Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag: November 2014

Hey friends!

I got my Rainbow Honey bag in last week and I’ve been testing it out for awhile now, really researching the products and all. (AKA not finding time to write this review, oops).

For those of you who are new to Rainbow Honey, they’re a nail polish company that offers a monthly mystery bag filled with goodies. There’s a full size and mini size, which I get for about $13. It usually proves to be a great deal for the money as I get a lot of good nail products for cheaper than I would have paid in the store. Plus there’s almost always glitter.

This month they had a theme of taking care of your skin in the winter time, which I think most people can appreciate. It’s unseasonably cold where I live and my body is falling apart, so this bag has been pretty timely for me.

So check out what I got this month:

rainbow honey mystery bag november 2014

I think I’m digging the new wrapping, it does look a bit sleeker.

rainbow honey november 2014

Lto R, first row: Frozen Flame Hand Sanitizer, Frozen Frame Perfume Rollerball, Lemon Honey Lip Balm, Bottom: Frozen Flame Cuticle Oil, Grayscale and Aurora


This month the mini bag came with another full size product, the Frozen Frame Cuticle Oil. (And I guess the lip balm counts, too). I thought that was pretty generous of Rainbow Honey, especially after the full sizes we got last month. They also included a page long description of all the products, which was very helpful but I spilled nail polish on it and it wasn’t up to photographing.

Body Products:


Frozen Flame Scent “warm exotic blend of hibiscus, plumeria, aloe vera, and glistening cassis petals”.
Let’s chat about Frozen Flame as a scent in general, because it was what almost all the products came in this month. To me this is a cool, wintery floral scent. It’s not very thrilling when compared to my indie perfumes, but it’s really pleasant and feminine and I Iike it a lot more than the Sweet November from last month.

Frozen Flame Hand Sanitizer-
 This is a new product for them and I was a fan of this hand saniziter. It’s a bit sticky as it dries, but it definitely smells more like Frozen Flame than alcohol, which is a win for me. I didn’t have any problems with this drying my hands out and people around me told me I smelled nice. (Don’t I always these days?)

Frozen Flame Perfume Rollerball- I’m actually keeping this near my desk at work. As I said above, I like the scent of Frozen Flame, and I like that this is transportable. The sad thing about all my indies is most of them are in glass vials and I’m scared to take them anywhere. (I’m a klutz, I’m sure you never would have guessed this. Ha.) This plastic rollerball is very useful in that aspect.

Lemon Honey Lip Balm- I’ve mentioned before that I like Rainbow Honey’s lip balms, so while this scent is not as amazing as the orange chocolate one from last month, (that was amazing, friends), this is still nice to have for winter.

Nail Products:

IMG_7963Frozen Flame Cuticle Oil- Hi, I have the worst cuticles in the world, so this is like a miracle worker. The oil is super moisturizing and a little bit goes along way. It dries pretty quickly and smells nice. Now I have no excuse for having the worst cuticles in the world.

IMG_7967Grayscale- This nail polish isn’t that exciting to me as I already have a couple of dark gray shimmer shades. It looks pretty enough though, and I’ll probably wear it sometime this winter, as it looks like a good cold weather color.

Aurora- This is a really neat color and I don’t have anything like it. I can totally see how it’s inspired by the Aurora Borealis, as it’s a blueish color with silver and gold shimmer. Very pretty, I’m excited to try it out!


I think I actually liked the products for skincare better than the nail colors this month, although Aurora is really beautiful. I guess that means overall this bag was another win for me! I love that I can pay $13 and get set up for a few months with skincare and nail polish products, for me this is an excellent value.

Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of this month’s Rainbow Honey bag?
-Any tips to cuticle health? Seriously, mine are horrible, I need all the help I can get. When I take a NOTD picture, it just scares people.
-Do you have a life saving product for cold winter months?




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