Indie Advent Calendar: Day 22-Hello Waffle’s 23

Hey friends!

I got to sleep in late today and it was awesommeeeeee. Probably the best thing about being on vacation, in my opinion. I am not a morning person AT ALL.

In other news, we’re almost done with the Indie Advent Calendar! These last few days have been pretty and awesome and today I found my Holy Grail Rose Gold Eyeshadow. The one I have been searching for since March. It’s Hello Waffle’s 23, and it’s perfect.

Check it out below!

beautyonabeerbudgets indie advent calender

Day 22: Hello Waffle’s 23, ($2.50-$6).

indie advent calendar day 22

23-Rose gold shimmer, more on the rosy side.
This shadow is amazing. It’s the perfect shade of rose gold that I’ve been looking for. Not too brassy, not too orange, not too gold. Just a beautiful rosy pink with a gold shimmer. It’s also very pigmented, easy to apply, and easy to blend. Just all around a fabulous shade. I can officially give up the hunt for my HG Rose Gold shade, this is it!

Questions of the Day:
-What is your Holy Grail eye shadow?
-What’s the best rose gold shade you’ve found?



2 thoughts on “Indie Advent Calendar: Day 22-Hello Waffle’s 23

  1. That is absolutely stunning! I am on a budget and currently on a no-buy, but my very budget-friendly HG (I think) eyeshadows are in the Sonia Kashuk eye on neutral shimmer palette. There is a wonderful copper and rose gold. Both were posted recently on my blog. I also remember some Estee Lauder holiday palettes my mother gave me over the years, but they are gone by now. I’m looking forward to splurging on a palette when I’ve saved up from my no-buy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ohhh, if I wasn’t about to start a no-buy I’d be eyeing that Sonia Kashuk shimmer palette. Maybe in February, (cause you know I don’t have enough makeup or anything). ๐Ÿ™‚

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