Eye of the Day/Beer of the Day

Hey friends!

I know I just did a Hello Waffle look last week, and I know I did a neutral look a few weeks ago, but I have to share this EOTD because it’s the easiest look ever. Throw some loose pigments on your face, mix them around and you are ready to go!

Also if you are in the mood for a lighter winter beer, I’ve got something for you today too!

beer of the day eye of the day

Eye of the Day: Hello Waffle’s They are Coming and Bishop, $3-$6. 

Hello Waffle Biship and They Are ComingHey! This look is super easy and you need only 2 shadows! I put on a sticky base and applied They Are Coming to most of my eyelid. Then I put Bishop on the last third of my eyelid. I took a fluffy brush and blended, pulling Bishop into the crease.


Beer of the Day: Alaskan Brewing Company’s Winter Ale


I grabbed a 6 pack of this because 1. It was on sale 2. The label was purple with an eagle and 3. I needed to know what spruce tips tasted like.

Overall, this was a really mild, pleasant beer. I personally prefer a bit darker, spicier beers this time of year, so this was a tad to tame for me. However, it’s very light, smooth, and crisp. I think people who don’t like the stouts and Winter Warmers this time of year might perfer a lighter ale like this.



As far as the spruce tips? I think that came across more as the crisp, fresh taste rather than anything else. I’ve never tasted spruce so I could be wrong, though. Let me lick the Christmas tree and get back to you.

Rebs’ Beer Rating: 3/5

Questions of the Day:
-What’s your go-to eye look?
-Have you ever bought beer or wine because of the label art?

PS: Day 11 of the calendar will be up later tonight!





2 thoughts on “Eye of the Day/Beer of the Day

    • Alaskan Brewing Company makes a solid beer! Their Pumpkin Porter was a surprise hit for me this fall, and possibly one of my favorite pumpkin beers in general.

      And that’s so cool that you’re from Alaska, (I always see gorgeous landscapes from Alaska, so that’s how I picture it in my mind.)

      PS: You’re just catching up on the blog, not #creepin. 🙂

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