Visage by Hello Waffle: December 2014

Hey friends!

Today a Solstice Scents package arrived at my house, addressed to Mr. Danger. I was very suspicious. I don’t know if this is a gift for me, or if he went shopping for himself. These are the things you ask yourself when your husband gets into indies.

Fortunately, I know the makeup purchases are still just for me. Hello Waffle’s Visage Box for December, for example, is all mine, all mine!

I was very excited about this month’s box because I really enjoyed the November Visage box, and plus I just love Hello Waffle. Her eye shadows and blushes are some of the best in the indie world right now. And I’m working on getting a doctorate in indies now, so I know. (Just kidding. that is totally a joke. I’m over higher education at the moment.)

Anyway, this subscription is closed at the moment, but there has been talk of adding more slots in future months. I pay $25 for this box, and it includes shipping, (from Canada, to my very far away state!) Each month is supposed to include everything for a complete look!

So let’s check it out!

hello waffle December visage

Again, my box shipped on the 5th, it arrived Dec. 12th which I thought was pretty good time since it was leaving the great country of Canada during holiday rush hour.

This is where all the goodies are.

This is where all the goodies are.

IMG_8805So many goodies! Let’s look closer because I can not see that.


Ohhhhhhhh. Although that hay is really causing problems.

So this month’s theme was A Christmas Carol, I love a good seasonal theme, so I was happy. There was also a synopsis of the story on the info card. I did not take a picture of it, because I am lazy you should read the book.

This month we got 4 eye shadows, 1 countouring powder 1 highlighting powder, a Lipslick from Tilt/Shift Cosmetics, and a free sample of Finishing Powder that I didn’t realize was hiding in that hay until later.

The art on the lid! I believe that is the Ghost of Christmas Present. I always assumed he was a Muppet.

The art on the lid! I believe that is the Ghost of Christmas Present. I always assumed he was a Muppet.

Now the colors!

hello waffle bah humbugBah! Humbug!– Shimmery dark taupe-y brown
I used to think Taupes were only for blue eyes, but I’ve been wearing all of Hello Waffle’s taupes lately, and I don’t care. I love them. This one is no exception, it’s very soft and shimmery. My favorite of this collection!

christmas past hello waffleI didn’t notice Scrooge was in the background until I blew up this picture. (Also I didn’t notice what a mess I made.)
Ghost of Christmas Past:Medium gray shimmer with an overload of silver and blue sparkles
This is a lighter gray than I would buy for myself, but part of this box was to get out of our comfort zone. I’ve only worn it as a highlight, but I’d like to try it in the crease soon.

hello waffle ghost of christmas presentGhost of Christmas Present-Soft gold with lively gold shimmer and copper sparkles.
Again, I don’t normally buy colors this light, but this has been a really nice crease color. It’s very pretty and I’m currently dreaming up a look using it on my lid.

hello waffle ghost of christmas futureGhost of Christmas Yet to Come: (Or future as I lazily call it) Dark black leaning brown with gold shimmer and a spattering of blue and aqua sparks.
This is probably the most interesting black shadow I’ve been. I’ve been using it with Glamour Doll’s Foil Me and it becomes the prettiest, easiest-to-use eye liner ever. I love it.

hello waffle december visage swatches

The swatches! (Look at that upsweep on future, I was apparently feeling inspired!)

Next we have the face makeup:

hello waffle marley and scrooge

Marley-Medium cool-toned contour
Now, contouring is not my specialty, but I think this shade might be off for me. I have warm tones and when I initially applied it, it looked like I had dirt on my face. I blended it out like my life depended on it, and got better. I might pass this on to a cool-toned friend if I can’t get it to work.

Scrooge-A light golden-grey highlight. The grey is subtle, I promise!
I was skeptical of this, but it was actually a lovely highlighting shade. It’s a bit lighter than I usually use, (I’ve been a fan of theBalm’s Mary-LouManizer) but this made my cheekbones look shimmery and soft.

hello waffle swatch marley scrooge Lipstick:

IMG_8876Tilt/Shift Cosmetics Lipslick in Galatica-Vampy berry/purple
I wanted to love this because the color is gorgeous, but the formula was just not working for me. I tried using my finger, a lip brush, exfoliating and moisturizing before using it, but it was still very sticky to apply and clung to all the lines of my lips. The color was so pretty, but this was just patchy on me and I ended up applying lipstick over it every time I wore it. I won’t rule out these Lipslicks, but I think I might need a Beginners Class in them.

tiltshift cosmetics galatica

y u patchy?

I took the Challenge and did my whole face with Hello Waffle’s December Visage Box, including the Finishing Powder that I forgot to take a picture of and it has since exploded. Spoiler alert: I really, really liked it. I plan on buying some when she releases it in January.

december visage face hellow waffle

This is what I look like at 7:30am on the way to work wearing a full face of Hello Waffle. Not pictured: copious amounts of espresso and traffic. (and I promise my foundation is not scary, the lighting on my neck was just weird!)

Now that you've gotten this close to my eyeball we are friends.

Now that you’ve gotten this close to my eyeball we are friends.

I was kinda stumped on what to do with the eye shadows, these are 4 shades I wouldn’t normally blend together. I did Bah Humbug on the lid, Present in the crease, Past on my brow, and Future as the eyeliner.

I was very happy with the value of this box. I will definitely use Bah Humbug, Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, and the Scrooge Powder. The other eye shadow shades I will probably work into separate looks, but I still like them. The lipslick and the contour powder were the only things I wasn’t in love with.

And I am definitely buying some Finishing Powder in January. I loved how smooth it made my skin look!

Overall, another win for Visage!

Questions of the Day:
-I need inspiration for another eye look using those 4 colors, what would you have done?
-Contouring tips? Please? I need an interventions?








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