EOTD/BOTD: Heavy Breathing Cat

Hey friends!

I don’t have class tonight! Whooooooooot. I’ll be celebrating at Alamo Drafthouse with some coworkers who have dragged me into seeing a certain movie. (Hint: It’s not Taken 3).

Anyway. Today I’ve got one of my favorite Hello Waffle eye shadows of all time. (I feel like I say this all the time about Hello Waffle. But this time, it’s really my favorite….until she creates my next new favorite. And then I’ll have a new EOTD post to do. The struggle.)

The shadow is Heavy Breathing Cat, from the 1,000 Likes Collection. The name itself should be reason to love it. But. Wait until you see this guy.

The BOTD is Helios Farmhouse Ale (formerly V Saison by Victory Brewing Company). I picked this beer up on a whim when the bestie was in town, not expecting it to be much, and I have been pleasantly surprised by it!

So check out the eyes and beers in this weeks EOTD/BOTD!

beer of the day eye of the day

EOTD: Hello Waffle’s Heavy Breathing Cat (Full Size, $6 and worth every penny.)

This was the shadow that convinced me I could wear taupes, even with my brown eyes. It’s not taupe. It’s not green. It’s not silver. It’s some gorgeous shimmery combination of all three. It shifts in the light and it’s so eye catching, I’m seriously in love and I think any eye color/type can rock Heavy Breathing Cat and look amazing. It’s a universally flattering color.

Ok, I’ll stop gushing now.

heavy breathing cat hello waffle eotd

Oh eyebrows. You just do you.

Heavy Breathing Cat looks a bit green in this picture, but it shifts between taupe, silver and green depending on the light. It’s all over my lid because that’s how I roll. If I could put it all over my eye region without getting asked to leave work, I would.

I used Glamour Doll Eyes’ Glitter Fix base to get the color to really pop, and last 8+hours. I also got out my Naked 2 Palette for the only job it really has anymore, (accenting indie shades) and used Tease in the crease, Bootycall on the brow, and Busted on the inner and corner and lower lash line.

Super easy, work appropriate, and heavy breathing cat approved. DONE.

Beer of the Day: Helios Farmhouse Ale (formerly V Saison) by Victory Brewing Company




When my best friend was in town we stopped by Whole Foods to grab coffee filters and vegan queso. (Don’t ask.) Then we spend 25 minutes in the beer section drooling over everything.

After getting like $50 in beer, (I never said I was Beer on a Beer Budget, ok?) I realized I still needed something to review for BOTD. I grabbed this Helios beer because it was the cheapest thing at Whole Foods that wasn’t a porter. (Because that’s all I drink. I know.)

What Victory Brewing Company Says:Helios Ale has an earthy, aromatic hop start and shifts into aspects of lemon peel and black pepper. This is a quenching, invigorating ale, despite its substantial strength.

Rebs Says: I wasn’t expecting much, but this is actually really enjoyable! I pick up immediately on a wheat-y lemon flavor, with a peppery, almost tart, bitter after taste. It’s citrus-y, almost sour, (but not too sour, I hate sours, sorry), and you can taste the hops more as it warms up.

Helios is really refreshing and light, and I think it would be amazing on a nice spring or summer day. It’s 7.5% ABV so how productive you’ll be on that nice day is up to you. I don’t know if I would recommend this to everyone as it’s kinda funky, but I liked it!

4 out of 5 Rebs’ Stars

Question of the Day:
-Do you have a favorite shadow you can’t stop gushing about?
-Do you have a brand that continues to create favorite shadows that you can’t stop gushing about?
-Does Helios sound up your alley?
-How terrified should I be of seeing that certain movie? (Hint: It’s not the Spongebob Squarepants movie.)



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