Solstice Scents’ Foxcroft Collection

Hey friends!

Solstice Scents just released their Woodland Collection, AKA part II of their Winter Collection, this past weekend! As I eagerly await the arrival of my goodies, I thought I would share some other Solstice Scents reviews to help bide the time.

So, as many of you know, I have the coolest mommy ever. She got me samples of the Foxcroft Collection for Christmas! Since I’ve gotten obsessed with Solstice Scents, I’ve been dying to try the Foxcroft Collection, as its the fictional town that serves as inspiration for several perfumes. Plus it’s just kinda cool. I love the story created around this town, it seems like it would be such a charming and pleasant place if it was real.

Foxcroft Map: From Solstice Scents' website

Foxcroft Map: From Solstice Scents’ website

I’d probably try to get a job working at Owl Creek Aleworks.

Anyway, Foxcroft’s Autumn Collection has been one of my favorite perfume collections to date, so I was very excited to revisit Foxcroft with its original collection.

This was a gift from my mom, but the samples are listed for $14 on the website. My mom said Solstice Scents shipped quickly and arrived just as fast, which somewhat surprised her because she wasn’t so sure about the website. (She’s not used to indies yet, I’m slowly bringing her into the fold, though.) All in all, she had a good experience ordering from them, which I’ve found to be the norm for them.

solstice scents foxcroft collection

So let’s check out the scents!

solstice scents foxcroft collection samples

Blackburn’s ParlorVanilla Waffle Bowl, Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Creams, Banana, Caramel, Whipped Cream
I smell sweet, creamy chocolate and bananas, like a banana split. After about 30 minutes, the banana scent fades away and a creamy vanilla sits close the skin. This is a pleasant foodie scent that is sweet without being overpowering.

Photo by: piyato

Photo by: piyato

Covered Bridge- Woods, Moss, Leaves, Wood Smoke, Dirt, Ozone, Fir Absolute
This smells like leather and wild outdoors, like woods, and grass. As it dries down, a dirt note also starts to emerge. However, when I look at the scent list, there is no leather note, so I’m not sure what’s confusing my nose, maybe the fir? Overall, this is a really lovely atmospheric scent, I think it leans masculine, but I really enjoy it. Heyyyyooo Mr. Danger’s getting another sample!

Photo from Wikipedia

Photo from Wikipedia

Maine Moon- Crisp Fall Air, Wood Smoke, Leather Seats & Concessions of Root Beer, Popcorn & Chocolate Covered Caramels
There is a lot going on in this scent. At first I get smoke and cool air, I can definitely imagine a crisp fall night. Then it gets a bit sweet and buttery, which I think is the root beer and popcorn, but there’s a hint of cocoa, too. The dry down is smoky with a subtle hint of sweetness. It reminds me of a deeper version of Foxcroft Fairgrounds, and it’s these complex scents that make me love Solstice Scents.

Image via tumblr

Image via tumblr

Maplewood Inn-Maple, Woods, Amber, Benzoin, A Roaring Fire & A Hot Cup of Frothy Vanilla Chai
I smell bitter smoke, I think that’s the benzoin. I’m not a fan of benzoin, but it’s a fan of me. My skin likes to amp it up, and it turns kinda weird and peppery on me. I mostly get wood and smoke with maybe a hint of maple in the backround, though I don’t find there’s anything very sweet in this perfume.

Photo by adamr

Photo by adamr

Minister-Sandalwood, Amber, Cassia, Elemi, Sweet Smoke & Somalian Frankincense
This is a very faint smell of incense and smoke, and a slight hint of spice. It sits very close to the skin, subtle and not overpowering. I’m not a big fan of incense perfumes, but this is so light, that I don’t mind it. The smell really does remind me of an old church, one that’s had candles and incense burning in it for so long, the scent is in the walls.

Photo by: Keerati

Photo by: Keerati

Sycamore Sugarworks-Caramelized Pear Tarts, Banana Apple Muffins, Spice Cakes With Rum Glaze, Cream Puffs & Maple Walnut Pastries
I was expecting this to be super sugary and sweet, like Sugarvale from their Winter Collection. It is sweet, like caramel, but there’s a fruity note, which I assume is the pear tarts or banana apple muffins. As it dries down a hint of spice emerges, but it’s mostly just soft, sweet and fruit notes that come across to me. 

Photo by: antpkr

Photo by: antpkr

My favorites from this collection are Maine Moon, Blackburn’s Parlor, and Covered Bridge
, however if I were to buy a full size, it would most likely be Maine Moon. I just think it’s such a cool scent, with so many different and interesting notes. Honestly, I really enjoy some aspect of all of these perfumes, the only one I didn’t really get behind was Maplewood Inn, it was just too smoky and bitter for my tastes. But there’s really something to enjoy in each of these perfumes.

I do think the Foxcroft Collection, overall, is a set with more complex scents than the other Collections I’ve tried by SS. The casual perfumer wearer may not find something they necessarily like in this collection, but if you’re interested in atmospheric or unique scents, you will most likely enjoy something from Foxcroft.

Questions of the Day:
-Do any of these scents sound like they could work for you?
-Are you down with atmospheric scents?



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