New Indie Subscription: Aromaleigh’s Ephemera Box-January 2015

Hey friends!

Oy, I tried to schedule this post for Sunday, but then I forgot what numbers and calendars were, so some of you got a sneak peak yesterday! Sorry for any confusion. Anyways, we’ve got some good stuff to talk about today, so hopefully my understanding of letters and words won’t also fail me!

So, I’ve been avoiding Aromaleigh for awhile now. But for opposite reasons than you might think. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this indie makeup company, (one of the originals, she’s been making pretties since 1998!), and every time I’ve perused the website, I’ve started drooling and twitching with joy. However, given that I was also trying to stick to some semblance of a budget, I’ve been trying not to gaze too much for too long. Seriously, just go look at the website. It’s not the kind of place you’re going to be able to order, “just a few things” from. You will want it all.

When I heard Aromaleigh would be offering a subscription, I thought it might be a great way for me to slowly get introduced to her products. Then when I placed my haul-order, I would have some idea of things I liked and didn’t like. Also it was about $18 with shipping, and she has really, pretty shimmery stuff, and when have I ever said no to sparkle?

I was lucky enough to be “multi-tasking” in a meeting when the box went live, and after a pretty intense breaking of the internet, I scored one!

You guys are going to want one, too. I’m just warning you. Check it out below!

aromaleigh ephemera box

Yay! Close up of the box artwork, pretty lovely stuff.

Aromaleigh box artwork. Can you guess the theme? Hint: It involves hanging out in wardrobes.

Aromaleigh Ephemera box artwork. Can you guess the theme? Hint: It involves hanging out in wardrobes.

So here’s what the box looks like upon opening:

Aromaleigh Ephermera box on opening. It's looking pretty promising at this point. Steady camera hands, steady!

Aromaleigh Ephemera box on opening. It’s looking pretty promising at this point. Steady camera hands, steady!

I’m an indie sub box hoarder at this point, but I was still super excited when I saw what was in the box.

In case you had not figured it out yet, the theme was the White Witch from the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, which I thought was pretty cool. I also loved that the name of the product was on top of the lid.

Aromaleigh Ephemera Box January 2015 Contents arrange randomly.

Aromaleigh Ephemera Box January 2015 Contents arrange randomly.

And if you get confused, probably the best product info sheet I’ve seen can help you understand. As someone who is often confused, I appreciate how descriptive and attractively designed this sheet is:

Aromalegih Ephemera product info sheet

Aromalegih Ephemera product info sheet

So let’s dig into all of these products!

100 Years of Winter: A smooth greened brown with white snowflake sparkles. 


Ughhhhhhh, this is so beautiful. At first I thought it was more brown, then when I wore it to work the next day it appeared more green. Then I just gave up and decided it was a gorgeous brown-green duochrome, and I love me a duochrome. I would sell my first born for a lifetime supply of those. (Please note, I have no children and I don’t think Aromaleigh takes them as a form of payment, anyway.)

Swatched over Glamour Doll Eyes' Glitter Fix on top and Too Faced Shadow Insurance on Bottom

Swatched over Glamour Doll Eyes’ Glitter Fix on top and Too Faced Shadow Insurance on Bottom

The White Witch: A pale aqua shimmer with gold duochrome. 


At first I was a bit hesitant because blue shadows are very much out of my comfort zone, but it turns out this is a very lovely, cool blue that actually looks nice with my brown eyes. I’ve been playing around with it for a couple of days now, and I’ve come up with some looks I really like. Definitely pleased with this one!

The White Witch Swatch AromaleighEnchanted Turkish Delight- A wearable winter berry with a teal glow.


This is such a beautiful berry color, which I don’t normally pick for blush. The teal glow is very soft and subtle, it comes across more as a cool sheen. I was afraid this might not be okay for work, but blended out, it’s just lovely. I actually kinda wish this was a lipstick too, and since the label says it’s lip safe I might experiment with that.

Blended out on the bottom

Blended out on the bottom

Pale As Icing Sugar- A neutral tone, soft metallic glow with a multitude of uses…A unique cheek or brown bone highlight, and a beautiful all-over eyeshadow shade.


This is a really neat product that can be used as an eye shadow or a highlight. As an eye shadow it’s a pretty taupe/silver color with a light shimmer, and as a highlight it’s a soft, glowing light neutral color. I’ve been using this almost daily as a highlight, it’s very pretty and subtle, creating just the right amount of glow.

pale as icing sugar

Lightly applied on top and applied over primer on bottom.


Sample of “Locusta” from the upcoming Ignis Antiquita Rogue Collection- This wearable coral blush is part of an upcoming expanis of my Ignis Antiquia concept-shades inspired by history’s forgotten women.



First, what a cool concept for a collection, (see what I mean about you can’t order just a few things from Aromaleigh!), and second this is a pretty, subtle coral blush. I love corals, so I think this will be very pretty for a nice, natural flush.

Just blended a bit on the bottom

Just blended a bit on the bottom

Dreamworld Hermetica- Wytch’s Heart:

IMG_0209I couldn’t find a description of this on the website, but this is a sample product from Dreamworld Hermetica. It’s called Ectoplasmic Lips and it appears to be a frosty lipstick in a brick red shade with a bit of orange coloring. I love the formula, it’s very lightweight and easy to apply, but I don’t know if this color is for me. However, when Dreamworld opens again, I might be checking out some of their lip products.Wytch's HeartTen Three Labs-Superstition’s Willing Victim:Bay rum, peppermint, tea, lime, coconut, and sugar cane.

IMG_0570I’ve been wanting to try Ten Three Labs, so I was excited to see them in the box! I usually love this combination of notes in perfumes, I find them fresh and fun. I like this scent, but I feel like it’s a bit too heavy on the mint. That being said, I have a feeling I’ll still finish this sample because it is a very refreshing and light scent. I’ll definitely have to place an order soon!

Some looks using the products:


#nofilter Cause I’m lazy.

Work appropriate look using 100 Years of Winter as the all over lid color, and Enchanted Turkish Delight and Pale As Icing Sugar on the my cheeks.

aromaleigh look

You can only see my right eye, because the left eye had a totally different makeup look. Normal.

I used Glamour Doll Eyes’ Foil Me to line my eyes with The White Witch, and I actually liked the way it came out. 100 Years of Winter is the lid color, and I put Pale As Icing Sugar on my brow bone.

white witch look

Then just a reverse look with White Witch on the lid, and 100 Years blended up into the crease.

Can you tell I was having fun playing around with these colors?

I think you can tell by raving that I’m a super fan of this box. I’ve got a few indie subscriptions now, and while I really love all of them, (or I wouldn’t be subscribed), I have a feeling Aromaleigh’s Ephemera Box is going to be at the top of my favorites. I know I’ll be using 100 Years of Winter, Enchanted Turkish Delight, and Pale as Icing Sugar regularly, and that alone is worth the $18 for me.

I believe she has plans to open more slots in February, so if you get a chance, I really recommend trying this box out!

PS: The candy was real good.

Questions of the Day:
-What do you think of this box?
-Have you tried Aromaleigh out? (You know I’ll be placing an order soon.)
-How do you plan your experiments with eye looks?



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