Indie Advent Calendar-Day 2: Hello Waffle

Hey friends!

Check out the Hello Waffle goodie for Day 2 of the Indie Advent Calendar!

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

Day Two: Hello Waffle’s Belly, $2-$6, depending on size.

indie advent calendar day 2My little indie gift today is a halfling size of Hello Waffle’s Belly. This was part of a large Hello Waffle order I made in October and have forgotten most of what I ordered because Mr. Danger snatched it up for the calendar. So this is an exciting surprise!

First of all, this halfling size (which is usually about $3-$4 on Hello Waffle’s website) is super generous, it’s filled to the top and there is a lot of product!

Belly- Dark bronze/copper shimmer
This is a gorgeous color! I can’t help it that I’m addicted to neutrals, but this one is specifically beautiful. It’s the perfect shade of copper, not brassy or too red at all. The pigmentation is great, and easy to blend. I swatched this over Too Faced Shadow’s Insurance, but I think it would look lovely foiled too. Definitely thrilled with this little guy!

Hello Waffle’s store is closed until January, but start making your wishlists now!





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