Visage by Hello Waffle: November 2014

Hey friends!

I’ve been having a super, amazing mail week. The best ever. And we didn’t even get mail on Tuesday. It was that amazing. Today’s post showed up on Monday, and there was lots of squealing.

So I’ve expressed my love for Hello Waffle in the past. (And the future, if I could just swatch my darn arm!) When I saw that she was considering starting a monthly box, I started stalking Facebook like a panther. A indie obsessed panther with a very sad bank account, but still.

Well, I managed to snag one! (From my phone, stuck in commuter traffic, the first and only time I was happy to be stuck in traffic!) The concept behind the Visage subscription is that you would be able to create an entire look with the products included. The cost is $25, which includes shipping, and I think it’s a great deal, especially since Hello Waffle is shipping from Canada, and I’m on the opposite side of the US.

I did end up cancelling some other subscriptions to budget out for this one (I won’t name names but sounds like smirchbox and smipsy, and I haven’t missed them yet). However, I felt I really got my money’s worth with Visage.

Let me know what you think!

hello waffle visage november


The Visage boxes ship on the 5th, and I did get a notification on that day. I wasn’t sure how long it would take to arrive given the distance between me and Canada, but my box arrived on the 10th, which is really great timing!

I do appreciate a nice wrapping, so I thought we could take time to “oohh” and “awww” over this. Enjoy.
hello waffle visageI really like that she took the time to pretty everything, it just makes the whole experience better. Below is what was inside my bundle of joy:

Hello Waffle Visage November Box

Left to Right: Halfling Blush in Winter Rose, Eye shadows in Eight Days, Garden, and Beast. Life’s Entropy Lipstick in Tundra

Apparently every month Hello Waffle will team up with another indie owner and feature them in the box. This month’s was Life’s Entropy. A thorough description of the products was included in the box along with the story of The Summer and Winter Garden, the inspiration behind the box’s theme.

IMG_7928So let’s look at the pretties! I got excited and took individual pictures for some reason, please enjoy!

Halfling Blush in Winter Rose-Rose-toned blush with a subtle cool violet sheen.
I usually don’t like cool tones, but this is a soft, subtle pink on me and it looks very natural.

IMG_7930Garden-Light warm dusty pink shimmer with purple sparks.
This is my favorite!. I love a light shimmery color, (why I love HW’s Mendelssohn), and this is gorgeous! I will definitely be able to use this in my regular rotation.
IMG_7934Eight Days-Satin warm rose
This is a feminine, rosy pink and I am loving it as a crease color. I need more satin finishes, and this will be great in my collection.
IMG_7932Beast- Dark purple-toned brown. Leans grey.
Again, this is another lovely, romantic color in this collection. (Can you tell I’m a fan?) This is a deep purple-brown, but the purple keeps it from being too harsh.

IMG_7936Life’s Entropy Lip Theory in Tundra-warm coral mlbb creme.
I wanted to love this because I’ve been dying to try the Lip Theory’s, but this color is too light for my skin tone. (mlbb are mauves and roses for me, sadly pinks and nudes never work.) The formula is creamy and smells nice, so I’m open to eventually trying another color on my own.


life's entropy tundra

This is really a My Lips But Barbie on me.

Indoor Swatches:


From top to bottom: Lip Theory in Tundra, Eight Days, Garden, Beast, Winter Rose Blush, and blended out Winter Rose Blush

Outdoor Swatches. Check out the shiny!

hello waffle visage outdoor swatches

So what did I think overall?

IMG_7950 Overall, I was very pleased with this box. Hello Waffle’s specialty, to me, is romantic soft shades, and the eye shadows included in this box were just lovely. I also loved that a blush and lip product were included. I’ll be using everything, (except the Lip Theory, just because it wasn’t my color, but I’ll be passing it on to a good home.) and I am looking forward to my next box!

visage look

I hate showing pictures of my makeup look, but I felt like I had to take the Challenge and make a look with all of the products:
I used Garden on most of my lid and browbone, Eight Days in the crease, and Beast on the outer 1/3 of my lid and lower lash line. I also have a tiny bit of Winter Rose on my cheeks. (And Revlon’s Balm Stain in Honey, because that’s my favorite mlbb shade). I actually got a lot of compliments on my makeup! Visage FTW!

Questions of the Day:
-What do you think of Visage?
-What’s your favorite mlbb shade?
-Are you terrified of sharing your makeup pictures on the internet? I am!






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