Wantable Accessories: November 2014

Hey friends!

I can always tell a new month has started because I get a shipping notice from Wantable. (Yes, subscription boxes are the only way I can use a calendar and tell time now.)

Anyway, I subscribe to the Accessories box, which is $36 with shipping. I’ve been subscribing for a few months, (which you can check out here, here, and here), and I’ve been really pleased.

I don’t have a lot of time to go shopping so I like that I can get a few accessories every month to freshen up an old outfit.

Anyway, here’s what I got this month:

wantable accessories november 2014

1wantable accessories november 2014Here are the pretties, sans giant scarf which didn’t fit in the picture.

Marge Earrings and Mariah Earrings

Marge Earrings and Mariah Earrings

Marge earrings- I would never pick these out on my own, but they are kind of interesting. You can change out the stud to your own stud, and you can wear the duck flipper shape, (I don’t know what else to call that), part in the front or the back “peekaboo” style as Wantable refers to it. I always need more studs, so at the very least I can remove the duck flipper and wear them plain, so this works for me!

Mariah earrings- These are so pretty! My first thought when I saw them was “holiday party!” My second thought was, “Have I been invited to any?” Well, the answers to both these thoughts is, fortunately, yes. These aren’t too heavy and they will be great for dressing up some of my  dresses for holiday events.

Brooke Scarf

Brooke Scarf

Brooke Scarf- Since it is starting to get cooler around here I told Wantable they can send my scarves now, I love scarves. Unfortunately, I am not thrilled with this first offering. The texture, color, and pattern of this scarf remind me of an old tablecloth. The accessories guide does recommend pairing this scarf with jeans a brown boots, so I’ll try that out, but this was my only disappointing item in my box this month.

Karlie Necklace

Karlie Necklace

Karlie Necklace- This kinda looks like a bunch of holiday ornaments on a necklace, but that doesn’t stop me from loving it. I was really hoping for a statement necklace soon, and this sure does make a statement, (mostly it says, “I love the holidays.”) I’ve paired this with black jeans and chambray shirt so far, but I think I can also use it to dress up some outfits as well.

I am very pleased, as usual! I love that I can count on using and loving all (or almost all) of the accessories in my Wantable box.

I’m waffling on taking a few months off, not because I haven’t enjoyed them, but because I am starting to get a nice collection of accessories going, and I could always use the extra money for Christmas funds. Not sure yet, we’ll see how I fair with holiday gift shopping.

Questions of the Day:
-What do you think about my accessories this month?
-What are your thoughts on statement necklaces?
-How would you work that scarf?






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