Indie Advent Calendar Day: 15- Sugar & Spite’s Solstice Perfume

Hey friends!

I can’t believe it’s Dec. 15th already. This month/year has really flown by for me! I’m hoping to take it slower now that my semester is over and The Thesis is turned in. Really stop and smell the indie perfume oil, and that kind of thing.

Today’s Indie Advent Calendar treat is another perfume from Sugar and Spite Bathery’s Yule Collection. Quick summary from my other post: loved their Halloween perfumes, and wanted to try the Yule Collection. Fast shipping, and no problems with my order at all. (You can read about these experiences here and here, if you need some more info on this company.)

Anyway let’s check out today’s scent, Solstice!

(More indie calendar info here!)

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Day 15: Sugar and Spite Bathery’s Solstice Perfume, (3 samples for $5, or full size for $13.)

indie advent calendar day 15

Solstice-A warm treat on a cold winter night… white cake decorated with delicate swirls of whipped lemon frosting and tiny golden sugar pearls, white musk, white amber, egyptian musk, and delicate white pepper. Finished off, of course, with a steaming cup of milk laced tea.

I was expecting this to be a lot sweeter and lemon-ier (that is not a word, oh well). However, the white musk and white amber come across the strongest, making it more of a traditional perfume smell to me. It actually reminds me a bit of Solstice Scents’ Snowshoe Pass, but without the vanilla or coolness of that scent. And for some reason, I smell ginger in Solstice. Maybe this is the tea? Or pepper? But to my nose I get musks, amber, and gingerbread. 

Mr. Danger smells angel food cake. Well then.

I do like this scent, but it’s not that exciting to me. It is pleasant to wear though, and I can see myself using it for work days, because it’s the kind of scent I think even non-indie lovers can enjoy. I’ll definitely enjoy my sample, but I won’t be getting a full-size.

Questions of the Day:
-Have you ever had a scent that smelled different to different people?
-Do you have a “safe” indie scent you bust out for work or dinner with the in-laws?




2 thoughts on “Indie Advent Calendar Day: 15- Sugar & Spite’s Solstice Perfume

  1. Sarah says:

    Haus of Gloi’s Snow Wolf smells like straight up incense to me. It makes me think of attending mass (and I’m not even Catholic). I don’t get any fir or vanilla whatsoever. Maybe it’s the blood cedar or frankincense taking over? I keep re-reading reviews and can’t figure it out. But reviewers seem to love this scent. Me, not so much. 🙂

    • Skin chemistry is very weird! I know my skin likes to turn most everything into vanilla and fruit notes into cleaning product smells, so maybe your skin likes to amp up incense notes?
      I feel like someone should do a study on this. (But it won’t be me!)

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