Smelly Yeti Perfumery Part 1: Review of 6 Buffy Scents

Hey friends!

I can’t even tell you where I found out a perfume company called Smelly Yeti existed. (Not that it’s a secret, I just can’t remember.) But let me tell you, I could immediately tell Smelly Yeti was right up my alley, and I was thoroughly convinced to throw down and try out a sample pack.

First, let’s talk about the great design concept. Everything about Smelly Yeti is cheeky and fun. Just check out the fabulously designed website or all the goodies that come in an order, for example. There’s no pretension here, just silliness and snark, and I love it.

Second, the touch to detail that Smelly Yeti gives to each order is super impressive. I got a hand drawn Yeti on my receipt, for example. I also exchanged a few emails with the owner in regards to what perfume she would recommend for my fruit hating skin, and she responded quickly and helped out. This is obviously an owner who is devoted to her brand.

Third, the Buffy theme. Do I really need to explain to you guys that I’ve been a Buffy fan since I was a wee 11 year old. I feel like we’ve already established I am the ulta-nerd.

And the most important! A sample pack is $12 and a full size perfume is $15, not too bad compared with mainstream perfume prices! Especially when I think I found my daily Holy Grail scent.

So for the first part of my review I have 6 scents to review from the Hellmouth Collection:

smelly yeti perfumery


Smelly Yeti PerfumeThis is everything that came in my order! Candy, plastic dinosaurs, temporary dinosaur tattoos, a cute little box with Breakfast Surprise on it! What more could a girl want?!

smelly yeti perfumes

I named that dinosaur Elwood and he now guards all my perfume samples.

smelly yeti perfumes


These are the samples I got, and Pipsqueak was a freebie! Can you see why I am in lovveeeeee with Smelly Yeti yet?

At this point, I was just crossing my fingers praying the scents held up to all the fun packaging and playful themes. Spoiler alert: they do!

Beauty Queen-Ah, Cordelia. A sorbet sundae that’s fruity sour, and above all, cool, this perfume features pomegranate, lemon, lime, blackcurrant, raspberry, and rich vanilla with a hint of ice cream sweetness. Juicy, fresh, and bright- perfect for the cheerleader everyone loves to hate.

I was very skeptical about this one because fruit scents and I do not always get along. Sometimes they fade in 20 minutes, and sometimes they go cleaning product on me. NOT SO with Beauty Queen. This is all citrus and berries, and it smells like Cherry 7up. (I don’t even know if they make that anymore, but I used to love it when I was 14).

It’s fizzy and bright, and it had a great throw on me. It also lasted 4-5 hours on me, which for a fruit scent is unheard of! I plan on getting a full size as my Holy Grail Summer Scent.

Cordelia Chase, image from Buffy wiki

Cordelia Chase, image from Buffy wiki

Buffybot-With slightly singed wire, motor oil, ozone, and a smooth metallic finish, this perfume calls to mind warm electronics. Subtle and slightly sweet, this perfume is just strong enough to get people slightly worried that the robot uprising is upon us. Just slightly worried. And, you know, sometimes you just want to smell like a robot. A slightly malfunctioning, overly peppy robot.

This scent was what convinced me Smelly Yeti is the real deal. This lady knows how to blend a perfume.  I’ve started to delve into the odder side of indie perfumes, with some of the old pros like Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and this scent is on that level. Buffybot is absolutely fascinating and intricate scent.

It’s metallic and smooth, almost like batteries. But on my skin it takes on an almost minty scent, but the notes of ozone and motor oil make it lean a bit darker. I don’t know how else to describe this than metallic-y sweet and cool. Robot mint, maybe?  Amazingly creative scent, but not a daily perfume for me.


Buffybot image from fanpop

Captain Peroxide- Spike. Dirty leather coat, smoky tobacco, bleached hair, with a soft spot for a certain slayer. He may act tough, but at the heart of it all he’s a marshmallow. Red Egyptian musk gives it a smooth finish and a distinctive bloody coloring. This is the scent that has it all. Sweet but dingy. Smoky and sexy. This perfume is practically bottled pheromones.

I thought I would love this scent, because I’m a huge tobacco and leather notes fan, but this kinda turns BBQ smoke on me, rather than tobacco scent. I think the sweet note or the musk might be the culprit that takes it more into the grilled meats territory. Bad news for me, but great news for Mr. Danger, he loves this scent, and on him it just smells like campfire smoke, rather than BBQ. He likes to layer it with leather notes. And he is very proud of himself for discovering how to do this. Plus, I think he likes the Spike connection.

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

Demon Magnet- Cedarwood, dirt, sweet and salty musks, and a trace hint of that lumberyard je ne sais quois. No wonder Anya can’t resist him. Maybe the demons will flock to you too, once you smell like a hot carpenter. 

I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be a masculine scent, but I kinda love it. It leans pretty traditional cologne smelling, but I like it so much more than mainstream scents. It smells woodsy, and  masculine, but a little sweet. I definitely pick up on some outdoorsy wood like scents, but the musks keep it smooth and fresh. I almost imagine this is what a sophisticated dude would wear, not a Xander-like dude. I’m currently sharing this with Mr. Danger, as he loves it, too. 

Young Xander, image from Buffy Wikia

Young Xander, image from Buffy Wikia

Queen of the Damned-Drusilla, Spike’s sometimes-paramour, wanderer of graveyards, makes for an enchanting and unconventional floral scent. Among the more traditional bouquet of roses is a mélange of darker, cooler notes of cabbage, cedarwood, tuberose moss, dewy grass, and damp earth. The overall effect is one of flowers in a graveyard. Feminine.

This perfume is again an example of why I need sample sizes first. I would have never expected to love something with so many floral notes, and…cabbage? But I do love it. This is just an absolutely, lovely perfume. It’s floral yes, I definitely get the rose notes, but the cool green and earthy notes are really what shine for me. I love that I could wear this scent to work, but it’s not completely a traditional feminine scent, the earth notes make it mysterious and sexy. I can totally picture Drusilla frolicking in a graveyard with this. I WILL get a full size of this, it’s the daily use perfume I’ve been looking for.

Drusilla, image from Wikipedia

Drusilla, image from Wikipedia

Pipsqueak-A funky and fruity and extremely tweeny blend of mulberry, strawberry, and sparkling lime. Initially created as a joke, (to include as a surprise with other orders, a la her reveal in season five) it ended up actually being good. Too good, in fact, to keep secret. I was going to make some sort of “key” joke here but I couldn’t think of one. 

I like that Pipsqueak showed up as my free sample, though it spent the first few days having an identify crisis. (KEY joke, holla! It wasn’t a good one sorry, Smelly Yeti.) Much like Dawn herself, I was not thinking I would like this perfume, but they both turned out okay! (Just kidding, I like the perfume wayyyy better than the character.)

This scent is very berry and sweet, with just a hint of fizzy lime at the end. It’s that fizzy citrus note that I really love here. It kinda reminds of a Pixie Stix, but in a great way! Smelly Yeti has totally turned my ideas of fruit scents upside down.  Fruity and fun!


Overall: I am super impressed with Smelly Yeti and just placed another order to grab the rest of the Hellmouth collection, (minus Riley’s scent. Never Riley.) I also do plan to make a full sized order soon of Beauty Queen and Queen of the Damned, I just want to test out all the fun new ones so I can pick up any of those in full-size if I need to!

Questions of the Day:
-Would you wear any of these scents? Which one?
-Do you have a nerdy fandom you would like to confess to?
-Any other Buffy fans in da houssssse? (Sorry, on lots of medicine for sinus infection.)










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