Happy Hour: Bath Sabbath Beard Oil and Gulden Draak

Hey friends!

It’s Friday! I made it through my first week of classes! I don’t have a lot of homework this weekend! I am eating pizza tonight! All the exclamation points!

Anyway, today’s Happy Hour is a little bit different. I really wanted to review Bath Sabbath’s Beard Oils that I got Mr. Danger for Christmas. Since, I myself don’t have a beard, I decided to let him take over this week’s Happy Hour as a special guest poster. Don’t worry, friends, he may or may not have a degree in using words. You should be in good hands.

So, if you or someone in your life would like a luxurious beard, or perhaps one of the best Belgian beers of allllllll time, stick around for Happy Hour!

(And if not, I’ll be back this weekend with a Subscription post.)

Take it away, Mr. Danger!

bath sabbath

Return of the Disclaimer: Beauty on a Beer Budget does not endorse underage or reckless drinking. Please be responsible with your booze and makeup. Also if you are a teenager looking at beard oils and Triple Belgians, you are too mature. Go watch MTV or whatever it is you kids do these days.

The time of the Viking was a time of running longships, waves slapping against the hull; their beards flapping mightily yet luxuriously in the wind– firm yet supple, like an artist’s paintbrush. Ahhh, yes we are drawn back to a simpler time. Why, hello there—this is Mr. Danger. Journey with me to the fjord of beer.

gulden drakk gulden man

Just a man alone in his backyard laughing with his beer and beard oils. Chew on that “Lady Laughing with Salad.”

Beer of the Week: Brouwerij Van Steenberge’s Gulden Draak Ale

gulden draak ale

Gulden Draak is, as the name suggests, a golden dragon of a beer. Soft, nearly glowing amber in color (think Jurassic Park) this beer has a dulcet hard candy texture in the mouth. It lulls about the palate with a meadish flavor, very light noble hop spice, and gentle apricot notes— drawing off like a very approachable brandy with its nearly imperceptible 9% alcohol.

I would recommend it as a warmer for cool late winter and early spring nights. Paired best with lamb, roast turkey, and vanilla ice cream, it would be a great way to celebrate the Easter and Passover season. If you are easing into craft beer, I would recommend this in the following continuum: heffeweissens— blondes—Gulden Draak. At about $15 a four pack and $13 a pint, it is a value to get the four pack.

Beard Care Product: Bath Sabbath’s Beard Oils in Hades, Cernunnos, and Odin. (3 pack for $33, or single for $12.)

Which brings us to beards. As a man that has up until recently only had a modern length of beard, I never realized that there was a very basic level of hygiene that comes along with the added responsibility of warrior beard level:  moisturizing. To prevent flaking of the skin it becomes necessary to add your basic avocado and jojobe oils to the skin and hair. As an added benefit, the beard becomes touchably soft and conditioned.


Cool label artwork.

IMG_0157 Rebs ordered these for Christmas. She informs me they shipped a day after she ordered and arrived three days later. She also got an message from the shop owner letting her know there might be a delay in shipping because of the holidays, but that she had no problems with this. Bath Sabbath also included two perfume oil samples.

Odin-Odin is lightly scented in a comforting Spiced Mead, think honeyed beer with spice and herb undertones. A scent worthy of Odin himself!
Odin is my favorite of the Bath Sabbath beard oils I received this Christmas. It rubs in with a very fluid consistency and immediately adds shine, while not being overly oily– the excess is merely rubbed into the hand. The smell however– Odin’s Beard!—it is verily a gift from the gods. It imparts a light wheat scent, followed closely with a healthy dose of honey and fades into a general ambiance of meade. This is my favorite if I am going to bed.

Hades-scented with a touch of Pomegranate, when combined with Lime and Frankincense essential oils, makes a deliciously tart scent with a good dose of sweetness. The fragrance is a reference to Hades’ temptation of Persephone with four Pomegranate seeds.
Hades is my second in command, losing out to Odin only in longevity. Hades starts out with a strong pomegranate note and ends with a light nose-tickling persimmon. I think of this as my evening formal wear style beard oil—it has the sweet substance of Odin, with a spicy twist of fruit and sophistication.

Cernunnos-has notes of Tobacco and Basil, rounded out by the rich Benzoin, all on a base of crisp Cedarwood.
Cernunnos differs strongly from the other two with a decidedly deciduous, evergreen woodsy scent. It comes across as a green tobacco leaf or fresh sage. I have to say that this is excellent artful execution however, as it does not affect my cedar allergies, Instead, it comes across somewhere between the nostalgia of a Christmas tree farm and an elegant gin (or the combination of the two, otherwise known as a Danger Xmas). This is the beard oil that I wear when I am tired and want to feel alert, also known as when I wake up at 5 am and it is cold outside.

gulden draak gulden beard

You mean you don’t drink with your beard oils?

Ultimately I would fully recommend these beard condiments to any man looking to step up his follicle games. And now that I’m done reviewing all of these products I can stop laughing alone in the backyard and change out of these golden pants. (See above picture.)

As always—experiment, push your beer palate, and avoid putting beard oil in your mustache (it will change the flavor of your first drink of the day).

-Mr. Danger

PS: Rebs will be back with more beauty stuff this weekend.

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