Happy Hour: Current Holy Grail Blush and Harpoon’s The Long Thaw

Hey friends!

We made it to Friday!

I also made it through my first week of classes as a “non-degree seeking student” AKA the person who should probably leave grad school, but is still there. (*I graduated in December, but I’m pursuing additional courses for licensure/certification in my career. Someday I’ll leave. Someday.)

Anyways, Mr. Danger and I are supposed to be celebrating the fact that I passed my certification test/graduated/started new classes tonight, but all I want is macaroni and cheese. I’ll report back on how our adventures go.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy this Happy Hour post, because it’s the weekend, and some of us even have a 3 day weekend! (ME! ME ME ME!!!!) Today I decided to share my current Holy Grail Blush, Hello Waffle’s Junebug, with you guys because it’s affordable, it’s indie, and it makes me think of Spring. In that same dream of sunshine and warmer weather, I’ve also got Harpoon’s The Long Winter Thaw White IPA. I know it’s a little early to be thinking of Spring, but I am tired of rain and cold where I live!

So let’s kick off Happy Hour!

happy hour hello waffle june bug

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EOTD/BOTD: Shiro’s I Tried

Hey friends!

How’s your week going?

I’m trying this whole, “Go to bed on time and actually ger more than 5 hours of sleep” thing, and it is hard! How about you guys, are you sticking to your New Years Resolutions?

Just in case all your resolutions have already fell by the wayside, today’s Eye of the Day uses Shiro’s January 2014 COTM, “I Tried”. Because we did! And that’s what counts. I think.

As for my beers this week, I’m definitely feeling a lighter mood and switching it up from my typical stouts and porters.

So check it out!

(PS: I did get brave and start posting some looks on Instagram, and I’m also participating in the #Januarymakeupchallenge, so feel free to say hi @BeautyonaBeerBudget!)

beer of the day eye of the day

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Wantable Accessories Box: January 2015

Hey friends!

How was your weekend? It was very cold and rainy where I live, (this is not the norm), and it reduced my productivity by 87%. My laying in blankets rate increased by 65% though. I don’t know how you guys who live in parts of the world with snow do it. I would build a blanket cocoon and never come out. I applaud you many brave souls.

Anyways, I start class tonight, so I needed something sparkly and lovely in my life. Enter my January Wantable box! The whole theme of the month was pairing statement pieces with cozy outfits, which I was totally behind. I would accessorize my pajamas in a heart beat!

If you are new to Wantable, I have the Accessories subscription, which is $36 a month. You take a preference test and a stylist sends you pieces based on your selection, though you can also write in requests. Check out some of my other reviews, here, here, and here.

So let’s see what I got in my box this month!

wantable accessories january

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New Indie Subscription: Aromaleigh’s Ephemera Box-January 2015

Hey friends!

Oy, I tried to schedule this post for Sunday, but then I forgot what numbers and calendars were, so some of you got a sneak peak yesterday! Sorry for any confusion. Anyways, we’ve got some good stuff to talk about today, so hopefully my understanding of letters and words won’t also fail me!

So, I’ve been avoiding Aromaleigh for awhile now. But for opposite reasons than you might think. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this indie makeup company, (one of the originals, she’s been making pretties since 1998!), and every time I’ve perused the website, I’ve started drooling and twitching with joy. However, given that I was also trying to stick to some semblance of a budget, I’ve been trying not to gaze too much for too long. Seriously, just go look at the website. It’s not the kind of place you’re going to be able to order, “just a few things” from. You will want it all.

When I heard Aromaleigh would be offering a subscription, I thought it might be a great way for me to slowly get introduced to her products. Then when I placed my haul-order, I would have some idea of things I liked and didn’t like. Also it was about $18 with shipping, and she has really, pretty shimmery stuff, and when have I ever said no to sparkle?

I was lucky enough to be “multi-tasking” in a meeting when the box went live, and after a pretty intense breaking of the internet, I scored one!

You guys are going to want one, too. I’m just warning you. Check it out below!

aromaleigh ephemera box

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Happy Hour: Coastal Scents’ Brush Set and Clown Shoes’ Angry Beast

Hey friends!

