Indie Advent Calendar: Day 12- Hello Waffle’s One of Us

Hey again friends!

Hope your Friday is off to a good start!

Today’s Indie Advent Calendar post is another Hello Waffle shade, this time in “One of Us”. I ordered these back in October and I literally can’t remember what I picked, so all these Hello Waffle shades have been a nice surprise. So far I’ve been really impressed with my past self’s choices. Good job, old me!

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Day 12: Hello Waffle’s One of Us, ($3-$6)

Hello Waffle One of Us

One of Us- Dark mauve/plum with golden shimmer

This is super pretty! I applied it with a heavy hand so it’s a bit darker than I think it’s supposed to be in the swatch. (I get excited, ok?) However, I can tell it’s a brown-plummy shade with a pretty rose gold shimmer. These are my favorite kinds of eye shadow shades, and I can tell I’ll be wearing this often. So gorgeous! Again, good job, past self!

Questions of the Day:
-What’s your favorite eye shadow shade?
-Has your past self done anything nice lately?




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