Colourpop Review: Not A Box of Chocolates

Hey friends!

How’s Cyber Monday treating you? I’m hoping to remain strong through today, but Haus of Gloi is releasing their Yule restock today and that has the possibility to melt my willpower. Must…stick…to…budget….

Speaking of going over budget, I may have treated myself to a “Hey you finished Ch. 4 of your thesis and you only have one chapter left” reward of the Colourpop Holiday Collection, “Not a Box of Chocolates”.

It was only $30 with free shipping, so I guess there could be worse vices?

I’ve written about Colourpop’s eye shadows here and here, so I think we can establish I am a fan. They have a great pigmented, long lasting formula and amazing color selections. When I saw they had released 6 new shades for the holidays in their Not a Box of Chocolates, I was on that!

Check out the new swatches!
colourpop not a box of chocolates
What’s in the box?

colourpop not a box of chocolates shadesThe holiday collection box is a really nice touch. This would be great as a gift. Or to gift yourself in my case.

colourpop holiday collection not a box of chocolates

Halo-Golden champagne dusted with soft gold glitter / Satin Luxe Finish
This comes out kinda peachy on my skin tone, but it’s still very pretty and very glittery.

Partridge- Saddle brown undertone with a green duo chrome finish / Pearlized Finish
I love me a duochrome, and Colourpop is great at them. This one is really interesting, I love the green and brown tones, dramatic but lovely.

Drift- True cranberry / Pearlized Finish
This is a goregous cranberry shade, I love the subtle shimmer.

Tinsel-Grayed out icy lavender / Metallic finish
This reminds me of Colourpop’s Cricket, but it’s a lighter purple color with tons of glitter, I love it!

Sleigh-Icy sage sprinkled with tons of multicolored glitter / Metallic Finish
This color is the main reason I bought this collection, I don’t have anything like this in my stash. It’s a light green with tons of glitter, perfect for the holidays.

Doe-A-DeerBlackened violet/ Matte Finish
This shade is a deep dark purple that leans towards brown. I think it would be great in the outer-V for a smokey eye this season.

colourpop not a box of chocolates swatches

Swatches in sunlight: it’s all about that glitter.


I’m really pleased with this collection, it’s a great range of holiday colors using Colourpop’s awesome formula. For only $30 I think this could make a great present or you could give out the shades individually as stocking stuffers.(Though you would have to decide who you liked the most because they would receive the glitter shades, obviously. You should probably just keep this for yourself and spare others the pain.)

Questions of the Day:
-Have you ever had to treat ‘yo self?
-What do you think of these shades?
-How’s your holiday shopping going?





4 thoughts on “Colourpop Review: Not A Box of Chocolates

  1. Love these. Have you tried their Lippie Stix yet? I really think that needs to be your next ColourPop purchase. You know, since you got me hooked on all of their wonderful things…

    • Yes! I got the Forget the Fruitcake holiday set, and I was really impressed, definitely worth the hype! (I reviewed it last week, if you want to check out the shades.) I plan on making another order for more lippie shades…..

  2. Heather says:

    So, I was just perusing ColourPops IG, and one of her comments mentioned that the holiday collections would cease to be available as of 1/11/15, so I freaked a bit and immediately ordered Not A Box of Chocolates… Mainly for “Tinsel”… I am definitely feeling buyers remorse right now, but this post made me feel better! I should just relax and get excited, right? Right?! 😉

    • You’re going to be ok! I always get compliments on Tinsel, and the rest of the shadows are a pretty versatile bunch, you can definitely keep using them after Winter, (especially Halo, Tinsel, and Sleigh). I don’t really have anything else like these in my collection, (and it’s extensive!), so they’re pretty good for adding interest to a look. Take a deep breath and think of the glitter! 😉

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