Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag: January 2015

Hey friends,

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, if you are an American! And Happy Monday, if you live somewhere else!

I finally got my wish! I get an extra 24 hours!!!!! (All I want is more time.) I’m off work today and it is beautiful. I am so productive. Which needed to happen because I may or may not have still had some Christmas decorations up.

Anyways, I also have used this weekend to get ahead with some blog posts! (Homework for grad school? Not so much. Priorities, friends, priorities.)

The weather this 3-day weekend has been so beautiful, and it matches perfectly with Rainbow Honey’s January Mystery Bag. The colors and scents of this bag all remind me that Spring is on it’s way. (At least where I live, sorry people who have snow.)

So let’s see what I got!

rainbow honey january mystery bag

Spoiler Alert: This bag is see-through.


If you’re new to the Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag, I get the mini size, which is about $12 a month. Each bag comes with a variety of nail polish and beauty/skincare products like lip balm, cuticle balm, and lotion.

january mystery bag rainbow honey

The scent this month was Lemon Sorbet-a fresh, palette cleansing sweet citrus.
I’m a fan. It reminds me of Black Violet’s Patisserie perfume, very lemon, but with a nice hint of sweetness.

So let’s start with the polish!

rainbow honey january mystery bag

Lemon Sorbet-a gorgeous scented glitter topper in a clear base, packed with micro glitters and white pigments to add sparkle to any manicure. Layer 2-4 coats to achieve bottle color.
First, I like that Rainbow Honey is now specifying how many layers to get bottle color, that’s super helpful. Second, I like idea of a clear glitter topper, I don’t have anything like that yet. (I can’t believe it, either.) I also like the lemon scent that appeared as the polish dried. This seems like something I would have loved when I was 12, and guess what, I like it now, too. I’m a grown up.

Dirty Martini-an all minty creme base sprinkled with delicious Belgian chocolate glitters!
This is a fun Spring color, and I always like the speckle concept. I’m not sure why they don’t just call this Mint Chocolate Chip, as opposed to Dirty Martini, because the colors don’t match. Also now I’m hungry.

Rosey Bot- a gorgeous new “palo de rosa” metallic
This is a simple, shimmery feminine pink color, almost bordering on salmon. Nothing too special, but not a bad color for work.

rainbow honey january mystery bag

You can see where Dirty Martini attacked Lemon Sorbet. Pro tip: Dirty Martini takes longer to dry.

You can see where Dirty Martini attacked Lemon Sorbet. Pro tip: Dirty Martini takes longer to dry.

Nail and Skincare Products:

rainbow honey january mystery bag

Lemon Sorbet Nourishing Lip Balm- I have like 450490 RH Lip Balms, and I really do like them. They are moisturizing and smell great. I really like the Lemon Sorbet scent, so I’m happy to have this one.

Lemon Sorbet Soap Bar- scented with Lemon Sorbet and topped with calendula petals and dried lemon peel.
This is apparently from their new spa line and can be used as an all over body soap. I’ve just been using it in my guest bathroom, and I’ve noticed it’s got a pretty strong scent, my entire guest bathroom smells great now. So far, I’m a fan.

IMG_0544 IMG_0546

Lemon Sorbet Sugar Lip Scrub- flavored with Lemon Sorbet, deliciously and gently exfoliates the outer surface layers of your lips making your lips smooth, soft and comfortable during this winter season!
I was very excited to try this product because I currently have the most chapped lips in the world and my ol’ standby of Lush’s lip scrub is not working.

And, I actually really like this! To me it’s completely different than the Lush product. RH’s sugar granules are not as big, and therefore not as intense a scrub, but the sugar seems to be mixed with a really nice, moisturizing oil (?) of some kind. When I apply it, it feels like a sugar scrub in a lip balm base, if that makes sense. I don’t enjoy the “flavor” that much, and rinse it off after I use it, but overall, I really like this. I do feel it’s helped my lips.

Overall: The highlight this month for me was really the Lemon Sorbet products. I enjoyed the scent, and I really liked the Lip Scrub. The nail polish colors were just meh to me this month, although I will find a time and place to wear them all.

Rainbow Honey is currently offering a pre-sale on their special Valentine’s Day box, $30 for $65+ worth of stuff, and I am sooooooo tempted. I’m basically chanting, “low buy” over and over in my head.

We will see if my will power is strong.

Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of this month’s Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag?
-What color would you wear the glitter topper over?
-Would you buy the Valentine’s Day Box? Should I? Help?






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