Indie Advent Calendar: Day 13-BPAL’s Jazz Funeral

Hey friends!

It’s been several hours since I submitted my thesis, and life is looking good. Mr. Danger is taking me out tonight to celebrate. I will wear all of the glitter. All of it.

Today’s indie advent calendar treat was a very nice surprise. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Jazz Funeral by BPAL, (to be honest I remember ordering it because it pushed me out of my comfort zone).

Check out my thoughts below!

(And if you want to know why little gifts keep appearing in boxes, you can check out my intro post here.)

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

Day 13: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Jazz Funeral, ($4 for 1 imp, $22 for 6 imps.)

indie advent calendar day 13


Jazz Funeral-Bittersweet bay rum, bourbon, and a host of funeral flowers with a touch of graveyard dirt, magnolia and Spanish Moss.

I ordered this scent because I really wanted to try a perfume with dirt notes, and I thought BPAL would be a great place to start. I was torn between this and Zombi, I eventually went with Jazz Funeral because I thought the bay rum and bourbon sounded interesting, and because I love New Orleans.

I actually really, really like this. I’m not a big floral person, but when I do enjoy a floral it’s because it has additional notes that make it interesting, and less flowery. This is that kind of scent, thought it’s a bit difficult to describe.

I get kind of a cheerful citrus scent, which might be the rum, and then deep florals. I’m guessing that’s the magnolia. After while, the citrus note mellows out and it just smells like plants, maybe the Spanish moss? I don’t actually smell a lot of dirt or earth scents in this. Overall, I think it’s just such a sweet, fun floral, not what I was expecting at all. It’s the kind of scent I would wear when I want to feel feminine or pretty. (I base my perfume wearing on my moods, what?)

-Have you ever bought perfumes based off of criteria other than scent? (Like label art, the theme the perfume was based on, etc?)
-Are you a floral person? Any good recommendations?





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