February Favorites!

Hey friends!

I’ve missed you so! How have you been?! Anything exciting happening in your life or the internet? I heard about a dress, but that’s about it. (Grad school turns you into a hermit.)

I finally got through my slightly hellish week of projects and midterms, and I’m feeling pretty good about life! This morning, I finally got to swatch some eye shadow, and let me tell you, putting tape on my skin has never been more satisfying. (TBH, I guess this is not hard to achieve.)

Anyway, while I get caught up with all the lovely pretties coming your way on the blog this week, I’ve got my February Favorites! You know, on March 7th. Not belated or anything.

PS: Did I tell you I missed you all?!

beautyonabeerbudget favorite things

I’m too pleased with myself for making this graphic. Every time I see it, I giggle and think, “Like Oprah.”

beauty on a beer budget february favorite things

Favorite Eye Shadow of the Month: Glamour Doll Eyes’ Pass the Bubbly, ($1.25-$6).

glamour doll eyes pass the bubble

Excuse the eyebrows, they are rude.

Excuse the eyebrows, they are rude.

I got a sample of this in my January OTM, and since I hate sample baggies, I picked up a sample jar in my most recent GDE order to see if I would really use this color. (I have a TON of pinks).

I’ve worn it everyday this past week and this might be the first sample jar that I’ll actually finish. It’s a beautiful shimmery rose pink and it’s so versatile I can do a bazillion things with it. (Hence when I’ve been exhausted this week, I throw it on my eyelid and then accent with different colors. PS: It also works great with the OTM Not to Be Truffled With.

Favorite Lipstick of the Month: NYX’s High Voltage Lipstick in Burlesque, ($6).
nyx burlesque
This was really hard because I’ve had a particularly wonderful lip product month. But this red. It makes me start making weird noises like, “UNF and OYAHA.”

Check out more about the NYX High Voltage Lipsticks here.

Favorite Blush of the Month: Blackbird Cosmetic’s Briar Rose Blush from Hello Waffle’s Visage Box. (Coming soon, $12.)

swatch on top I attempted to blend out, swatch on bottom is over primer

swatch on top I attempted to blend out, swatch on bottom is over primer

Well, hello Blackbird Cosmetics. Featuring this lovely full size blush in my Hello Waffle Visage box was the best marketing strategy ever, because now I’m stalking Blackbird Cosmetics for when they release their blush line. (And pressed matte eyeshadows on March 13!!!)

Anyway, this is a beautiful natural pink blush. It’s very subtle and muted, so it’s been my go to on this past week when I’m too tired too deal with blending more heavily pigmented indie blushes.

Nail Color of the Month: Julep’s Yuki from the Cupid Mystery Clutch (no longer available.)


My cuticles are the worst. Always and forever.


So I never buy any of the Julep mystery bags because I got burned by my first and only one last year. But I really liked the two guaranteed nail polishes, so I took the risk. And it was a great bag! I got so many compliments on Yuki and the topcoat lasted a week, so I was really happy.

(I didn’t review my full Mystery Clutch here because I’m still weary of Julep’s customer service and more importantly, I don’t consider them a budget company. If you guys are interested in Julep reviews though, let me know and I can try to do a few.)

Subscription of the Month: Hello Waffle’s Visage Box, ($25).

hello waffle visage february 2015

3 fantastic eye shadows, a full size blush, lipgloss and perfume in one box?! Perfection.

Check out more about this month’s Visage Box here.

Favorite Indie Perfume of the Month: Darling Clandestine’s Coma Cluster (not currently available.)


I don’t know why I torture myself every month by forcing myself to pick just one favorite indie perfume. I must be a masochist.

Anyway, Coma Cluster is my everything. If someone told me I had to become a perfume, this would be it. (People are asking me weird questions in this hypothetical scenario.)

I don’t know why I love it so much, but that combination of coffee and roses just works for me. It works so hard. When my energy level is crashing midafternoon, I smear some of this on my wrist and then I’m like, “HELLO WORLD!”. It’s magical.

Check out more of the Darling Clandestine Valentine’s Day Release here.

Beer of the Month: Shiner Birthday Beer


I feel like this is a controversial pick because even I will admit, this is kinda a heavy handed chocolate stout. It’s just like, ‘HERE’S CHOCOLATE. HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE.”

But I like it. And I like it a lot of with ice cream.

See a more detailed review of this beer here.

Honorable Mention:Victory’s Helios Farmhouse Ale


This surprised me with it’s pleasant and sessionable flavor. I would bring this to a party and say, “Hey everyone, let’s enjoy this funky beer!”. (I’m very fun at parties.)

Check out more about Helios Farmhouse Ale here.

Did February really happen?

That’s it for today, friends! I will be back tomorrow for Subscription Sunday, and regular blog posts and features will return this week.

Questions of the Day:
-How have you been? Did anything exciting happen in your life while I was away?
-What are your February favorites?
-Where did February go?



2 thoughts on “February Favorites!

    • Thank you! Now I just need to make that graphic into a sticker and put it on my favorite things, like Oprah.

      And I love pinks, so February was a good month for me!

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