Subscription Sunday: Visage Box by Hello Waffle-February 2015

Hey friends!

I think everyone and their mom has already posted their review of Hello Waffle’s February Visage Box, but I finally have mine ready! (My mom did not do a review, though.)

I’ve been playing around with this box for about two weeks now, and I still haven’t been able max it out yet. I’ve got about two more looks I want to do with the products, but I only have one face. UGH. Why won’t Mr. Danger let me put makeup on him?

What I’m saying is it was another good month with Hello Waffle’s Visage box!

hello waffle's visage box february 2015

Look how pretty it is! Perfect for February!

The technical stuff: Visage is a monthly subscription that costs $25, with shipping. 4-5 products for the entire face are included, usually with a guest indie company supplying one of the products. Each month has had a theme the products are based around, usually from a fairy tale or folk tale.

Visage subscription slots open on the 29th of the month, however slots are very limited and there may not be any available unless someone cancels. You can also purchase individuals items from the Visage boxes on the Hello Waffle website, they are usually released near the end of the month.

Good stuff:

I realized I had never shared a picture of what comes inside the cute little cardboard box:

wrappng on hello waffle visage boxThen you open the present.

hello waffle visage february goodies

It was quite the haul this month!

hello waffle visage info card

The info sheet was 2 pages this month, one for the story and one for product information. I really appreciate these information sheets because I am a clueless person, and I like that the value is calculated. I’m all about that budget.

hello waffle visage february 2015

Beautiful artwork on the labels this month. The theme was “Little Briar Rose”, which seems to be the original tale of Sleeping Beauty. The romantic colors and theme were perfect for a February box.

Fifteen:Shimmery mauve-rose with purple sparks
hello waffle fifteen
Now, I’ve got several pinks for Hello Waffle, but somehow she manages to make each one different. This is very pink on me, but soft and sparkly, so it doesn’t look too Barbie-ish. I’m loving it as a crease and lid color so far.

Thorn Hedge:Shimmery Dark grey with pink and purple sparks

hello waffle thorn hedge

This is a deep grey, (which I think looks better on my eyes than lighter greys, so yay) and it’s very shimmery. With glitter primer, it almost starts to get a bit silver-purple on my eyes.

100 Year Sleep-Deep eggplant purple with pink and purple sparks. Stunning.

hello waffle 100 year sleep

This is truly a stunning color. I want to put it all over my face. Is that a look? Yes, I think is is.

This is a deep, glowing purple. That’s the best way I can describe it. The pink and purple sparks make it really pop, and add so much depth to it. I’ve been foiling it as a gorgeous eyeliner and using it in the outer corner of my eyes, but I really want to use this on my lid soon.

Wise Woman Lip Gloss- Brick strawberry with a subtle but evil blue glow. Moderately opaque.

hello waffle wise woman

I’m sorry my lips are falling apart. This is a cry for help.

This is a full size lip gloss, that’s pretty generous! Wise Woman is my first Hello Waffle lip product to try and I really like it. It’s very lightweight and comfortable, and while it doesn’t last super long, (it comes off if you eat or drink), it’s easy to throw in my bag and apply on the go. I don’t get much of the blue glow, but this is a good work appropriate red, not too dark or dramatic.

Also it smells so good! Like buttercream frosting!

Blackbird Cosmetics Blush in Little Briar Rose- Muted light pink with subtle gold sheen. Satin finish.

swatch on top I attempted to blend out, swatch on bottom is over primer

Swatch on top I attempted to blend out, swatch on bottom is over primer

I LOVE this blush. This is bad news, friends. I don’t need anymore blush or eye shadow, but Blackbird Cosmetics-you will get my money!

This is a silky, soft formula that’s very easy to blend, (when you don’t throw it over very wet primer, like I did in that top swatch, oops.) It’s a beautiful subtle pink color that you can build to get the right amount of pigmentation for your skin color. On my skin, it looks like a beautiful, natural flush. I’ve seriously never had a blush work so well with my skin color. AND this is a full size, so I can love it for quite awhile.

Sixteen92 Perfume in Talia- Vanilla, soft musk, moss, fern, and stone

sixteen92 talia

I love Sixteen92 perfumes in concept. They are very well blended and smell great on my skin at first. However, with the exception of a few, (Salem, Wicked), they all kinda morph on me over time. And the morphing scent doesn’t always work in the long run. I think that’s just my skin chemistry, because like I said, they all start off smelling amazing, complex and deep. BOO skin.

BUT. Talia works for me, even after several hours of wear. It smells like a perfect spring day, sweet and green. It almost smells like a picnic, there’s a grassy note, (I guess that’s the fern and moss?) and I feel like I can smell the warm sunshine. (Which I assume is musk. Apparently my nose thinks that’s sunshine. Cool, nose, good job.)

I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this scent throughout the Spring, and it’s another full size! So pumped about that!

And some looks from this month:

Fifteen on the lid, Thorn Hedge in the crease, and a big of 100 Year Sleep in the outer corner. Little Briar Rose on the Cheeks and Wise Woman on lips

Fifteen on the lid, Thorn Hedge in the crease, and a big of 100 Year Sleep in the outer corner. Little Briar Rose on the Cheeks and Wise Woman on lips

Then I tried Thorn Hedge on the lid, Fifteen in the crease, and 100 Year Sleep as liner.

Then I tried Thorn Hedge on the lid, Fifteen in the crease, and 100 Year Sleep as liner.

I still want to try a Halo eye with 100 Year Sleep and Fifteen. AND 100 Year Sleep on the lid-so I’ve got some more work to do!


This is my favorite Visage Box so far. (I feel like I said this last month?) I would have never paired these three eye shadow colors together on my own, (because I’m colored impaired), but they work perfectly together. The full size blush and lip gloss are lovely, and Thalia is a gorgeous scent.

So much love for Visage!

Check out more of my Visage reviews here!

Questions of the Day:
-What do you think of this month’s Visage box?
-Are you excited about Blackbird Cosmetics debuting blushes? I AM.
-Sleeping Beauty=luckiest princess ever?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends!



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