Glamour Doll Eyes: December OTM

Hey friends!

I’m a little late but I have the Glamour Doll Eyes’ OTM up for review today! This costs about $8 a month, if you can catch one! (It’s pretty intense trying to get a sub.)


glamour doll eyes december otm

glamour doll eyes december 2014 otm

The goodies!

Eye Shadows of the Month:

Fade to Fall and Vintage Cardigan

Fade to Fall and Vintage Cardigan

Fade to Fall- A mauve pink with a copper shift and a green to gold sparkle.
Fade to Fall GDE OTM
This shade is a really pretty, shimmery light mauve shade. When I first put it on, I was a little worried because it’s a shade darker than my eyelid color apparently, but with mascara and eyeliner it turned out to be a very soft and romantic color. This will be perfect for days I’m in a hurry to get to work.

Vintage Cardigan-A muted blue with with a golden sheen and copper sparkles
vintage cardigan GDE OTM
I’m kinda terrified of blue eye shadow, but this is such a soft, shimmery color, it might work for me. I’m thinking I could use it as outer V color or to add some depth on the outer half of my eyelid.

Other Goodies:
GDE Shimmer Me Tech Queen
Shimmer Me in “Tech Queen”-Purple and red with green and blue sparks.
This is apparently a sneak preview of the new Shimmer Me Product that launches tentatively on February 18th. The info card states that, “Shimmer Me can be used to mix with your shadows to make them shimmery, over a shadow to add some shimmer, as a brow highlight, face highlight, or anywhere else you want a little extra oomph.”
The color I got is very sheer with a beautiful pink/light lavender shimmer when the light hits it. For me, this color will probably work best as a highlight, but there’s also a Rose Gold color called Queen B that I’ll probably NEEDI like the gel consistency, too, because it makes for easy application.

GDE OTM Lip Affection Lip Balm

Coastal Scents’ Lip Affection Lip Balm in Charming Cherry
This is a nice, simple cherry lip balm. It does feel moisturizing and light. However, I’m currently obsessed with Rainbow Honey and Notoriously Morbid’s Lip Balms, so this one is kinda boring in comparison. However, you can probably never have enough lip balms in the winter.

Indie Love Pack(This really should have been called the Indie Enabling Pack)
For this OTM, we got a little bonus pack of indie makeup to try out some other companies! Eleven companies were featured of which each pack has six products from. I thought this was really cool because I was lucky enough to get products all from companies that were totally new to me!

I'll include the Sedona Lace Brush in this part of the review. Because. I feel like it.

I’ll include the Sedona Lace Brush in this part of the review. Because. I feel like it.

Black Rose Minerals Eye Shadow in “Disintegration”- A grey base with blue undertones and aqua sparkles
Um, I am nerdily happy that this is apparently named after the Cure song.
black rose minerals disintegrationDisintegration is a pretty cool color. I thought the blue understones and sparkles were really neat, kinda like a mermaid’s fin color. I do with this was a bit more pigmented, but it worked okay with e.l.f.’s Glitter Glue. Black Rose Minerals seems like they have some cool shimmery and sparkly shades on their website.

Birja Cosmetics Eye Shadow in “Comet”-medium bronze with peach duochrome and gold and red/pink sparkles
This is apparently from the “One Tree Hill” Collection. The only thing I know about One Tree Hill is this clip

So the eye shadow:
brija cometThis is a bronze, leaning brown with a nice shimmer to it. This color is something I would totally wear on a daily basis, (Can’t stop, won’t stop neutrals), and it applied very nicely.

Chinovi Cosmetics Eye Shadow in “Punkins”-A medium yellow orange.
Chinovi Punkin
Wow, this is a super bright orange color. The eye shadow is very pigmented and was easy to apply. I’m not sure if I personally have a lot of uses for bright orange eye shadow, but I think the quality of the product is great. There seem to be a lot of neat colors on the Chinovi website. (Note to self: Not Chobani. That’s yogurt.)

Femme Fatale Eye Shadow in “Cloud Kingdom”-A soft baby blue base with pink shimmers. May appear more vibrant over a black base color.femme fatale cloud kingdomI’ve heard good things about Femme Fatale, but I haven’t placed an order yet because I’m intimidated they they’re located in Australia. I’m pretty impatient and that TAT would probably break me.

However, I really liked Cloud Kingdom, so I might have to break my vow when they open up again. I love colors that shift, and this will be a beautiful spring pastel. It’s light blue, but has a pretty, soft pink shimmer that you can catch in direct light. My demon camera didn’t capture the shift that great, (I’m getting a new camera for Christmas-rejoice!) but believe me, it’s pretty.

Sugar Skull Minerals Eye Shadow in “A Perfect Storm”- I couldn’t find an official description for this eye shadow, so I’m just going to say it’s a deep purple with silver and green sparkles.
sugar skull a perfect storm
I swatched this over e.l.f.’s Glitter Glue, and the sparkles really stood out nicely. This is a smooth, pigmented eye shadow that was easy to apply. The color is not super unique to me, however when I checked out their etsy shop I started drooling a little. All that glitter, be still my heart!

Kiss My Sass Cream Highlighter in “Snow Bunny”-a golden beige with hints of orange, copper & gold shimmer
Kiss my Sass Snow Bunny
I really like the consistency and application of this cream highlighter. I don’t think the color works that well on my skin, (it looks like I didn’t blend in my foundation), but some of Kiss My Sass’ other cream highlighters look really pretty and sparkly.

Sedona Lace Travel Size Blending Brush- I do a lot of my makeup on the run, so I think this brush will be perfect for blending out anything I missed. I’m going to keep it in my “On the Go” Makeup Bag.

Overall- This was an awesome OTM month! I got so much in my little stocking for $8! I also like that I got to try some new indie colors, I’m specifically interested in Kiss My Sass, Femme Fatale, and Sugar Skull Minerals now. Plus, the Glamour Doll Colors of the Month were really lovely.

I know getting a subscription for January is going to be tough, but I’m ready to throw down!

Questions of the Day:
-Were you able to grab a Glamour Dolls’ OTM this month?
-Have you tried any of these indie companies?









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