EOTD/BOTD: Colourpop’s Tinsel

Hey friends!

How’s your week going?

Today’s Eye of the Day/Beer of the Day is going to be short and sweet, because I’m rushing out the door! (Story of my life. Curse you eyeliner for always making me late!!!)

beer of the day eye of the day

Eye of the Day: Colourpop’s Tinsel, Smash, and Girly with a tiny bit of Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Ugh. Do you guys ever have one of those weeks were your eye looks all just turn out…meh? That’s where I’ve been at. Either I’m not blending out enough or my eyeliner is everywhere, or something else is just gone slightly wrong to make my EOTD a fail.

So I dug back in my pictures for this EOTD in December taken with my old camera. I was on a Colourpop Kick because I had just gotten my Not a Box of Chocolates set, which I reviewed here.

I used Tinsel all over the lid, Smash in the crease, Girly on the brow, and a bit of Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar Palette Amaretto on the out corner to darken up Tinsel.

Hopefully my EOTD game will be on point next week.

EOTD Colourpop Tinsel

The old camera does not do justice to all the glitter/shimmer in Tinsel. It’s truly a sparkly beast, and I love it.

Beer of the Day: Avery Brewing Company’s Hog Heaven Barleywine

IMG_0351The flying pigs are cute.

Avery Brewing Company Says:This dangerously drinkable garnet beauty is a hop lover’s delight. The intense dry-hop nose and the alcohol content are perfectly balanced for a caramel candy-like malt backbone. This is a serious beer for serious beer aficionados

Rebs Says: My main take away from this beer, aside from the cute flying pigs, was the hoppy-ness. I really enjoy a hoppy beer, but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so bitter, especially not for a barleywine. It almost came across as citrus or grapefruit.  I did also get notes of caramel malt, but they were second to the hops. I tried to let the beer warm up a bit, and this helped to mellow out some of that tart hop flavor to me. Overall, I thought it was pretty crisp, and the texture was smooth, so I wouldn’t call it a bad beer. I think I just wanted something a bit richer and deeper for a barleywine.

Rebs Rating: As a barleywine I would say 2/5. Just as a general beer I give it 3/5. I wouldn’t turn it down if someone offered it to me, but I won’t be searching it out or buying it again on my own.

Why yes, I have a ceramic pig with my name on it.

Why yes, I have a ceramic pig with my name on it.

Questions of the Day:

-Am I the only one who has makeup fails?
-Tips on getting out of a makeup rut?
-How are you today?




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