Indie Advent Calendar: Day 21-Sugar&Spite’s Duran

Hey friends!

Is all your holiday shopping done? Or are you one of those people that gets an adrenaline rush from last minute shopping. I, personally avoid stores from Black Friday until New Years, unless it can be helped. Online shopping FTW.

Anyways, Mr. Danger and I got our shopping done early this year, as evidenced by this indie advent calendar. Today’s little treat is the last scent in Sugar and Spite Bathery’s Yule Collection, Doran. 

More on that perfume below!

(If you’re just joining the indie advent calendar, check out its origin story here.)

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Day 21: Sugar and Spite Bathery’s Doran Perfume. ($7.50 for 3 samples).

Doran-Resins, wood and earth. Frankincense, myrrh, amber, indonesian patchouli and peat, sweetened a tint bit with black vanilla, clove, and blood orange.
I was a big fan of S&S’s Grimoire from the Halloween Collection, and this kinda reminds me of it. Doran is like Grimoire’s little sister, a bit sweeter and lighter.

When I first put this on, I get a smoky note, like burnt wood, and something sweet and incense-like. (I’m wondering if that’s a combo of the Frankincense, myrrh, cloves and vanilla?) It mellows out to pleasant woodsmoke, clove-like note, with just a hint of orange in the background. To me this is a good cozy scent; I might put it on to curl up and read a book.

For some reason, all of Sugar and Spite’s perfumes are really strong on me. (Not a complaint at all!) Doran has a great throw and lasting power, but since its notes aren’t exactly the most workplace friendly, I’ll probably be wearing it on the weekends. Overall, as a fan of smoky scents, I like this. I don’t need a full-size, but I’ll enjoy the sample.

On a whole, Sugar and Spite’s Yule Collection wasn’t as beloved by me as their Halloween one. However, I enjoyed all three scents I got (you can check out my Solstice and El Corazon reviews too), and I’m still impressed with their strength and longevity on my skin. I will be keeping an eye on this company for future releases!

Questions of the Day:
-As far a perfumes go, are you more of a Fall or Winter Collection kinda person?
-Do you have any off-beat scents you love? Like, I’m a big fan of smoke and leather, for example.




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