sixteen 92: Chocolate Bar Collection

Hey friends!

Hope you had a great weekend! On Saturday, I passed my pre-test for my certification/licensure test! (It’s actually kind of anti-climatic, because now I just have permission to take the actual test that counts. Yay?)

Then a friend was in town and I got to have beer flights. So I consider it a successful weekend.

Today I’m kicking off the week with sixteen92’s Chocolate Bar Collection. Yes, an indie perfume company made a perfume collection based on hot chocolate. And yes, it’s amazing.

sixteen92 also has a Winter Collection, that I’ll be reviewing in the next week, (presumably), but I had to start with the Chocolate Bar collection. Because it’s the Chocolate Bar collection. I don’t feel like we need anymore explanations about why it’s awesome.

The sample size set of this cost about $22 with shipping. I ordered it Nov. 7, it shipped Nov. 10, and I was covered in hot chocolate scents on Nov. 13. Pretty impressed with this turn around time!

Grab yourself some sugar and read on!

chocolate bar collection sixteen92

Warning: These descriptions will most likely make you hungry.

hot chocolate bar collection sixteen92

PS: This my first time trying perfumes with a cocoa/chocolate note and I wasn’t sure how I would feel about smelling like chocolate. Good news: I feel fantastic about it. Embrace the chocolate scents.

Black Forest Hot Chocolate-  Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, vanilla, cherry, and whipped cream
The cherry note is the strongest scent I get in this one, followed by the chocolate. It smells delicious, this one just wasn’t a favorite of mine because the cherry went a bit artificial smelling on me after about 15 minutes, and the perfume only lasted about an hour on me. Smells great, but not for me.

Photo by: TiveryLucky

Photo by: TiveryLucky

Coconut Creme Hot Chocolate-Dark chocolate, white chocolate, and coconut topped with whipped cream, toasted coconut flakes and a drizzle of caramel
I wasn’t expecting to like this one, because I’m not a fan of smelling like coconut, (makes me think of sunscreen). But this might be my favorite! I get more of the chocolate scent mixed with caramel, and just a hint of coconut. It smells absolutely delicious and was a pretty strong scent on me. Anytime I walked by Mr. Danger mentioned how nice I smelled. This lasted about 3 hours on me. Love it. Like the best Almond Joy known to man.

Photo from kraftrecipies. I'm not affiliated with Kraft, but you can check out the recipe here:

Photo from kraftrecipies. I’m not affiliated with Kraft, but you can check out the recipe here:

Mexican Hot Chocolate-Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Mexican vanilla, cinnamon sugar, spicy pink & black pepper, and whipped cream
This is a delicious blend of chocolate with a bit of spice and vanilla. I actually wish it was a bit spicier, (I even tried layering it with Calvarita from the Fall Collection, which had mixed results). This one only lasted about an hour on me. Wished it was bit spicier.

Photo by: hyena reality

Photo by: hyena reality

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate- (I guess I forgot how alphabetical order worked when I took these pictures)-Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, red velvet cake accord, buttermilk whipped cream
I don’t know how girlfriend managed this, but somehow this perfume smells exactly like Red Velvet Cake, specifically the cream cheese frosting. The frosting scent mellows out after a few minutes and it smells like rich Red Velvet cake. This lasted about two hours on me. Perfect Red Velvet Cake!

I've never topped Red Velvet Cake with fruit, but to each their own. Photo by: piyato

I’ve never topped Red Velvet Cake with fruit, but to each their own. Photo by: piyato

Peppermint Hot Chocolate- Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, whipped cream, and a splash of cool peppermint.
This one smells exactly like a York Peppermint Patty or a Girl Scout’s Thin Mint. I’m not the biggest lover of minty scents, but there’s something about this particular perfume oil that is sweet and refreshing and I actually really like it. This one lasted about two hours on me. Refreshing and delicious smell!

Photo by: Gualberto107

Photo by: Gualberto107

Toasted Marshmallow-Everyone’s favorite hot chocolate topping, gooey marshmallows lightly toasted over a campfire. Can be worn alone or layered with any of the Hot Chocolate Bar fragrances.
I was really excited to try this scent because I am obsessed with Haus of Gloi’s S’mores scent and spend hours yelling outside my house, “SMORES!” and shaking my fist at the sky because I didn’t buy it in full size.

Ok, that’s a hard act to follow. I do love this Toasted Marshmallow scent, but it reminds me more of HG’s Ghost Puffs rather than S’mores. It’s a fantastic marshmallow scent, it even smells gooey, which I don’t even know how that’s possible, but there you go. It’s a little less buttery than Ghost Puffs, but more true marshmallow. If you like marshmallow scents, you’ll probably dig this.

I didn’t get much out of layering it with the hot chocolate scents, (probably cause I love them on their own), but feel free to go to town!

Photo from Wikipedia

Photo from Wikipedia

I also wanted to show how big sixteen92 sample sizes are. You pay a little bit more for her samples, but you get more product. I’m completely okay with that.

ProTip: If you layer S'mores with these scents it smells like you burnt your hot chocolate.

ProTip: If you layer S’mores with these scents it smells like you burnt your hot chocolate.

Free sample!

sixteen92 helleboreI also got a free sample of Hellebore. My Fall Collection order didn’t have a free sample, so I was surprised and excited.

Hellebore is from the Winter Collection: A dark winter floral blend, earthy, cold, and a little dangerous.Tuberose absolute, Sambac Jasmine, oakmoss, tobacco, chilled earth, cocao, black musk
This starts of very floral and earthy and there is definitely something that smells like frozen ground or cold nights. But then it just starts to smell a bit bad on me…

My theory: I have had great luck with my skin enjoying most scents, (some just fade quicker), but I found out with this perfume sample that I am one of those lucky people who jasmine turns indolic on, (i.e. stinky). This smells floral and pleasant overall, but there’s a scent like bad breath in the background. Kinda fascinating, but not for me.

I totally blame my skin chemistry for this. I was completely impressed with the Chocolate Bar Collection, and as you can see here, I also loved many of sixteen92’s Fall scents. Hellebore and I are not meant for each other, by no fault of the creator. The good news is if these florals work for you, Hellebore has great wear time, I think I got 5 hours out of it.

Overall: This collection smells amazing, my only gripe is apparently chocolate notes don’t last very long on me. Boo skin chemistry, y u evil?

However, Coconut Creme Hot Chocolate held up really well on me, and I think I’m going to try to score some during the Black Friday Sale. Or put it on my Christmas wishlist. Or beg someone to give it to me. I want to smell like Hot Chocolate all the time now, thanks.

Questions of the Day:
-Have you ever tried chocolate scented perfume?
-What is your favorite chocolate dessert?
-Are there any scents that really don’t work for your skin?

I’m super hungry now. Off to get chocolate, bye!




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