Happy Hour: 6 NYX High Voltage Lipsticks and Three Philosophers Quad

Hey friends….

Shame face. My Happy Hour post is coming out on Saturday, instead of it’s typical Friday slot. I can explain, I promise. This little thing called grad school, working full time, and life got in the way. BOO.

In fact, posting for the next week and half will probably be a little spotty. I’ve got midterm projects due and apparently my professors will not accept blog posts for credit. I don’t know why I didn’t get my Master’s in Blogging about Craft Beer and Indie Beauty. I’m sure that exists at an online school somewhere.

Anyway, despite being a unreliable blogger for the next week or so, I do have a Happy Hour post today! And it’s a real good one: We have the last installment of Beers I Love, featuring Three Philopopher’s Belgian Quad AND 6 of the new NYX High Voltage Lipsticks. Which you must go out and buy now. Purchase lipstick now, ask questions later. Go do it. For real, I’ll still be here.

So let’s have a Saturday Happy Hour!

nyx high voltage lipsticks happy hour

Makeup Product of the Week: NYX High Voltage Lipstick, ($6).

NYX High Voltage Lipstick

I picked these guys up in my Ulta haul when NYX was having a Buy One Get One Off sale. I don’t need anymore lipstick, but I’d heard these were amazing, so I wanted to try them for science. Plus there are about 22 shades, so mathematically speaking, there had to be at least one color not already in my collection. See, I used facts there.

I am so glad I did buy these High Voltage Lipsticks because I’m in love with the formula. They are extremely pigmented, (with the exception of 2 of the lighter shades, you’ll see below), creamy, lightweight and comfortable to wear. These lipsticks are so creamy, they’re almost slippery, so you might want to grab a cheap lip liner if that’s something worries you.

I do recommend exfoliating your lips before you wear these lipsticks, because they do cling a bit, (not in an uncomfortable way, but if you have flaking issues like I do-it will show up with the lighter lipstick colors.)

I bought a bunch of Spring friendly colors and I’m set for the season!

Wine and Dine- Semi-deep plum with pink undertone

nyx wine and dineThe description says semi-deep, but I find this to be a pretty dark plum color on me. I thought it would be kinda berry-ish, but it’s darker than that. It would have been a perfect winter color, but I’ll probably get some weekend use out of it.

Flutter Kiss- Soft mauve pink

NYX Flutter Kiss Lipstick

NYX Flutter Kiss

If you’ve ever wondered what the natural color of my lips is, well it’s Flutter Kiss. This is a My Lips But…My Lips? Shade. It looks like I am not wearing any lipstick because the color so perfectly matches my natural lip pigmentation. If you’re looking for that soft pink mauve, this might work for you. (Unless it’s your natural lip color.) I didn’t have any sheer problems with this one.

Rags to Riches-Deep salmon with gold pearl

NYX High Voltage Rags to Riches

You can see what I meant about the formula clinging to dry patches here.

This is perfect Spring pink for me. I will definitely be wearing this shade a lot as the weather warms up. (And my lips get less dry.)

Free Spirit- Clean orange

NYX Free SpiritI love a good orange color, but this one does not work for me. The pigmentation on this color is very, very sheer. I’m pursing my lips in the above picture to hide all the dry patches the lipstick clung to. It does not look good, friends. If you want a fabulous orange lipstick, try NYX’s Indie Flick instead.

NYX Tiara-Deep pink coral

NYX TiaraDespite being described as coral, on my lips this wears as a very soft, rose pink. I did have some problems with sheerness on this shade, (you can see that on my beautiful chapped lips above), but I like this color enough to work around it.

NYX Burlesque- Bright deep red

nyx burlesqueI don’t want to get too excited here, but we might have a Holy Grail Red Lip situation here. I think is an absolutely beautiful red. This kinda reminds me of ColourPop’s Bichette, but more comfortable and glossy. I’ll have to test Burlesque out a lot in the next few weeks. For science.

So despite my dry lips hating these lipsticks, they are so comfortable to wear and the darker colors are lovely. Since I live in the most humid place in the world, I shouldn’t have any problems with the formula clinging once Spring rolls around, so I’m already planning another order!

Beer of the Week: Ommegang Brewery’s Three Philosophers

three philosophers

Three Philosophers is a classic in my mind, and if I had to describe it in one word, I would say, “Cherries.” It’s a really well balanced beer with a lot of sweet, fruity notes, but it’s not at all cloying at all. Instead, there’s a nice malty flavor and the slightest hint of bitter hops that makes the whole beer smooth and pleasant.

At 9.7% ABV, this beer’s one I like to sip on, and I recommend that to everyone because you’ll want to savor all the different flavors going on here. And if I were to pair it with food I would definitely recommend some sort of hearty, savory meal to go with the fruity, bold notes. For example, Mr. Danger is braising a pork loin right now, and he’ll most likely pair Three Philosophers with that.

This wraps up my Beers I Love month, and hopefully you found some makeup or beer to love! Wish me Godspeed on my projects, and I hope to see you all soon! (And not be trapped in a grad school cave of doom.)



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2 thoughts on “Happy Hour: 6 NYX High Voltage Lipsticks and Three Philosophers Quad

  1. Just stumbled upon this blog while searching for a review of the NYX high voltage lip product…Just wanted to say, you are awesome and so is this blog post!! (I survived Grad school while loving makeup, beer, dancing and sleeping…If you’re ever in doubt, YOU GO, GIRL. You got this!) xo best of luck & keep up the cool work!!

    • Hey girl! Thanks and welcome! I haven’t updated my profile, but I did in fact graduate in August! Since then I’ve been tackling a new job and haven’t put a lot of work into the blog lately- so I appreciate your kind words! I hope to be busting out some new posts soon and keeping up the cool work! 😉

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