Happy Hour: Halloween Beauty and Beer

Hey friends!

Happy Halloween!

In case you haven’t notice, I kinda love holidays. Sometimes Mr. Danger and I make up our own because we feel like life is more fun when you have something to celebrate. That being said, there was no way I could NOT make this Happy Hour post Halloween themed.

Honestly, my Halloween costumes/plans are pretty lame this year. (Can you believe I’ve had very little time/money/graduation on my mind, and haven’t put much effort into costumes? Well, it’s true.) In the past I’ve had some good ones.

Shout out: 2012 Ms. Frizzle costume! (With Mr. Danger as Darwin-don't ask)

Shout out to 2012 Ms. Frizzle costume! (With Mr. Danger as Darwin-don’t ask)

This year I think I’m just going to my favorite beer place and I will probably be going as glitter. That’s right for Halloween, I’m going to be glitter. It will be great.

Now if you’re feeling more ambitious than me, that is good news! I have the perfect Halloween beer for you, as well as some fun, cheap Halloween makeup for a last minute costume!

happy hour

Makeup Product of the Week: Fantasy Makers Halloween Products and Kiss Nail Stickers

Fantasy Makers Daze of the DeadFirst we have Fantasy Maker’s glitter palette, $3.99. I got this one in Daze of the Dead and it is so sparkly.

Fantasy Makers Daze of the DeadThese are creamy, sticky glitters that could be used anywhere on you. If I was going for an eye look, I would probably use one of my indie glitters, but this is great for an all over look. And glittery is good.

Fantasy Makers Glitter Lip Gloss and Black Lipstick

Fantasy Makers Glitter Lip Gloss and Black Lipstick

also got Fantasy Maker’s Glitter Lip Gloss ($1.95) in a pinky red color. (They also had green, blue, and black available at my CVS.) Although the glitter is not super consistent, this is still a cheap and fun look for a costume.

fantasy makers glitter lip glossI also hadn’t bought black lipstick since I was 13, so I felt the need to pick that up as well, especially since it was only $1.95. This lipstick by Fantasy Maker’s took a few coats to achieve the opaqueness I wanted, but hey it was under $2 and I’m not planning on adding it to my permanent lipstick rotation.

black lipstick

Kiss Nail Dress

Finally, I wanted a tacky  fun nail look so I grabbed these stickers from KISS ($3.99). I’ve used these before and they last about a week on me, which isn’t too bad considering how much I bang my hands into things.

They are fairly easy to use and I like that they come with a French Tip option, (which is what I used.)

In all, I spent about $12 on all my products. I didn’t have a specific look in mind, but I feel like $12 is not bad at all for Halloween makeup. Especially since I believe the Fantasy Maker’s line is better quality than the Halloween kits you can buy at Party City or other Halloween stores.

Now. I don’t feel like any of these things are amazzzzing quality that you will want to use on a regular basis, but again for a quick Halloween look, the Fantasy Maker’s line works out!

Beer Product of the Week: Crown Valley Brewing’s Imperial Pumpkin Smash

imperial pumpkin smashI actually got this beer as a donation from my bestie who wanted to share her favorite pumpkin beer of this season. (This is why we are besties.) I had never heard of Crown Valley Brewery before, but it is apparently in Missouri, and now I want to go there. And try everything.

This is a delicious, smoky stout that tastes like fall in a bottle. It’s an Imperial Stout, so if you don’t love dark beer, you probably won’t be a fan. However, I think it’s a great balance of rich malty notes and spices. It’s not too thick, but still creamy and chocolately at the same time.

Be careful with this beer though, it’s got an impressive  ABV of 10.6%. So if you are a little lady like me, maybe sip on it with some pecan or pumpkin pie.

Overall, I am impressed with my bestie’s beer recommendation. (Which is not surprising though because girlfriend and I love our stouts.)

happy hourHopefully you have some fun plans tonight that involve beer, glitter, or whatever else floats your boat.

In the words of my awesome mother, “Be safe, be responsible, and wear reflective clothing.”***

Happy Halloween!

***Yes, my mom really sent me a Halloween card when I was 18 that said those exact words. Wiser words have never been written.

Questions of the Day:
-What are your Halloween plans?
-What is your Halloween costume?
-Have you ever worn reflective clothing?




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