Happy Hour: October Favorites

Hey friends!

Something to know about me: I may not be timely, but I am thorough! For instance, it may be November 7th, but I am determined to do my October Favorites post. Because it will get done, maybe a week late, but, DONE.

It is really a miracle this post is happening at all since I’m supposed to be completely the data analysis for my thesis research. And this is what I have done so far:

My classmates thought this would go well in my Appendix.

My classmates thought this would go well in my Appendix. Also, this is not a cry for help, makeup will save me.

Anyway, my stubbornness is pushing me through! (Also I’ve been bribing myself with makeup, a very effective incentive.)

October flew by very fast, (I still have my Halloween lights up, for example), but I still did manage to buy like 349898 beauty products, so check out the bests of the month below:

Favorite Eye Shadow of the Month: Shiro’s Sweater Weather, $6.

Shiro Sweater Weather

Shiro: Sweater Weather, Rebs: Crazy Eyebrows

This was actually another Color of the Month from Shiro. It was described as a “Velvety purple-taupe with strong golden duochrome.”

It took me awhile to get the hang of the perfect sticky base and application for this shadow, (UD Primer, with a small amount of Glamour Dolls’ Glitter Fix over that). But once I worked that out, it’s a very pretty, deep taupe and the golden shift keeps it interesting.

Favorite Lipstick of the Month: NYX Simply Red Lip Creams, $6.50

NYX Simply Lip Cream in Maraschino

NYX Simply Lip Cream in Maraschino

I talked about the NYX Simply Lip Creams earlier this month, and Maraschino has been my go-to weekend lipstick. Maybe even my after work lipstick. Don’t judge.

Anyway, the Red and Vamp colors of this line are super pigmented, lightweight, and long lasting. I’ve got designs on some of the pinks next. (No more Vamp shades, I look terrifying.)

More on these lipsticks here.

Favorite Blush of October: Glamour Doll Eyes’ Start a Rumor, $2.50-$9.

I’ve been working my way through a generous sample of Glamour Doll Eyes’ Start a Rumor blush that I threw into my cart on a whim earlier this month. (The sample was $2.50, so pretty much the best impulse purchase ever.)

This blush is very pigmented, in fact I have to be careful not to get too much on my blush or I look clowny. Blended out it creates a soft, natural pink glow.

What I love about this shade is that it doubles as a highlight on me as well. It’s great for putting on in the car.When you’re in a hurry. It has a small amount of glitter in it, (nothing too crazy) that adds some shine to the cheekbone.

Glamour Dolls' Start a Rumor

Glamour Dolls’ Start a Rumor

Top: Not Blended, Bottom: Blended Out. Middle: Confused.

Top: Not Blended, Bottom: Blended Out. Middle: Confused.

For more on Glamour Dolls check out this post.

Favorite Nail Color of October: Julep Logan+Julep Kirby, $11-$14.

I didn't remember to take a picture until the end of the manicure. But points for an accent nail?

I didn’t remember to take a picture until the end of the manicure. But points for an accent nail?

I used to have a Julep subscription. I don’t blog about it because I don’t want to encourage people to join Julep, (I don’t think it’s a good deal), but these nail colors actually worked out well this month. Although my cuticles didn’t, but that’s my own doing.

Julep’s Logan is a dark, cool purple. I have a tone of purples, but none this dark and leaning almost towards black. Kirby is the silver chunk nail polish, and I own this because I am a magpie who likes sparkly things.

Favorite Subscription of the Month: Rainbow Honey Mini Bag ($11) and Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinet, ($12).

I decided I didn’t have to pick just one. It’s my blog, I do what I want.

I thought Rainbow Honey’s bag had a lot of value this month as well as some new colors.

Look, I'm not going to incriminate myself, but I may or may not have taken these pictures while testing out a pumpkin beer, which is why they are a bit haphazard. Sorry, (but only a little bit).

Look, I’m not going to incriminate myself, but I may or may not have taken these pictures while testing out a pumpkin beer, which is why they are a bit haphazard. Sorry, (but only a little bit).

More on these Rainbow Honey goodies here.

I've been waiting for a chance to use that font.

I’ve been waiting for a chance to use that font.

I feel pretty rude talking about how awesome this bag is when they are currently on a wait list, but Notoriously Morbid did say they will be opening up additional spots in December.

If you can get in on the sub, do it! Pretty eye shadows, lip products, and candy (that I eat before I remember to take a picture of it), it’s so worth the $12.

Find out more about the Vanishing Cabinet here.

Favorite Indie Perfume of the Month: All of them?

solstice scents autumn collection

I had so much fun trying out indie perfumes this month. (Also finding free stock images, because it is lulz.) However as a note to my future self, this is what I want to stock up on next Autumn:

Solstice Scents: Thornwood Thicket, Witch’s Cottage, and Pumpkin Spice Latte
Haus of Gloi: Tobac and S’mores (and some whipped soaps, heyoooo those are amazingly fluffly and moisturizing.)
Sugar and Spite Bathery: Grimoire and Carnival Macabre, when these are layered it’s the most amazing smell ever. Mr. Danger actually put some on, he demanded to smell as delicious as me.

I linked my reviews in the names of the companies if you want to know more. I can summarize: You will smell fantastic.

Favorite Haul: Hello Waffle!

Hello Waffle Haul

So, Hello Waffle had a sale, and then the Catssic Literature Collection came out, and then I lost my damn mind. I went full size!

I rarely buy full sizes, but I think I was doing revisions on my thesis and my will power was low. Also I WANTED those cat prints. They are adorable, and I’m not even a cat person! (Although, I am a literature person. Except for Steinbeck. Hate Steinbeck. If there had been a Steincat, I would have avoided him.)

Then Christine, (the owner) threw in 2 Gift with Purchases, (I picked out blushes) BUT then she gave me 2 more free eye shadows? Whhhhaaat? I don’t even know, but I love Hello Waffle.

Anyway, reviews on these bad boys are coming soon. Check out why I love Hello Waffle here.

October Beer of the Month: Anything Pumpkin, basically.

Look, if you are a #girlswholovecraftbeer like I am, you know the fall is an amazing time to be a beer lover. How am I to pick just one favorite? I am not, that is how.

So the two I loved the most were:
Alaskan Brewing Company’s Pumpkin Porter

Alaskan Pumpkin PorterDid not see my love for this one coming, but this is an amazing pumpkin porter. It’s everything I want in a pumpkin beer: great pumpkin flavor, malty-ness, and a creamy texture.

Read more about this beer and the eyeliner that goes great with it, here.

Crown Valley Brewing’s Pumpkin Imperial Smash

imperial pumpkin smashA reccomendation from my bestie, @SparkerPants,  this one was a favorite in the Danger Household. For real, even Lucy the dog wanted some.

It’s got an amazing smoked barley flavor that comes through the pumpkin, and it’s topped up with a floral, woodsy hop. If that’s too technical for you: it’s real dark and real good.

It was my Halloween beer of choice this year, which you can read about here.

In Conclusion:

So that was my October in a nutshell, (minus weddings, best friends visits, and wearing pajama pants until 2 on Saturdays while I wrote), I hope you all had a fantastic one!

November seems like it will be an awesome month. For one, I will get some days off around Thanksgiving. (AWESIHSKWWIIIIIEEEEe!) Two: I will get some days off around Thanksgiving!!!!

Anyway, I hope you guys have a lovely month, I’m off to eat French fries!

Questions of the Day:
-How was your October?
-What were your Favorites this month?
-Any hauls or splurges for you?







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