Happy Hour: 3 Drugstore Neutral Palettes and Karbach’s Imperial Porter

Hey friends.

No exclamation marks today. I am dragggginnnggg. It’s been one of those weeks. A flat tire, broken appliances, 14 hour days kinda week. Oy.

But the good news is that it’s Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow! (Although most likely I’ll wake up early and swatch makeup because I am a weirdo.)

Thankfully today’s Happy Hour post is filled with beer and makeup I love. I have my 3 favorite drugstore neutral palettes and one of my favorite Imperial Porters, Karbach’s Hellfighter.

So before I pass out on this keyboard, let’s take it away to Happy Hour!

hellfighter imperial porter karbach

Please enjoy your makeup and beer responsibly.

Makeup of the Week: 

e.l.f Studio Prism Palette in Naked ($10)

IMG_0894This is $10, but e.l.f is always having a sale, and I got it for $5 when they were doing a 50% off sale. And it’s my favorite neutral drugstore palette. The shadows are extremely pigmented, shimmery, easy to blend, and just an awesome quality for the price.

IMG_0919Those quick swatches above are all ONE SWIPE, WITH NO PRIMER. Seriously that is some great pigmentation for drugstore makeup. These shades obviously are a bit warm, but those are my favorite kinds of neutral shades, so I’m a fan.

Wet N Wild’s Comfort Zone ($5)


So this guy is one of my secret weapons with indie eyeshadow. When I’m in a hurry, I’ll put a rose-gold, pink or shimmery brown loose pigment on my eyelid, and then use the left side of the Wet N’ Wild Comfort Zone Palette for crease, brow, and liner colors.


These are all one swipe, with no primer. I prefer to use the Comfort Zone palette with primer, because as you can see from some of the darker swatches, it does need a bit of a sticky base to cling to. However, these are all very easily blendable and are really compatible and flattering colors. The greens are pretty cool, too.

Bonus:If you like these neutrals try Wet N’ Wild’s Color Icon Trios in Walking on Eggshells and Sweet as Candy
If you like more color
try Wet N’ Wild’s Color Icon Palette in Petal Pusher.

Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral Palette ($20)


I hesitated to include this palette because it’s not my favorite for pigmentation and I find the shadows to be kinda chalky. It’s also not cheap at $20, although I got mine on sale for $10. BUT despite all this, it’s the best all matte palette I’ve found from the drugstore.


One quick swipe, over no primer. Again you can see these are not very pigmented. However, some of the browns do make decent matte colors, and if you’re looking for an affordable neutral matte palette, this might be a cheaper option for you. When I do bust out mattes (life is too short for mattes, really) these shades work well in the crease and on the brow.

Beer of the Week: Karbach’s Hellfighter Imperial Porter


This is a really solid porter from a brewery that I have a personal love for. (We may or may not be nearby neighbors to this brewery) And since this is Beers I Love month, we’re going with it!

Hellfighter is a very dark porter, it has a strong coffee and chocolate flavor. I also get kind of a milky taste which makes me wonder if there’s some lactose in the recipe. Overall, this is a rich, bold flavor with a bit of bitterness, but to me it’s a well balanced beer. The texture is thick and creamy and it makes for good sipping during a bubble bath. (Okay that last part might just be me.)

Hellfighter doesn’t stand out in the sense that it doesn’t have any special flavors or additions going on, but it’s a well made, solid beer. If you want a no-thrills, delicious porter to try, this is your guy!

Questions of the Day:
-How was your week?
-Am I going to sleep right now?
-Am I in my pajamas?

Good night, friends! I’m passing out, but I’ll see you this weekend for Subscription Saturday and possibly Sunday!







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