Indie Advent Calendar Day: 8- Performance Colors

Hey friends!

Oy, I am so behind on posts at the moment. You get the flu, finish a grad school semester, go out of town, and start a big project at work and the next thing you know- you’re slacking off on the posts. No worries, I should get back on schedule by tomorrow.

Until then, let’s enjoy another day of the indie advent calendar!

(If you’re new to the indie advent calendar, check out this intro post.)

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

Day 8: Performance Colors’ Shimmersticks Samples (Full size, $6). 

That box wrapping though.

That box wrapping though.

Okay, so Mr. Danger kindaaaa cheated on this one. These were my free samples with my Performance Colors’ Lipstick order and he yanked them for the calendar! I’ll cut him some slack though, he was probably tired of all the different indie boxes showing up in the mail. (Although I stole the free samples beforehand after that incident.)

So I received three colors in little plastic jars. I was expecting the consistency to be squishy from the shape of the dollop, but it’s actually pretty firm. This makes sense because in their actual form, these are in a stick applicator, rather than a jar.

To take the swatches above, I used my finger as I was able to get more product than with brushes. I used about 3 layers of the product to get the opacity in the pictures. These colors were a bit difficult to apply with my finger, but I can see how if you buy the actual Shimmerstick, it would be fairly easy to just swipe on your eyes. Once applied to my skin they dried and didn’t smudge, (even with me trying to smear it-for science!), so I think the Shimmerstick could be a really great “on the go” type of product.

The three colors I got were:
Mermaid-medium deep sparkly blue green.” I don’t wear a lot of blues, but I like that in certain lights this has a green sparkly sheen to it.

Moon River-  (I couldn’t find a description on the website other than, “Extremely flattering, like twilight in a boat in the bayou. Similar to sweetdreams but a little lighter and livelier. An easy signature color to wear every day.”) To me this is a grey-lavender color with a lovely warm sparkle, I do think it’s very pretty and an easy color for almost all eye colors to pull off.

Winter Palace-flattering, neutral, warm beige pinky peach flesh tone.” This is exactly as described, it’s a pretty sparkly peach. If you’re looking for a pink champagne color, this could work for you.

If I didn’t already have 358989 eye shadows, I would buy some of these in my next Performance Colors order. (Who am I kidding, I might still! Raisin and Crushed look like neutrals I might enjoy.) Sometimes I don’t feel like blending and working with pigments in the mornings, and these would be a great for a lazy day or “OMG I JUST WOKE UP” eye look.

Questions of the Day:
-What’s your go-to quick eye look?
-Have you ever tried a Shimmerstick? Or any kind of equivalent?



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