Happy Hour: Favorite Drugstore Primer and Stone Smoked Vanilla Bean Porter

Hey friends!

I am having the best day. Mr. Danger and I watched Guardians of the Galaxy in our pajamas and had pizza for breakfast. Now our out-of-town friends are coming over tonight for more pizza and delicious beverages. (This is really all it takes to please me.)

We’ll be grabbing a few more beers to serve tonight, (which I’m sure I’ll be posting on Instagram, heyyyyooo @BeautyOnABeerBudget), but today’s Happy Hour features a tasty Winter one to get you through the weekend.

Plus, if you are anything like me, you got a bunch of makeup for Christmas. (You may or may not have also gotten a ton of glitter, that could just be me.) If you’re looking for a fabulous primer for your new eye shadows, I’ve got a great drugstore one for you!

So let’s start Happy Hour!

happy hour stone porter NYX HD primer

Makeup Product of the Week: NYX High Definition Eye Shadow Base, ($7).


Full disclosure,: my favorite eye shadow primer is Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. However, that can get pricey if you’re buying the full size, (and a mini will still run you $10). Since I’m a person who needs primer for my eye shadow to stay in place, I’m willing to splurge.

However, I’ve also experimented with a lot of drugstore primers, and the NYX HD Eye Shadow Base is the closest I’ve come to replicating UD’s Primer Potion. It’s beige, lightweight, and creamy. It also held my eye shadows in place for 6-8 hours, and helped the colors get a bit more oomph, too. Not bad for seven bucks!


Unblended NYX HD Eye Shadow Base on my arm, which is particularly veiny today.


Beer of the Week: Stone’s Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean


I have to be in the mood for a Smoked Porter, they’re usually more bitter than I personally like. However, the addition of the vanilla bean makes this a great sipping beer for me.

Stone Brewing Company is a big gun in craft brewing, and I always like trying their Enjoy By Beers. When a limited edition beer from Stone comes out, I usually jump on that as well.

This beer is smoky, woodsy, and bitter. It does have a hint of coffee and chocolate after-tastes, but I don’t get a lot of vanilla, however it’s a tad sweeter than your typical smoked porter. It’s a a nice winter flavor and I enjoyed sipping on it while eating tons of Christmas chocolate treats, to balance out their sweetness. I will warn you, I don’t think this is a beer for beginners or for people who don’t like bitter tastes. However, if you’re feeling something a bit complex or want to try a new take on a Smoked Porter, you will probably enjoy this!
IMG_9767Enjoy your Friday night, friends! I’ll be back this weekend with a few more posts before I head out on my trip!

Questions of the Day:
-What are your thoughts on smoky, bitter beers?
-What’s your favorite primer? Drugstore or otherwise?




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