Subscription Sunday: Aromaleigh’s Ephemera Box- February 2015

Hey friends!

How’s your weekend going? The best friend and I are having lots of fun. And French Fries. We won’t stop eating them.

I am very glad she was in town this weekend when I’ve been playing around with my February Aromaleigh Ephemera Box because she has been like my Color Cheerleader. I was worried about the beautiful, bright pops of color in this box being too much, (as I’m a neutrals gal), but she’s been there for me with, “GIRL, THAT BLUE IS GOOD.” “YEAH, THAT GREEN IS AWESOME!”

So I’m feeling pretty good about my makeup colors skills, and about this months Ephemera box!

February Ephemera 2015

The technical stuff: This subscription is about $18 a month and so far we’ve been receiving at least 4 products, plus samples. (Although they aren’t always promised, they’re more of a happy surprise.). At the moment I believe you have to enter into a lottery system to be able to get a slot in the subscription, as spaces are very limited.

However, I saw on the Facebook page that they are floating the idea of allowing overstock from the boxes to be purchased. If this happens, you might be able to grab some of these pretties. (I would act quick, though!)

The good stuff:IMG_0698

How pretty is that arrangement? It felt like getting a cute little present.

The theme this month is the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. For years, this was my favorite movie ever. (Followed by Pretty Woman, I have diverse interests, ok.) I loved the storyline, the unique and beautiful imagery in the movie, and that it ended on a hopeful note. I haven’t watched it in several years now, but I think I’ll be pulling out my old DVD sometime soon.


Beautiful info card with lots of helpful information for those of us who are easily confused.

Anyway, I thought it was a really neat idea to base the products around Clementine’s hair. I admittedly was a little terrified at first of all the color in this box. I’m a neutrals lady and if I bust out color, it’s soft, feminine pinks and purples.

But thankfully the info card says the products aren’t supposed to be worn all together. They can be used as pops of color. I can handle that, friends.

So onto the pretties!

Meet in Montuak- The green of Clementine’s hair when she first meets Joel in Montuak, with a smattering of hopeful blue sparkle.

Meet Me In Montauk AromaleighThis is a really pretty almost emerald green. The blue shimmer gives it a lot of depth and it practically glows on my eyelids. I don’t have anything like this and I really love it.

Remember Me- The coral/orange of Clementine’s hair as her love affair with Joel falters, accented by the golden amber glow of dying memories.

Remember Me AromaleighThis is a soft coral with a glow, I have a couple of shades similar to this in my collection, though this one leans more orange than the others.

Do I Know You?- This shadow is a wintry blue with a lovely copper/rose duochrome shimer.

Aromaleigh Do I Know YouAlthough my swatch looks very navy blue here, this shadow has much more depth in real life. It almost leans towards a purple-blue. The copper and rose shimmer really come out in the light, and it’s a lovely shadow to wear out on the weekends.

Pretties sparkling in the sunlight:

Aromaleigh Ephemera in the SunThese guys all come alive in different lightings, I don’t think my swatches can do them justice. They just all have a lovely shimmer and sparkle.

Blessed are the Forgetful-The vivid warm red of Clementine’s hair when she and Joel are happily in love, with a soft coppery glow of emotional states yet to come.

Blessed are the Forgetful Cheek Stain

Whoa, this is a very pigmented red. But don’t be scared, it blends out very well and just looks like a normal, lovely blush. Just make sure you use a light hand, and you’ll be good to go. I actually thought it did a really nice job of making my cheekbones stand out. It also makes a pretty lipgloss.

Some eye ball looks with the products:


Meet me in Montuak on the lid with various UD Naked Shades in the crease, browbone, and as liner. Picture taken in my car, excuse the weird lighting. LOOK AT THAT GREEN THOUGH.


aromaleigh february ephemera

Do I know you? on the lid, with Sin and Toasted from UD’s Naked as the crease and brow colors. Picture taken in a cafe with bad lighting, because I am a professional, yo.

Bonus samples: Origami Unicorn from the Blade Runner Collection and Rangarok from the next box!

Origami Unicorn and Ragnarok AromaleighOrigami is a steely, glittery silver shade, I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of this one, but it is pretty. Ragnarok is a shimmery bronze, and now I’m excited about next month’s box! I’m thinking Norse mythology? Maybe some Loki and Odin?


Bonus Perfume Sample from Alchima Apothecary-Love Drops- Pink lotus and hawthorn roses burst with the brightness of Mandarin oranges and fresh green bamboo. Transparent hints of amber work to ground this blend.

I was really excited to see another perfume sample in this month’s box, as I am addicted to buying perfume samples love trying out companies that are new to me.

At first I was not really feeling this scent. It smelled like just another citrus-y, fizzy scent of which I have many, already. However as it dried a cool floral scent, (which is apparently the rose) started to show up that made it more interesting. So if you like fruity and florals combined as one, you will probably enjoy this scent. I’m actually digging it, but sadly it doesn’t last long on me, (Like 1-2 hours max), because my skin eats florals and fruits.

Overall: If you can make me love bright colors, I count that as a major win. I thought these shades were so beautiful, multidimensional, and easy to use. This box was definitely a surprise hit for me, and I am super pleased with the Aromaleigh Ephemera subscription so far!

Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of the Feburary Aromaleigh Ephemera Box?
-Are you good with color? Or are you more of a neutrals person?
-How would you wear these shades?
-How is your weekend? I hope you are having fun!

That’s it for today, enjoy your weekend friends!








2 thoughts on “Subscription Sunday: Aromaleigh’s Ephemera Box- February 2015

  1. Lovely colors that will work with neutrals very well I think! I would wear them as a pop on the lid with a matte neutral (maybe taupe? or mouse brown) crease and some depth on the outer V. Maybe I’d use an all neutral lid look and add a little to a liner brush and put some under the lower lashes for fun. 🙂 But that’s me. I think your looks are lovely. 🙂 This looks like a great box and I love the blush too! I don’t currently have any subsciptions so I might have to look into this one, teehee.

    • Ohh, the liner idea is really good! I think sometimes I get into makeup ruts, so these pops of color are really spicing up my routine.
      So far I’m loving the Aromaleigh Ephemera box! She only has 150 slots, so there’s a lottery for the spaces that open up. You should definitely enter your name in the raffle for it! Then if you don’t win, it’s no commitment-but if you do win you’ll be a very happy lady with a new subscription. 😉

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