Subscription Saturday: Glamour Doll Eyes’ OTM- February 2015

Hey friends!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have I told you lately that I love you? You guys are the reason I blog! (Besides the glitter.) Thank you for being such awesome and supportive readers! And if you’re just joining me recently, heyooo and welcome! (I like exclamation points. You will learn that soon.)

Anyways, I got my February Glamour Doll Eyes’ OTM a few days ago, and the theme, “Any Excuse for Chocolate” fits perfectly with today. (You guys, I’ve had so much chocolate today. For breakfast and lunch.)

Mr. Danger and I are keeping it low key today, but tomorrow we’re going to a Valentine’s Beer and Cheese Pairing at a local brewery. I’ll most likely be rocking this month’s OTM, “Not to Be Truffled With”.

So check it out!

glamour doll eyes OTM February 2015

The technical stuff: The Glamour Doll Eyes OTM is a $10 subscription that is sold in 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12 month sets (12 month is sold). To get a subscription you have to enter your name into a lottery system. At the moment there are only 20 slots open for March, so myself and others will be crossing our fingers to get picked!

1 month subscriptions and the Color of the Month are available for purchase on the 8th, but they sell out pretty fast!

My February subscription shipped on February 10th, and it was delivered on the 12th, which was super fast!

The gooood stuff:

GDE OTM February Card

So I am loving the themed info cards in the 2015 OTMs. They are so cute. I also think the TMI section is such a great idea. This month’s code is to Savor, (who I’ve never tried), and it’s private. (Sorry, friends.) But yeah, the enabling section of this card is quite cute and helpful!

REALLY GOOD:february 2015 OTM glamour doll eyes


Color of the Month: Not to be Truffled With-Silky semi-matte chocolate base with a layer of crimson sheen and raspberry sparkle

Swatch on top taken in lightbox, swatch on bottom taken in direct sunlight. THAT GLITTER.

Swatched over GDE Glitter Fix. Swatch on top taken in lightbox, swatch on bottom taken in direct sunlight. THAT GLITTER.

This is a sexy color! I don’t think I’ve ever called eye shadow sexy, but there, I said it. It’s a burgundy, brownish, purple shade and the glitter is gorgeous. In some light I get more purple, in some more burgundy, it shifts based on the lighting. I’ve been playing around with this and I think it will make a great color for a halo eye.

Coastal Scents Liquid Eye Liner in Plum

coastal scents liquid eye liner in plum

Okay, I am admittedly not the best at liquid eye liner. (Some may even say I’m the worst.) This eyeliner truly does not stick or smudge, I had to really work at it with my makeup remover to get it off my arm. So if you’re looking for something long lasting, this might be a good bet.

However, I really didn’t like the applicator. I couldn’t get the eyeliner to go on consistently, sometimes it was too thick, and sometimes too thin. This is most likely a user error on my part, but I need something a bit more friendly.

The plum color is pretty, although a bit light. I’ll probably be able to make a subtle purple line for work though, which is nice.

Saucy Lil’ Sugar Tart Nail Polish by Gothic Gala Lacquers-Deep, berry red with a sparkle of gold, holo glitter.

saucy lil sugar tart nail polish

Swatch on top in direct sunlight and indirect lighting on bottom.

I’d never heard of this brand before, but I love this shade. It’s a sexy, polished take on Valentine’s Day. The color is a deep burgundy and the gold glitter is fairly subtle. This would be great for a date night or even at work, because the glittler is so subtle.

The formula was a bit streaky, I used 3 coats (which may have been to much) to get a deeper opacity. Overall though, it was definitely workable and I love this color!

Bonus Sample: Pornstache

Swatch on top taken in lightbox, swatch on bottom in direct sunlight. Cause it's all about that glitter.

Swatched over GDE Glitter Fix. Swatch on top taken in lightbox, swatch on bottom in direct sunlight. Cause it’s all about that glitter.

You guys, I might need an intervention. The last thing I need is more eye shadow. BUT. Look at this sample from the OITNB Anti-Valentine’s Day collection. I do need this right?


It’s a lovely, shimmery lavender that I could wear to work! Or in the crease! Or whenever? I think I need this, yes.

Eyeballs:glamour doll eyes Not to be truffled with

I’m playing around with a Halo eye using Not to be Trufled with, but I wanted to so something easy, too. I put Not to Be Truffled With all over the lid, and then some colors from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar in the crease, corner, and brow. BOOM. In 5 minutes, I was ready for date night. (Too bad it’s like 10 am. Oh well.)


This month was sexy. If that’s wrong to say, then I don’t want to be right. I can’t wait to wear Not to Be Truffled With to my brewery date tomorrow! Mr. Danger will be so happy! (Also he’s going to get to eat those Truffle Kisses that came in the bag, so double joy for him!)

Also I can’t wait to start saying, “Don’t truffle with me!” to people. I’m going to start a trend.

Guys. I am crossing my fingers so hard to get a March OTM!

Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of this month’s OTM?
-Is it okay to call an eye shadow sexy?
-Do you have tips on using liquid eye liner?




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