Tiny Mini Review: Haus of Gloi’s Risque Perfume

Hey friends!

I have a teeny, tiny post for you guys today. While it’s small, I really enjoyed Haus of Gloi’s Risque so much I felt I needed to share it, even though it’s flying solo from its pals in the Valentine’s Day collection.

See why I liked it below!

haus of gloi risque


A little back story here: I NEVER blind buy full size perfumes. Never. I’m wayyy too cheap. However, after I blogged about the Haus of Gloi Valentine’s release, (in which I attempted to show restraint and pass on their perfumes this time around), a lovely reader mentioned that Risque was pretty awesome.

I don’t know if I was having a bad day or what, but my little brain snapped. “Rose? Leather?” DONE. I needed it. The only size of Risque perfume oil available at that time was full size, and I went for it.

And it actually worked out really well!

Risque-A leather whip, red musk, cast aside roses and an intoxicating touch of agarwood attar
Just to be upfront, I don’t get a lot of rose from this. Generally, Haus of Gloi’s rose note turns into a kinda soapy, clean scent on me, and this perfume is no exception. A very faint rose note does show up about an hour after wear, but it still leans more clean floral, than rose. After the fresh, soap scent dries, the leather and red musk come out in a well balanced mix.

The leather in Risque is smooth and subtle, I can easily wear this to work and not have someone wonder if I’m in a biker gang. The musk is also faint, I’m not really sure how to describe it in words, other than it kinda gives the perfume a sexy man smell, but without being manly. It’s like a feminine, pretty version of Haus of Gloi’s The Horseman. Anyway, everything mixes with the delicate wood note at the end, and it all adds up to a really understated and soft blend.

Though the florals in this lean feminine, Risque is not your typical lady perfume. The musk and leather add a dark twist that make it really interesting. Although I’ve been describing this scent as faint and subtle, the throw on this perfume is great. When I walked into a room wearing it, Mr. Danger shouted, “What is that great incense you are wearing?” (So I guess it smells like incense to him.)

Overall: Clean soft floral note, with a dark, faint leather, musk, and wood. Well balanced and sexy! I’m really pleased my first full size blind buy worked out!

Questions of the Day:
-What do you think of Risque?
-Did you get anything from the Haus of Gloi Valentine’s Day release?
-Have you ever blind bought a full size?



2 thoughts on “Tiny Mini Review: Haus of Gloi’s Risque Perfume

  1. Aimee says:

    I got Risqué as a freebie with my Valentine’s order. I didn’t originally order a sample because typically I don’t like leather on me, but I really loved this one and I’m glad they sent it as a freebie!

    • I don’t like overwhelming leather scents, but this is really subtle. I think it leans feminine, but in a nontraditional way, and those are my favorite kinds of perfumes. 🙂

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