EOTD/BOTD: Glamour Doll Eyes’ Anti-Valentine’s Day-Part 2

Hey friends!

For today’s EOTD/BOTD we have the second round of eye shadows I picked up from the Glamour Doll Eyes’ Anti-Valentine’s Day Collection. Since I only grabbed four I decided to do a little mini review with the EOTD.

You can see last week’s post where I reviewed and used Pornstache and *Snap* Fierce here.

I also have Clown Shoes’ The Peace That Money Can’t Buy, that I forgot I reviewed a couple of weeks ago and never shared. Spoiler: It’s the longest beer name everrrrr.

glamour doll eyes mini review anti valentine's day

Eye of the Day: Lesbian Request Denied and The Accountant Cream Shadow, ($6 each-though they are currently sold out.)

Lesbian Request Denied: is a dark gray base with a pink sheen, shimmer and shine.

lesbian request denied glamour doll eyesWhen this is foiled it almost turns into a shimmery, light pinky-purple. I love it because it’s very pretty and can be used subtly. I’ve worn it to work a couple of times with a few simple neutrals to accent it, and it was lovely and feminine.

The Accountant Cream Eye Shadow-is a shimmery medium brown with a very subtle pink, gold and turquoise shimmer.

The Accountant Glamour Doll Eyes Cream Shadow

When I was in high school all I wore was cream eye shadows, I have no idea why. I guess I thought they were easier to use back then. Given that I used to love them, I felt like I had to try the new Glamour Doll Eyes cream shadows.

The twist up stick is not my favorite medium, but it’s easy enough to use. I’ve just been dipping my finger or a brush on the end. This shadow is indeed creamy, but so far I haven’t had any creasing issues, (although I put it over Urban Decay’s Primer first). And I really like the brown color. It’s a great neutral that would make an awesome base for most colors or could be worn on it’s own.

I hope to see more cream shadows from GDE, down the line!

The Look: Lesbian Request Denied on the lid, over Glitter Fix on the first half of the lid and over The Accountant on the outer half. The Accountant in crease. Pass the Bubbly on the brow and inner corner. Don’t Truffle With Me patted very lightly in the outer corner.

lesbian request denied

That one eyebrow hair is irritating me.


Beer of the Day: Clown Shoes’ The Peace That Money Can’t Buy

clown shoes the peace that money can't buy

Clown Shoes Says:Nothing? I can’t find an official description of the beer.

Rebs Says: First, I love me a Belgian Style Quad. In fact, I review one last week on EOTD/BOTD. But I’m not entirely feeling like “The Peace”, (that’s what we’re calling it now because I’m too lazy to type it out or think of an acyonym) is really true to the quad style. Honestly, it tastes like a sour to me.

The Peace is extremely tart and funky, with a bit of a cloying cherry flavor. I get vague hints of caramel, but I am mostly just overwhelmed by the tartness. I don’t even pick up on a hint of the bourbon barrel taste. Again, this really tastes like a bad sour ale to me, and I’m not a fan of even the good sour ales, so you can imagine my dislike. This is especially disappointing as I was hoping for a Belgian Quad.

This is the first beer in recent history that neither Mr. Danger or myself could NOT finish. We tried, and eventually gave up. And we’ve finished some questionable beers in our time. Very disappointing, especially with a $14 price tag for the bomber. (Hey, I never said I was craft beer on a beer budget!)

Rebs Rating: 1/5 Rebs Beer Stars

Questions of the Day:
-How often do cream shadow frequent your makeup rotation?
-Did you grab anything from the Anti-Valentine’s Day Collection?
-What’s your least favorite beer ever? (I want to try it.)



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