Happy Hour: January Favorites

Hey friends!

This post is coming out a little bit later than usual due to technical difficulties. And by technical difficulties I mean, I am sleepy. I’ve been really busy lately and it came down to “Sleep? Or blog?” Sleep:1 Blogging:140

Anyway, I’m here now with my January Favorites post! I haven’t done one of these in awhile, and this is a sad thing because I have lots of favorite things, like Oprah. Except I don’t have a sticker yet. I should work on this…

Anyway for my favorite makeup (mostly indie this month-sorry, mainstream friends!), budget buys, and beers, check out this week’s Happy Hour!

And be sure to stick around for February because I’ll be starting a new Happy Hour theme: Beers I ♡. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, because that’s the way to my heart, friends. 

january 2015 favorite things

Favorite Eye Shadow of the Month: Glamour Doll Eyes’ Be My Anchor from the January OTM, ($10).


Pictures don’t do this eye shadow justice. It’s just a gorgeous light neutral with blue shimmer. It’s amazing and I can’t stop wearing it, AND I always get compliments. That’s a winner in my book!
More on the Glamour Dolls’ January OTM here.

Favorite Lipstick of the Month: Colourpop’s Bichette, ($5).

colourpop bichette swatch

As much as the formula of this $5 formula wrecks havoc on my sad, dry lips, I can’t deny that this color is beautiful. I’m hoping as Spring starts, I’ll have an easier time wearing this guy, because this is such a lovely color.



More on the Colourpop Lipsticks here.

Favorite Blush of the Month: Aromaleigh’s Enchanted Turkish Delight from the Ephemera Box

It's all about that blue sheen.

It’s all about that blue sheen. Blended out on bottom.

Although, I have been using Hello Waffle’s June Bug blush mostly, (I wasn’t lying in this Happy Hour post!) I’ve been interchanging it with the blush from Aromaleigh’s Ephemera Box. I really love the subtle blue sheen, and I like that the blush gives me a rosy cheek look. It’s been perfect for Winter.

More on Aromaleigh’s Ephemera Box here.

Nail Color of the Month: Rainbow Honey’s Woland, (Mystery Bag, $12).

I never claimed to be good at nail polish. Or cuticles.

I never claimed to be good at nail polish. Or cuticles.

This was technically in my December Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag, but I wore it over a light gray polish as a New Year’s Eve nail. I loved it so much, I admired my nails constantly and overlooked my sad cuticles.

More on Rainbow Honey’s Mystery Bag here.

Subscription of the Month: Aromaleigh’s Ephemera Box, ($18).

aromaleigh ephemera box

This was such a tough one. (I have great problems.) I loved Be My Anchor from the Glamour Dolls OTM, BUT I also loved Hello Waffle’s Visage box, BUT I picked Aromaleigh because I’ve used at least one product a day for the past month.

I really loved the blush, highlight, and eye shadow in Aromaleigh’s box, and I’ve used them constantly, making this a great value and my favorite subscription of the month!

Favorite Indie Perfume of the Month:Solstice Scents’ Winter Collection, Part 1. ($15 each, full sized or sample set for $24)

solstice scents winter collectionThis was also a super hard one to pick because I’ve been digging all my Black Violet scents lately. BUT, I think I’ve been rotating through all my samples of the Winter Collection perfumes more than any other scents this month. The weather was just perfect for them, (Sidenote: It’s also perfect for Solstice Scents’ Smokewood Apiary, although I consider that one more of a fall-like scent).

I continue to love this Collection because I’m a moody perfume user, and this has all my needs covered. Want to smell fresh and light today? Snowmint Mallow has got you covered. Want to smell like a magical forest? Go for Outpost. Want to smell like sexy gingerbread? Dark Ginger Spicecakes is your guy. There’s so much variety here, I haven’t gotten bored yet.

I’ve currently got a couple of these guys in my cart in full size right now, (Outpost, Snowshoe Pass, and Lemon Ginger Creams), I’m just debating how much wiggle room I have in the budget for extraneous perfumes.  (NONE, but whatevs.)

More on Part 1 of the Solstice Scents’ Winter Collection here. And Part 2 is coming on Monday!

Disclaimer: Stop reading here if you are under 21, because I do not condone or endorse underage or reckless drinking. Get your kicks another way-like BINGO!

Beer of the Month: Harpoon’s The Long Thaw 

happy hour harpoon long thaw

Mr. Danger hated this beer so much, but I thought it was a delicious, hoppy IPA that’s perfect for Winter. So ignore him.

Runner Up: Founder’s Breakfast Stout


Image from Founder’s Website

This guy got runner up because I didn’t actually review him on the blog. I figured you guys were getting sick of stouts. (I have a strong love for stouts that has bartenders saying things like, “That’s a big beer for a little lady.” So, I try to diversify.)

Anyway this tastes like coffee oatmeal beer and it’s delicious. It’s thick and filling, and it will warm your soul right up!

In Conclusion:

January felt like a really long month to me. Not in a bad way, it was busy and good, but in the “How many weeks are in this month? How is it still January?” way.

Oh, and my New Years Resolution to sleep more? Well, reread the first paragraph of this post.

I’ll try again next month.

Questions of the Day:
-How was your January?
-What were your January favorites?
-Did you stick with your resolutions?
















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