I have a very loosely connected theme here for this Happy Hour. I wasn’t feeling particularly creative this week, so I grabbed a beer and a beauty product that were both gifts to review.

The Coastal Scents 22 Brush Set, actually went on my trip with me, and I’ve been using it since then. I’ve been dreaming about The Clown Shoes’ Extremely Angry Beast since before my trip. So there you go, gifts and trip. That’s my theme.

I plan to work on the theme for next week’s Happy Hour, but I’m currently experiencing a brain failure after sitting down for my licensure/Big Girl Career test this morning. Now all I can think of is sparkles and a nap.

So enjoy this delirious Happy Hour post!

happy hour coastal scents


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Hey friends!

Hope your week is going well! It’s Wednesday, so that means if it’s not going well-you only have two days left! You can make it!

Anyway, I think I’m going to start posting more eye looks on my Instagram account, @BeautyOnABeerBudget, hollaaaa, but I am internet shy, so it’s going to take some courage on my part. (Really! I didn’t get a Twitter account until 2014, so I am an internet grandma, basically.)

Anyway for now, I definitely feel more comfortable sharing my eyeballs in this medium so it’s Eye of the Day/Beer of the Day!

In Technicolor today! With more chocolate beers!

Read on!

beer of the day eye of the day

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6 Popular ColourPop Lippie Stix: Review

Hey friends!

My mommy is the coolest and picked up some ColourPop Lippie Stix for me for Christmas! (If you are just joining me, I’m in my late twenties, by the way. I just have a cool mommy.)

She grabbed some of their most popular shades in the Lippie Stix. (I do not like the word, lippie, but Colourpop gets a pass.) Since she’s also a budget-savvy lady, she bought 6 Lippie Stix for $30, (as their $5 each), and got the free shipping! A wise woman, indeed.

I’ve reviewed Colourpop’s Holiday Lipstick Collection, Forget the Fruitcake here, but this is my first time trying on their general shades. I was excited to test some of their best selling lipsticks!

colourpop popular lippie stix

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I’m Back: New Year’s Resolutions for Beauty On A Beer Budget!

Hey friends!

How are you guys??? I take a week off, and I feel like I’ve been gone forever!

I’m back from my trip and happy to be blogging again!

Bodies of water and beer=good.

Bodies of water and beer=good.

I did enjoy my little break from writing, but I also found myself hanging out on beaches thinking about upcoming post ideas, so I was not too bummed to get started blogging again. (But I am a bit bummed to go back to work/school, booooo post-vacation blues.)

Anyways, I hope you all had an awesome New Year’s and are taking advantage of some post-Christmas makeup sales. I personally, love this time of year. I really like that everyone seems to get refreshed and ready to make positive changes and tackle goals.

I always set New Year’s Resolutions for myself, and I’m usually pretty good about keeping them. (Except for “Sleep More” which I’ve been resolving to do since 2009, and I’ve yet to achieve it. Maybe 2015 is the year?) Anyways, I’ve been thinking that this year I have some specific goals for the blog as well, and maybe you guys can help me keep them?

Beauty on a Beer Budget New Year’s Resolutions:
Host a giveaway
2. Be more active on social media/blogging communities
3. Write more informational posts (I love doing reviews, but I miss having the time for informational posts, like this old guy, for example).
4. Make January a “low-buy” month (I have a few exceptions, such as Solstice Scent’s Woodland Collection and Ten Three Labs’ Orphan Black Collection, but overall, I want to work with what I’ve got!)
5. Wear more glitter. All of the glitter. Glitter.

My New Year's Eve this year was probably  my best ever.

My New Year’s Eve this year was probably my best ever.

I’ve been wanting to do all of these resolutions for awhile now, but grad school has been rude. If I can accomplish them by the end of the year, I will be pretty pumped. (I can probably accomplish #5 tomorrow, TBH.)

Anyways, I just wanted to check back in after being gone so long. I have several posts planned this week, so I’m excited to get back to it! See you guys later today for a review of some of Colourpop’s most popular Lippie Stix shades!

Questions of the Day:
-How was your New Years?
-Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions for yourself or your own blog?
-Did you wear glitter on New Year’s Eve? (I think we all know what my answer to this is.)