Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag: December 2014

Hey friends!

I’m on vacation! Whooooooooo!

In other news, I tried to give my Postal Worker a gift card, ($15, I googled that they are able to accept this amount.) And he left it in the mailbox! Very sad that I was rejected by the postal worker.

I mean, my USPS guy is really awesome! He never delivers my packages to the wrong place or loses them or damages them. I just wanted to let him know how much I appreciate him! (He’s always delivering my something because I have a problem.)

For instance, my Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag arrived last week and he delivered it perfectly! I, however, then failed to review it until today. USPS: 1 Rebs: 0

I pay about $12 for this mini monthly bag and receive a handful of nail, skin care and beauty products. You can check out some of my past posts on Rainbow Honey here, here, and here.

But let’s check out December’s Mystery Bag!

rainbow honey mystery bag december

First thought: new bottles this month! I think I like them!


Here are all the goodies from this month. Apparently they had a theme of fictional characters from Russian literature. Since my kind of literature involves vampires or wizards, I am not familiar with this theme.


Muscovite body lotion, Muscovite cuticle balm, and Muscovite solid perfume.


This month the scent was Muscovite– “Reminiscent of the crisp and chilly Moscow air.
To me this scent is more reminiscent of the way Hobby Lobby smells. I like it, but it smells very much like apple, berry, fall potpourri or a Yankee candle. Again that’s not to say this is bad, it’s just a heavy-handed kind of scent. I will enjoy all of these products, because it does smell pretty seasonal.

Muscovite Solid Perfume-I like the solid perfume concept. I feel like even my longest lasting perfumes don’t make it more than 5-6 hours on me, so I like the idea of being able to carry this solid around and touch up as needed.

Muscovite Body Lotion- I like Rainbow Honey’s body lotion. It’s fairly light and non-greasy compared to some other indies I’ve tried. The little tube makes it very convenient, so the Rainbow Honey Body Lotions are usually the ones I carry in my purse.

Muscovite Cuticle Balm- I’m on cuticle balm overload right now. I really love these, but I have a ton of them. Also I never remember to use them because I’m some sort of cuticle masochist. I’m leaving this by my night stand in hopes I actually pick it up and take care of my terrifying cuticles.

Muscovite Top Coat (pictured above)- I love Rainbow Honey’s Scented Top Coats. I don’t think they are as amazingly long lasting as my Seche Vita Top Coat, but they probably also aren’t filled with 54998 chemicals. It’s nice to have scented nails, and the scent lasts about a day on me. I was pretty excited about this being in the bag!


In case you were curious what the consistency of the Solid Perfume and Cuticle Balm were.


The two colors for this month were not what I was expecting for a December Mystery Bag.

The Master-A gorgeous scarlet red, packed with micro gold and platinum flakes.
When I think “scarlet red”, I’m imagining a super bright red, however it took 3 coats to reach the opaqueness in my picture. Even then, I find this to be a pink-red rather than bright true red. It’s pretty and I’ll probably wear it next week for Christmas, but I didn’t feel super wowed.

Woland-A glitter topper like no other! Packed with a mix o black opal and silver holo glitters, Woland is the perfect accent for a luxurious new year’s mani!
This glitter topper does look pretty cool. I’m not sure what color I’ll use it over yet, (I’m considering grey at the moment), but I think it will be a fun New Year’s color. Also I love purple, so I’m sure I’ll bust it out throughout the year.

IMG_8953Closer look at The Master and Woland.

Overall- Not my favorite Rainbow Honey Bag of all time, but definitely a decent one! I will use all of the products, though I do feel I could go a few more months without another cuticle balm. Again for $12, I think this Mystery Mini Bag has a great value.

Questions of the Day:
-What do you think of this month’s Rainbow Honey Bag?
-What color would you use the Woland topper over?
-Do you read Russian literature?






2 thoughts on “Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag: December 2014

  1. Renee C. says:

    I love the Woland polish – looks so good!
    This subscription and Vanishing Cabinet are on my list of boxes to try thanks to you 🙂
    Hopefully in January or February!
    Renee C.

    • I think Vanishing Cabinet might be my favorite subscription at the moment, Rainbow Honey is most likely in second place. They’re both about $12, and I think you get a lot of pretties for the price!
      You’ll have to let me know if you like them!

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