Wantable Accessories: December 2014

Hey friends!

I got my Wantable Accessories Box last week, but hadn’t had a chance to review it yet because of my grad school semester ending.

This month Wantable included bold pieces to amp up your style for the winter months. This sounded good to me because I’ve got a few holiday parties to attend. (I forgot what leaving the house is like, so I’m pretty excited.)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with how Wantable’s Accessories service works: I pay $36 a month with shipping for this service. I receive 4 accessories every month, based on my preferences on a detailed style quiz I took. Overall, Wantable’s Accessories have been fantastic for me, check out some of my older reviews here, here, and here.

wantable December accessories

Melissa Sunglasses Gold, Crystal Gold Watch, Meghan Necklace, Sylvie Earrings

Melissa Sunglasses Gold, Crystal Gold Watch, Meghan Necklace, Sylvie Earrings

It was a gold month for me. Which is all good in the neighborhood, because “Gold” is listed under my loves preference.

As I opened each of these items I was definitely giggling gleefully. (I get excited easily.)

Meghan Necklace

Meghan Necklace, Retail: $26.00

Meghan Necklace- This is the perfect statement necklace for me. It’s still bold and interesting, but not too wild. I can wear this to work, or dress it up.

Sylvie Earrings, Retail: $14.00

Sylvie Earrings, Retail: $14.00

Sylvie Earrings- These are much more gold in real life, but it was a cloudy day and my demon camera couldn’t capture that. Again, these are totally me. I can wear them to work, or dress up an outfit. They are simple, but still interesting and versatile.

Crystal Watch

Crystal Watch, Retail: $32.00

Crystal Watch-This watch is a little flashier than I would personally wear, but I actually do like it. I’ll probably use it to dress up a work outfit. I’ll just have to be careful because I don’t have a lot of rose gold jewelry. (Now eye shadow, that’s a whole different story…)

Melissa Sunglasses

Melissa Sunglasses, Retail: $18.00

Melissa Sunglasses-Hello, these are pretty much designed for me. If I turned into sunglasses, I would be this pair. I love the shape, I love the detail, I love the color, (I was a bit terrified at first, because I thought I had recieved the blue version of these based on my info card), and it’s all perfect for me.

I even had a coworker compliment these sunglasses, she thought they were from an expensive brand. I laughed because, no. There is no point in me paying more than $15 on shades because I inevitable sit on them, drop them, or lose them. I live hard!

Overall: This has been one of my favorite Wantable boxes, every item was a major hit!

With accessories boxes, I think some companies overestimate the retail value of the accessories, but I felt Wantable’s prices were very accurate. This box had a $90 retail value, but I only spent $36, so the value for me is definitely there.

Also, I don’t have the time or good fashion sense to pick out my own accessories, so Wantable also helps me look nice for work, which I appreciate! Overall, Wantable has managed to impress me again for another month!

Questions of the Day:
-What do you think of this Wantable box?
-What is your favorite metal for jewelry?





2 thoughts on “Wantable Accessories: December 2014

  1. Catherine says:

    I love a lot of the stuff that you get in your Wantable box, can you also post the sheet they send detailing what your Loves/Likes/Dislikes were for that month?

    • Hi Catherine,
      I updated the post to include one of my older Wantable Loves/Likes/Dislikes because I already threw away the one for this month. No worries though, my preferences are all still the same. You also can rate your accessories on their website, which may help them get a better idea of what you like!

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