Indie Advent Calendar Day: 10- Sugar and Spite’s El Corazon

Hey friends!

I wore Performance Color’s Bad Girl to work today, as I promised I would do in yesterday’s post. The reddish purple wine color really grew on me. Also I’m pretty sure it left people wondering, “Does she have glitter on her lips? Does she need a glitter intervention?” So, I was really happy with that lipstick is what I’m saying.

Today we have a scent from an indie company I don’t really hear a lot about, Sugar and Spite Bathery. I had a great experience with their Halloween Collection, (which you can read about here), but to sum it up: great scents, strong throw, and they lasted a very long time on me. So, I thought I would try the Yule scents! (I’m adding to the literature, ok?)

(And here’s more info on this wacky indie advent calendar thing here)

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

Day 10: Sugar and Spite’s El Corazon Perfume Oil, sample sizes are 3 for $5, or full sizes for $13.

indie advent calendar day 10

Mr. Danger said by Day 10, he was tired of putting tinsel in the boxes.

El Corazon- dragon’s blood resin, dark cocoa, fiery clove, and a heart of black pepper.

Let me just say that I had to google dragon’s blood, because I have no idea what that’s supposed to smell like. (I once had a Tiger’s Blood snowcone, these are apparently not the same things.) I finally decided it smells like incense?

This was an odd little scent on me. When I first put it on, I got a lot of deep cocoa notes. It then briefly morphed into weird plasticky cocoa, before it mellowed into a thick, heady, incense-like cocoa scent. There’s also a faint note I think is the clove and pepper, that tickles my nose, but it only appears after about 20 minutes on me. So basically, while wearing this scent, I found myself thinking, “Uh, I like this? No, I don’t. Wait, I like it again.” The good news was I settled on, “This is interesting.”

This was one of the last additions to the indie advent calendar, meaning the S&S perfumes came in last week. I’m wondering if this scent actually needs a little more time to settle. I’ll probably try back in a week and see if it’s mellowed out more.

I will say that again, this scent had a great throw on me and lasted a long time. I’m not sure why my skin loves Sugar and Spite’s perfume oils so much, but something in them is really working with me.

This total order shipped about 3 days after ordering, and then arrived 5 days after that. Given this time of year, I thought that was pretty good. I also had to contact the owner because I forgot to write which scents I wanted in the sample pack, and everything arrived exactly the way I wanted. I also got a freebie slice of bar soap in another Yule scent, Doran, so I was pretty happy with that.

I am very excited to try the other 2 scents in the Yule Collection. Here’s hoping Mr. Danger didn’t mix them up well!

Questions of the Day:
-Do you have any weird scents that morph on you?
-Can you explain dragon’s blood to me?






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