Subscription Saturday: Rainbow Honey’s March Mystery Bag

Hey friends!

How’s your Saturday treating you? The sun came out where I live today, and I feel a million times happier. I missed you, sun!

Anyway, in other happy news, my Rainbow Honey Mini-Mystery Bag made an appearance this week! The theme this month was previews of upcoming collections, including their big La Patisserie Collection.

Check out what I thought!

rainbow honey march mystery bag

All the technical things:

Rainbow Honey is an indie nail polish, bath and beauty company. They also offer nail care products like cuticle creams, base coats, and scented top coats.

Every month Rainbow Honey sends out both a Full size, ($25) and a Mini, ($12) Mystery Bag filled with several nail polishes and skin care items based around the scent of the month. I get the mini because I am cheap, and also because I can never finish a bottle of nail polish. The bag usually ships around the 7th-9th of the month and shows up at my house about 3-4 days later.

Check out more of my Rainbow Honey reviews here.

And you can sign up on the Rainbow Honey website if you’re interested in trying out a Mystery Bag, too!

All the fun things:

rainbow honey march mystery bag 2015

Two sided info sheet:

rainbow honey info sheetFilled with informations.

March Polishes:

rainbow honey march mini polish

Kozmic Blues, Crystal Sword, and Lemon Honey

Kozmic Blues:A sneak peak of the upcoming Galazy Nails Set part II, is Kozmic Blues…a deep kozmic blue packed with holo hex and precious metal pigments

Kozmic Blues

3 coats on swatch

Though I can’t capture the glitter in this on camera, this is a deep cerulean blue with lots of sparkle. The formula is similair to what Rainbow Honey has used for Crimson Nebula in the February Bag and The Master in the December Bag. It’s very easy to apply despite the glitter and last longer on my nails than their jellies. Though the deep blue is kinda out of season for the Spring, I like this nail polish.

Crystal Sword-A jelly pink base packed with holographic glitters and timid butterflies in a sea of glittering gold, crystals and holos.

rainbow honey crystal sword

3 coats on the swatch. The last coat was a little heavy handed. Kinda globbed it on. Ooops.

Confession: I absolutely adore the way Rainbow Honey’s jellies look. BUT. For the life of me, I can’t get the jellies to last a day without chipping off my nails. I use a base coat, a top coat, etc. No luck. If anyone has any tips on this, please help.

As it goes, I think this is a bold, fun hot pink nail polish with tons of sequins and glitter. I love it, I would totally wear it to work, and at this point everyone would just be like. “Oh. Her nails are covered in glitter. What’s new.” BUT. I really want this manicure to last longer than a day. HELP.

Lemon Honey- A beautiful and sunny lemon yellow lacquer with a touch of honey, gently packed with micro gold flakes. Perfect to spring you forward.

lemon honey rainbow honey

2 swatches

This reminds me of the Dirty Martini polish from the January bag, but yellow. I liked that formula, so I’m happy to see another rendering of it. Although I don’t wear a lot of yellow polish, (my skin has some yellow tones that just make my hands look creepy with yellow polish), this is a cheery, soft color.

Tea Biscuit Scented Top Coat

Rainbow Honey Tea Biscuit Top CoatI love Rainbow Honey’s Scented Top Coats, although full disclosure I usually use my Seche Vita Top Coat and then put the RH one over it. But they smell so nice! (When they dry, do not attempt to sniff while still wet. You will pass out.) I’ve tried the Tea Biscuit scent before, I think it was in a Fall 2014 Mystery Bag, and I like it. It smells like vanilla ginger cookies to me.

Petit Four Perfume Oil Rollerball- Petit Four is an elegant mini cake perfume, made of sweet buttercream and layered with tender confectionery coconut flakes with hints of spring! 

rainbow honey petit four perfume oil rollerballThis is extremely faint on me, it only starts to come out a bit as it dries. It’s a pleasant sweet vanilla scent, but that’s about all I get. I wish it was a little stronger, but overall a nice vanilla. I might pass this on given that I already have like 948948989 perfumes.

Rose Macaron Solid Perfume-a soft rose colored pastry shell fragrance filled with ganache made of coconuts, almonds, and blended rose nectars!

rose macaron solid perfume rainbow honeyI wanted to love this because I’m a huge rose fan. And it’s definitely a really nice smell, but it’s not love material for me. The solid perfume it a nice format, because it’s portable, but the consistency really reminds me of their cuticle oils. I think I’ve gotten spoiled by Darling Clandestine’s perfume solids which just almost melt into oil on your skin.

It smells rosy and sweet, but it reminds me more of a pleasant tea blend rather than a rose gourmand. Again, it’s a perfectly nice scent, but it’s not wowing me. However, I’ve been spoiled by the 438989 perfumes in my indie collection, so my opinion is kinda swayed by that.

Overall: Not my favorite bag, but not bad either. I think the polishes and top coat in this month’s bag were my favorite part. The perfumes I will probably pass on given my already ginormous perfume collection.

I think April will probably be my last Rainbow Honey bag for a while. Not because they’ve done anything wrong, but I’ve had this subscription for about a year and I’m saturated with cuticle oils and lip balms. I will never have dry lips or cuticles again. And I think I would rather use that $12 on a nail polish from one of their collections that I really love.

And of course I’ll share it with you! Because if a beauty product exists and I don’t review it, does it really exist? These are the existential questions I ponder.

See you guys tomorrow for a very special quarterly Mystery Box post!

Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of this month’s Rainbow Honey Bag?
-Is it Spring where you are?
-Any tips for making jelly polish last longer?





3 thoughts on “Subscription Saturday: Rainbow Honey’s March Mystery Bag

  1. Allie says:

    I usually dislike yellow polishes but that one looks nice!

    Is there a strong coconut scent to either of the perfumes? I generally love bakery smells but don’t like the smell of coconut.

    • It is pretty, I’m just not sure if I’ll be able to pull off the yellow! (I’m not the biggest fan of yellow polish, either!)

      Both of these perfumes are pretty basic sweet scents and I personally didn’t get coconut on either one. If it’s there, it was faint on me. Petit Four smells like Vanilla and Rose Macaron smells like sweet rose tea to me. Hope that helps some!

  2. Allie says:

    That does, thanks so much! RH perfumes are so hit or miss for me, and often don’t seem to smell like their description. Except for their Lemon Sorbet. Rose Macaron sounds really interesting, I’ll have to give it a try.

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