Aromaleigh: Feast of Lupercal Collection Review

Hey friends!

Welllllll, if you read this blog with any sort of consistency, (and even if you just randomly stumbled on it), I think we can all agree: I don’t need anymore eye shadow.

But did we all see the previews for Aromaleigh’s Feast of Lupercal Collection? Because if we all did, then we can all agree that I needed those shadows. I needed them! It was like my Holy Grail Collection! We are talking gorgeous pinks, purples, and neutrals. This is what Rebs’ dreams are made of!

I compromised and bought deluxe sample sizes. TREAT YO SELF.

Was it worth breaking my low buy? (LOL, low buy. LOL.) Read on and find out!

aromaleigh feast of lupercal

So the technical stuff: The deluxe sample set of this 10 eye shadow collection was $30. A sample baggie set would cost you $10, and a full size $65. You can also purchase each of these shadows individually from $1-$6, depending on what size you get.

I placed this order on 1/17, and Aromaleigh’s current Turn Around Time is 4-8 business days. I noticed around 1/24 that people on Facebook were already receiving their collections, and I hadn’t gotten a shipping notice yet. I checked on the website and realized although my PayPal order had gone through and I had paid, I didn’t have an actual order number. I emailed Aromaleigh about this, and within an hour they had resolved the issue, (it was a glitch with the website that they’re working on fixing), placed a rush on my order and it was shipped out on 1/26 with extra samples “for my troubles”. I got it on 1/29, and it was all perfect!

I completely understand that mistakes and errors can happen, so I was very pleased with how quickly Aromaleigh resolved my issue. Perfect customer service experience, in my opinion!

The good stuff: The Feast of Lupercal Collection is a seasonal collection that will expire on March 15th, hence my rush on getting you guys a review quickly. It’s based around the ancient Roman festival of fertility and purity. So a historical and interesting twist on your typical Valentine’s set. I’m not going to include it here, but I really recommend checking out the descriptions of each shadow on the website, because Aromaleigh includes some cool historical facts on the name of the shadow.

But anyway.Those shadows, friends. HELLO.

I swatched everything on my typical Glamour Doll Eyes’ Glitter Fix, because that’s how I typically wear them. I love a sticky base for glitter and staying power. Although I noticed with these shades, it brought out the blackened base in some, not a problem for me, but just to keep in mind.

I also got all experimental with my new lense. So enjoy these attempts at close ups.

Caprotina-beautiful neutral brown with undertones of smoke and olive, sparkling with borealis shimmer. 
aromaleigh caprotina

Hello beautiful, golden shade. You are the perfect shade of brown and gold without being too brassy. Gorgeous!

Faunus –a soft mossy green with gold tones, and interference shimmers of blue and violet (which don’t show up well in the photographs!)aromaleigh faunus1Most of these shadows are wayyyyy more gorgeous in real life than in pictures, but I think you can tell from my shots that this is comes across a bit blue/green with a purple shimmer. I’m not a big fan of blues, but this is really lovely.

Februata-a lovely cool pink with a strong gold interference shimmer and rose sparks 
aromaleigh februataOhhhh, I love shades like this. It’s a beautiful rose color with gold sparks. This is a perfect, romantic color.

Feronia- a rich “Marsala” brown frost base with a pink iridescence and sparkles. 

aromaleigh feroniaThe sparkle in this definitely shows up more in real life, but hopefully you can see some of it in the close up swatch. This is a beautiful deep red/pink and again the sparkles make it romantic and lovely. I think my sticky base brings up more of that rich red, if you use a regular primer, this color would probably come out lighter.

Juno-a deep muted violet frost with a shimmering evergreen metallic overlay, which produces some really unique effects. The duochromatic effect of this color becomes more obvious if applied over a cream primer, or foiled/glue base.
aromaleigh junoAnother shade that is so much more in person. This is a really cool duochrome. It’s a deep purple with green and blue shifts. Because it’s so dark, I think this shade will be something I use as a outer corner color or even foiled as a really neat eyeliner.


I tried another shot from a different angle to see if I could better represent Juno. I would definitely recommend a sticky base for this one if you want all the color shifts to come out. It kinda reminds me of a peacock, which is perfect for a Juno shade.

Lucina-a pale yellow with strong gold, red and violet sparkle. This shade is very glittery, and isn’t meant to be worn as a standalone eyeshadow, as it is rather formulated to act as a sheer layer of glimmer.
aromaleigh luminaMy understanding from the description is Lucina works as an overshadow. You can apply a sticky base over eye shadow and pat this on for more shimmer or a sparkly effect. This looks like a lovely soft, sparkle so I think it would add a dreamy, whimsical effect to your look. I’ll try it out and report back.

Luperci-A reddish brown with pewter tones and a shimmering metallic indigo blue overlay with blue sparks.
aromaleigh luperciI love this color, I don’t have anything like it in my collection. It’s a beautiful red-brown with blue shimmers and sparkles. There’s so much I can do with this color, but I think it would make a really cool all over lid color. I’m thinking it will make my brown eyes really pop-again, I’ll report back!

Rumina-is a silvered mauve/pink with an aqua iridescence and shimmer.

PicMonkey Collage aromaleigh ruminaWhile I have a plethora of soft pink eye shadows, I don’t have anything quite like this with it’s light blue sheen. I’m a huge fan of colors like this because they are so versatile.

Trivia-A soft black frost base with a strong red/violet interference shimmer and sparkle. Appears more red or more violet depending on your lighting conditions. 

aromaleigh triviaThe swatches on the website of this look wayyyyyy more purple than mine. I’m thinking my sticky primer brought out the black frost base of Trivia. However, it is covered in purple sparkles, (that of course don’t show up great in pictures), but rest assured this is a dark shade with lots of purple glitter. This is another one that I might use as an outer corner shade or foiled eyeliner.

Vestales-This color is a beautiful muted violet with copper/rose shimmering iridescence. The iridescent effect is much stronger in person.

aromaleigh vestalesThis looks a lot more deep lavender in person, and less pale purple. Again, it’s a beautiful soft, romantic purple and I loveeeee copper shimmer.

The whole collection on my arm. You’ll have to imagine more sparkles because these pictures don’t do justice. Feel free to drool:


Caprotina, Faunus, Februata, Feronia, and Juno.

More drooling:


Lucina, Luperci, Rumina, Trivia, Vesales

Overall: If you’re like me and completely addicted to pinks, neutrals, and romantic, dreamy colors- you might need this collection in your life.

To achieve the strong shimmer I definitely recommend using a primer at the very least, if not a sticky base. I also had better luck patting these on softly with a flat brush, rather than swiping. (That’s my normal routine-but just a tip if you’re new to loose pigments or duochromes.)

I have no regrets about this purchase, and Mr. Danger challenged me to come up with a week’s worth of looks, so I’m excited to get creative with all the colors!

Questions of the Day:
-Have you treated yo self, recently? Especially for Valentine’s Day?
-What do you think of the Feast of Lupercal Collection?
-Do you have any eye shadow colors your are addicted to?




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