Happy Hour: Black Friday Beer and Colourpop’s Forget the Fruitcake

Hey friends!

Hope your Black Friday is treating you well! There are a lot of makeup sales going on right now, but so far I’m behaving myself. We’ll see how long my will power holds out.

In general, I’m not a big fan of Black Friday, (I hate crowds), but I am a fan of dark beers and lipstick.

So for Happy Hour today, I picked one of my all time favorite beers ever, which happens to be part of Southern Tier’s Blackwater series, their Creme Brulee Stout (get it? Blackwater? Black Friday? PS: I’m on a lot of medication right now for the rudest Sinus Infection ever, so excuse any weirdness).

I also finally got my hands on some Colourpop lipsticks. I’ve been eyeballing them for awhile, but I thought they were probably over-hyped. $5 for a long-lasting, pigmented lipstick just seemed to good to be true.

But I decided to just jump right in when I saw their holiday collection, Forget the Fruitcake. $30 for 6 lipsticks, and free shipping was just too nice to resist.

So do the Colourpop lippies hold up to all the hype? Check it out below:

happy hour colourpop forget the fruitcake


Colourpop Forget the Fruitcake Holiday Set

Colourpop Forget the Fruitcake Holiday Set

Makeup Product of the Week: Colourpop Forget the Fruitcake Holiday Set

So the Forget the Fruitcake is 6 brand new lip shades that Colourpop released for the holidays. I thought this would be the best place for me to start, because I also kinda wanted to get out of my lip shade comfort zone. If it was up to me I’d only buy reds, berries, and dusty mauves, but this collection has a a really nice variety that shakes up my current lip collection.

First, let’s check out the swatches. (I did arm only today because I’m too sick to put these on my lips, but I might update this post later with lip swatches.)

Forget the Fruitcake Colourpop

Lady:Cool toned dirty burgundy / Matte Finish

colourpop lady

colourpop lady swatch

This shade is a bit too brown for me, but I think it’s really beautiful. Ladies with darker skin tones also might enjoy it.

Tutu-Blackened red violet / Matte Finish

colourpop tutu

colourpop swatch of tutu

I’m trying to get comfortable with vamp colors, and I think this is the perfect vamp shade for me. This is a lovely deep purple-red shade. I think it would be gorgeous with a light gold eye and lots of mascara.

Cheers-Deep raspberry / Matte Finish

colourpop cheers

colourpop swatch of cheers

I absolutely love this color, it’s a perfect berry lip for winter. I’ve been wearing this almost non-stop this past week and it seems to go with just about everything.

Confetti-True blue red / Hyper Glossy

colourpop confetti

colourpop confetti swatch

I have a tone of matte red lipstick and semi-mattes, but I don’t have anything like this hyper glossy finish. This is a classic bright red that will be perfect for holiday parties.

Tuxedo-Cool toned neon pink / Hyper Glossy Finish


colourpop swatch tuxedo

I was completely prepared to toss this one out because I don’t wear neon colors and cool tones don’t usually look good on me. However, there is something eye-catching and flattering about this bold lip color. It’s not an everyday lip color for me, but maybe something I could bust out when I’m feeling feisty.

Cookie-True nude beige / Matte Finish

colourpop cookie

colourpop cookie swatch

As I’ve mentioned before true nudes look super creepy on my lips, so this shade doesn’t work for me. I’m going to pass it on to someone with lighter lips than me and I think it will work great for them.

All of the swatches in the Forget the Fruitcake Collection:


Things always get out of control when I swatch lipstick. Sorry for the random smudges.

I also ordered Brink because I thought it would be a perfect MLBB shade for work.

 BrinkA warm dusty taupe in a matte finish

colourpop brink

colourpop brink swatch

Unfortunately, this is just a shade too brown to be a MLBB shade on me, I need a bit more rose. However, it’s a pretty color and I think I can probably pull it off with a smokey eye.

Overall: I do think the Colourpop lipsticks live up to the hype. They are pigmented, easy to apply, and last a long time, I was able to get about 4-5 hours of wear time even with drinking. My only small gripe would be to make sure you exfoliate and moisturize your lips before using them because I did notice I got a bit of clinging to lip lines if my lips were too dry. Other than that, these are perfect and I’m asking for a bunch of other colors for Christmas!

Beer of the Week: Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout

rreme brulee stout

 UNF. My baby beer. My love. I literally have a stock pile of this beer hiding in a closet because I need it forever. This might be if not my absolute favorite, then in the top 5 of Rebs’ Beloved Beers.

First of all, Southern Tier, in general, has been producing some amazzzzzing beers in the past few years. They have quickly skyrocketed to one of my favorite breweries. Their beers are unique, flavorful, and exciting. You aren’t going to find a boring one among the bunch.

This is completely the case with the Creme Brulee Stout, it’s the kind of beer that you don’t just drink, you savor it. Ironically, I think it’s definitely a love or hate kind of beer. If you hate it, the main complaint is it’s wayyyyyy to rich and sweet. You pretty much have to like creme brulee the dessert to be okay with this beer, because it tastes very much like it’s namesake.

But if you are like me, and you love it, then you are amazed by the decadent creme brulee flavor. I can taste the burnt sugar flavor, the sweet caramel and creamy vanilla notes, and even a butterscotch-like ending. I have literally drank this beer as dessert, it’s that rich and satisfying.

I think beginners and veterans to craft beer can both enjoy this beer, as long as they are in the mood for a dessert beverage. Seriously, no food pairing needed with this guy, enjoy it after a nice meal as your after-dinner drink, and you’ll be set.

happy hour colourpop


Questions of the Day:
-Are you fighting the Black Friday crowds?
-Have you tried any Colourpop Lipsticks?
-Do you like Creme Brulee?
-What’s your all-time favorite beer?



2 thoughts on “Happy Hour: Black Friday Beer and Colourpop’s Forget the Fruitcake

  1. I’m so glad you finally got to try the Colourpop lippies! I just bought some more and wrote about it today haha. Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well! take care of yourself

    • I’ll have to check out your post! Thanks for the kind words, I’m trying to get better about taking care of myself! Of course, I have to learn the hard way. PSA: Get a flu shot! 🙂

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