Notoriously Morbid almost makes me feel like I’m stealing from them when their Vanishing Cabinet arrives. Like I want to ask, “You are going to give me all these things for $13? Are you sure? Really? Ok. Because I am currently wearing Silent Samurai to the gas station, so I can’t give it back.”

Questions of the Day:
-What do you think about the shades in this month’s Vanishing Cabinet?
-Should glitter be business professional, or at least business causal? Discuss the pros and cons.




2 thoughts on “Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinet: October 2014

  1. I love, love, love all those eyeshadow shades! Beautiful.
    And glitter should be appropriate everywhere. I mean, if blue and green lipstick are in fashion in the more avant garde circles, we should at least be able to wear a little eye glitter to work….

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