Subscription Sunday: Hello Waffle’s Visage Box-January 2015

Hey friends!

How’s your weekend going?

Mine has been super productive. And also I accidentally ate like a pound of fro-yo last night. So I would say mine has been good, too.

I think Winter is coming to an end where I live, (we only really have two seasons: Hot and Cold/Rainy, so this is not surprising). But this weekend the weather has been gorgeous, which I interpret as “TAKE ALL THE PICTURES WITH THE AMAZING LIGHTING.” Blog writing changes your brain, yo.

So I used the gorgeous weather to focus on some gorgeous makeup, Hello Waffle’s January Visage Box. Out of all my indie subscriptions, this one continues to lean towards the dreamy, whimsical, and romantic colors, which I personally love.

Check out below to see what I mean!

hello waffle visage subscription january

Hello Waffle’s Visage Box is a subscription that’s $25 a month and sends out products so you can create an entire look for your face. This ships from Canada, so given the amount of products you get, plus the shipping cost included in the price, I’ve found it to be a good deal.

Each month also includes a theme and a story, this month is was the story of Momotaro, or the Story of the Son of a Peach. I was not familiar to this story, but the info card in the Visage Box included a retelling. It sounds like a nice fable, with the usual odd things happening, i.e. Kid is born from a peach, Kid plays tug of war with demons, etc. (Side note: I always wonder about these people in fairy tales. If a kid popped out of a peach seed, I probably wouldn’t adopt him, I would be terrified. Just saying.)

ANYWAY. You’re not here for my thoughts of fairy tales, you’re here for the sparkle. (All swatches done over Glamour Doll Eyes’ Glitter Fix, because that’s how I roll.)

hello waffle January visage box

That picture is the dude born from the peach, Momotaro. He turned out pretty well!

Saru-Warm shimmering peach

Hello Waffle SaruMy camera is screaming, “Nooooo, not the shimmer! I will not focus!”

Hello Waffle Saru SwatchThis is what I mean about dreamy, romantic colors. How gorgeous and soft is this peach color? Very feminine, pretty, and easy to apply.

Oni Island-Dark midnight navy with copper sheen and sparks

oni island hello waffle

“Not the glitter!”-Camera

oni island swatch hello waffle

This comes out a bit bluer in person, but my camera was determined to only capture the darkness. I wasn’t sure how much I would like this, but it’s actually a really cool color. Though it’s dark, the blue tones and copper sparkle keep it really interesting. I want to try it out as both an outer corner color and foil it as an eyeliner. I think it will make a really neat, soft eyeliner shade.

Kiji-(Fairy Dust Overshadow) Shimmery pink/peach glitterbomb with gold, copper, and red sparks. Use of a sticky base is strongly recommended with an overshadow. 

kiji hello wafflekiji hello waffle swatchI’ve never actually used an overshadow before so this should be interesting. I swatched Kiji over GDE’s Glitter Fix ,like I would any eye shadow, and it came out very nice. So rest assured, I can use this as a normal eye shadow, too. This looks like a lovely soft shimmer, and I’m all over that!

Inu Blush- Warm shimmery peach with the slightest amount of shimmer 

inu blush hello waffle

This kinda reminds me of Hello Waffle’s June Bug blush, which I just gushed about during my latest Happy Hour post. 

Beauty blogger fail. Cant' even swatch straight with tape.

Beauty blogger fail. Cant’ even swatch straight with tape.

Ohhhh, I just recently discovered my love of peach blush, so I’m pretty excited about this. Peach adds a lovely, natural flush to my skin and this one is easy to blend and very pigmented. I foresee this getting some regular rotation in my stash.

Victorian Disco-Momotaro Lipgloss:Shimmery orange-peach

Victorian Disco Momotaro lipgloss

momotaru lip glossI’ve never tried Victorian Disco before, so I’m always interested in finding more indies to fuel the addiction. The formula of this gloss is very light weight and not sticky, which is always a plus in my book. The color is pretty transparent on me, but it does add a nice pink sheen to my lips.

FOTD with the Visage Box. Hello my face.


I used Saru on most of the lid, with Kiji in the inner corner. Then I used Oni Island on my outer lid, blended out. I also foiled Oni Island with Glamour Doll Eyes’ Foil Me, and used it as a liner to make a sorta cat eye.

Inu on the cheeks and Motomaru on the lips.

A closer look of my eyeballs.

My eyeballs

My eyeballs


Hello Waffle January Visage I try not to look at spoilers of subscription boxes, as I always enjoy the surprise when I unbox them. A while back, I accidentally caught some sneak peaks of this Visage box and I was a bit disappointed initially. I was like orange and blue? Chicago Bears colors? What am I going to do with these?

However, upon seeing the shadows in person, I am super pleased. These are so beautiful, soft and shimmery, I can actually see myself using them quite often. I think I’m actually a bigger fan of this box than December’s.

Again, Hello Waffle just excels at romantic, dreamy colors, and that is my jam. No regrets about continuing my subscription here!


Questions of the Day:

-What do you think of this month’s Visage Box?
-Do you ever wonder about the people in fairy tale’s blinding accepting talking monkeys, etc?
-What’s life in your household like?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Or 3 Day weekend if you are meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!









2 thoughts on “Subscription Sunday: Hello Waffle’s Visage Box-January 2015

  1. I love the backgrounds that you take pictures against, they’re always so cute! The story that this is based on makes me think of James and the Giant Peach, which was one of my favorite movies when I was little! (I recently made my girlfriend watch it with me and she fell in love too! Hah!) Anyway, this is a great sparkly review! Peachy makeup and peachy fables, what more could you want? 🙂

    • Thanks! They’re just scrapbook paper, nothing fancy, but I like the pop of color.

      I forgot about James and the Giant Peach! My teacher read us that book when I was in kindergarten and I remember getting very emotionally attached to those bugs! (I was a strange child.)

      And yes, sparkles and peaches are all I need today! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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