Subscription Sunday: Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinet-February 2015

Hey friends!

I’ve got one grad school project done, only 3493498 more to go!

I’m taking a quick break from projects to share my review of Notoriously Morbid’s February 2015 Vanishing Cabinet! The theme this month was All The Men I Can’t Have: British Edition, and I can use some pretty right about now!

notoriously mobrid VC february

How did they know Tom Hardy is my favorite?


All the technical stuff: Notoriously Morbid is about $12 a month and I usually receive 4-5 eye shadows and a blush or lip products. There’s also a sample sneak peak for the next month.

My little package is shipped out around the end of each month, but it’s kinda at random. Each month is also based around a theme, and comes with a discount code!

If you are interested in signing up for the Vanishing Cabinet, you have to email Notoriously Morbid to get on the wait list for a slot opens up.

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All of the things:

notoriously morbid february vanishing cabinetThis month we received 5 eye shadows and a lip balm. A reformulation of last month’s Pureheart was also sent, and a sample of the upcoming VC. So let’s check out All the Men I Can’t Have.

Captivating Cumberbatch--Inspired by none other than the graceful Benedict Cumberbatch, we created a shimmery shadow that falls on the plum end of the taupe spectrum.
Notoriously Morbid Captivating Cumberbatch
This was my favorite shadow of the bunch, it’s a nice plum, almost neutral color. It’s almost matte, with just a bit of shimmer. Over glitter primer, (which I probably shouldn’t have used with a mostly matte shadow, but I’m a rebel) it comes off pretty dark, almost brown. And for the record, Mr. Cumberbatch is not my thing. I just needed everyone to know.

And here’s a work look I did with Captivating Cumberbatch on my eyeball. I used NYC’s Purple Eyeliner to try and bring some of the plum out.

captivating on the eyeball

Enticing Elba-Idris Elba has that certain something and we liked it so much, we made this cornflower blue shadow with sexy copper shimmer

enticing elba notoriously morbid

Straight lines remain elusive to me.

I regret using glitter primer with these matte shades. As you can see this one is a bit patchy, but I blame that on my poor primer choices. This is a blue matte shadow with just a hint of gold-orange sparkle. I want to use this eye shadow but I’m super terrified of this color. And Mr. Elba is pretty, FYI.

Handsome Hiddleston- Yes, this is a shadow for Tom Hiddleston. And yes, you know you love this splendid true emerald green with majestic gold and green shimmers.

handsome hiddleston notoriously morbidWhile I enjoy Hiddleston as Loki, he does not float my pretty man boat. (That was a weird sentence, rolling with it.) I hear he’s quite charming, though.

Anyway, his color is a deep emerald shadow with a nice sparkle to it. Again, I think this is pretty, but I don’t know how to really use it in my life other than maybe make it an eyeliner.

Hell Hot HardyOne of the most talented actors of his generation and not too hard on the eyes, this Tom Hardy inspired shadow offers up a dusty blue with glowing blue shift.

hell hot hardy notoriously morbidTom Hardy is my imaginary second husband. (Yes, I have a first.) Anyway I was kinda disappointed in his color. It’s a steely light blue, leaning grey matte. It’s not super exciting, but I might be able to use it with the Elba color.

Lustful Lincoln- We find ourselves pulled to Andrew Lincoln and his quiet magnetism. While we can never have him, we try console ourselves with this vivid orange with red shimmers.

notoriously morbid lustful lincolnI don’t know who this actor is so my brain immediately thought of Abraham Lincoln. Maybe Notoriously Morbid will do a Presidents I Can’t Have Collection. (I need to go bleach my brain now, good job, me.)

Unfortunately, this is my first shadow from Notoriously Morbid where I knew I was going to give it away. I just don’t have any need for a matte orange eye shadow in my life. Maybe my friends will?


Pureheart 2 Vs. Pureheart

Swatched over glitter primer on both.

Pureheart 2 on the left, Pureheart Senior on the right. Swatched over glitter primer on both.

Pureheart 2 is a matte purple with some sparkle. It does not swatch well over glitter primer, as evidenced above. (I could have done another swatch but at that point I was getting cranky and didn’t like Pureheart 2 enough to redo it.)

I like Pureheart 1.0 better, it’s more shimmery and fun. I appreciate that Notoriously Morbid wanted to correct a problem, but I’m not a fan of this semi matte formula at all. So Pureheart 2 is getting put in the “Pass Along” bag.

Dear Diary Crush Kisser I can’t find a description of this, but it’s grape.

Dear Diary Crush KisserI like the packaging on this. While I enjoy the Coffin Kisser line, I do not enjoy this grape smell. I’m just not a grape person, (I have flashbacks to grape medicine from childhood), so this isn’t my favorite scent.

Sneak Peak from Next Month: “Lover’s Sign”
Lover's Sign sneak Peak

This shade looks promising. Lover’s Sign appears to be a light purple with some gold tones. I have no clue what the theme is, but since I regularly play on the internet instead of doing grad school work, I hear there’s a theory it’s Game of Thrones themed. (YESSS.)


Overall: I have to say I was disappointed in this month’s VC. While I thought the theme was very fun, I was confused by the random assortment of colors, most of which I won’t really be able to use in my daily life. I’m also not a fan of matte formulas, (life is too short for matte), so I don’t think I’ll be reaching for any of these shadows too often.

Additionally, The Crush Kisser flavor was not for me, and I also wasn’t big on Pureheart 2. So overall I don’t see a lot of value in this month.

If I’m honest, I’m at a crossroads with Notoriously Morbid. Part of being a lady on a budget, is you don’t buy things you don’t need. (HA). I have so many eye shadows, that I’m at the point where I don’t have room for any shadows I don’t love. And the past two months, I haven’t really loved any of my Notoriously Morbid VC eye shadows.

I’m going to give it one more month, but I might have to pass on continuing this subscription. I just have too many of the same shadows, and some other indie loving person might appreciate it more than I can right now.

Questions of the Day:
-What are your thoughts on this month’s VC?
-Who is your favorite British person? (Doesn’t have to be dude exclusive. I think mine is Dame Maggie Smith, TBH.)
-Have you ever broke up with a subscription? Did you have a lot of feels? I think I have some now.



PS: Remember that posting might be irregular for the next week and a half. I still love all of you, but grad school is being super demanding and pushy. Ugh



2 thoughts on “Subscription Sunday: Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinet-February 2015

  1. Kristi says:

    I hear you. I cancelled after receiving this month’s bag. I’ve only been subbed since December, and all 3 months, I had issues. I’m like you- too many eyeshadows that I love sitting around and ain’t nobody got time (haha) for eyeshadows that aren’t the best quality.

    • I know! I’m such a weirdo, instead of just admiring my eye shadow collection I have this compulsion to not waste any of them. So I don’t need anymore shadows adding to that very bizarre pressure!

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