Indie Advent Calendar Day 11: sixteen92’s Black Sugar Lotion

Hey friends!

I’ve got all my revision notes. I’ve got my “studying” playlist on. I’ve got 67 highlighters and 2 kinds of post-it notes. I’ve got a delicious sipping beer. I AM READY TO FINISH EVIL THESIS OF DOOM TONIGHT.

But first.

Indie advent calendar! Today I have some body lotion from sixteen92! Though I’ve tried her perfumes here and here, this was my first foray into her body products. I think I’m hooked! Let’s check it out.

(The origin story of the indie advent calendar can be found here.)

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender


Day 11: sixteen92’s Body Lotion in Black Sugar. (I bought this as part of a set during Black Friday for $15. However sample size lotions are available for $3.50, or a full size for $9!)

indie advent calendar day 11

The lid to Day Eleven didn’t close all the way, which made me suspicious…

This sample is a cute little 1 ounce jar, which is an absolutely perfect lotion size for me. I’m not really a person that needs a lot of lotioning, but I still love buying it.

Black Sugar-A dark counterpart to Aquolina’s Pink Sugar. Spun brown sugar, red berries, vanilla and tonka bean absolute dance with a sprinkle of dirt, a swirl of cauldron smoke, and a drop of bittersweet cocao absolute.

This is one of the scents from sixteen92’s general catalog that I’ve been dying to try, so I was very excited it was available as a lotion.  The brown sugar, berry and vanilla scents are the strongest notes I pick up on, making this much sweeter than I expected. I’m thinking the dirt and smoke notes are probably more noticeable in the perfume oil, and I’m still curious about trying it. This really reminds me of Fortune Cookie Soap’s Jello Surprise Body Butter I got in their Winter Box. Given that they don’t have similar notes at all, I’m not sure why my brain is making that connection.

As a lotion, I will say this is very moisturizing and creamy. It seemed to absorb quickly, but as I went about my business I did feel I was leaving little lotion fingerprints everywhere, so I don’t know how fast it actually absorbed.

I’m not sure this will replace my Haus of Gloi Tobac Pumpkin Butter anytime soon, (that is my Holy Grail lotion friends), but I still enjoy this lotion and will probably keep it in the nightly rotation for when I want a lighter scent than Tobac.

Questions of the Day:
-Favorite lotion?
-Do you think I will finish the Thesis of Doom in the next 24 hours? Let’s place bets!





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