Happy Hour: Favorite New Mascara and Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ace

Hey friends!

Oh goodness what a week. I’m busting out one of my Lush bubble bars  cutting it in half, because I’m cheap and taking a bath tonight. With a giant, but responsible, adult beverage.

If you have energy to get out for a Happy Hour, I’ve got a makeup product for you, my new favorite mascara, Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara-and it’s only $7!

I would normally rave about my beer of the week here, but unfortunately I had a case of mistaken beer identity. I thought this Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace was a Saison I’d tried before and loved, but it turns out, I strongly, immensely, really dislike it.

So for more on that story, as well as a cheap new mascara, check out Happy Hour!

happy hour sorachi ace

Please enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly. 

Makeup of the Week: Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, $7-$9, depending on your store.

Maybelline Lash Sensational

I’ve been hearing about this mascara for awhile now, but finally decided to try it out. And I was really pleased!

maybelline lash sensational wand

The mascara goes on thick, but the curved wand helps spread it out. I did have to do some finagling of eye lashes to get everything where I wanted it, but it really made my eye lashes look longer and darker. I was pretty generous with my application of mascara, and didn’t really have any clump issues.

When I buy a mascara I’m really looking for something that’s easy to apply (bonus points for if it applies well in a moving vehicle) and something that makes me eyelashes look more dramatic. This mascara works on all three levels, so I’m really pleased!

Beer of the Week: Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace

brooklyn brewery sorachi ace

Welp. I thought this was a different beer. I saw it in the store, and thought, “Oh yes, I remember the card beer! That’s a great Saison, perfect for Spring!” I double checked the beer rating websites I frequent, and they all agreed and gave it excellent reviews. Into the cart it went.

At home, I took all my photos of my beer and makeup. Then sat down to enjoy the fruits of my labor. And I hated the Sorachi Ace Saison. This was not the beer I thought it was! But I am lazy and already took the pictures for my blog! So here we are.

And why do I so strongly dislike this? It tastes like weird plastic. I think that’s the Sorachi hops over powering the taste, but it’s very disconcerting to my palette. Even without the plastic taste, it’s a very light, watery beer. Almost like a citrus Bud Light. (Sorry Bud drinkers, wait, no I’m not.) Anyway, I tried to let it warm up. I tried it in a different glass. No luck, it just tasted like bad beer lemonade, with plastic. (That was the part I can’t get over, obviously.)

Now, if you look on Beer Advocate, it has amazing ratings and no one mentions a plastic taste. So there’s a chance I got a bad bottle, and that’s why I remember liking this at one point in my life. But until I test this theory, (I’m so scared to try again, though!), Sorachi Ace will remain as the beer that bested me.

happy hour

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

Questions of the Day:
-Any new Spring products you’re loving?
-Has a beer ever bested you?
-I love trying things people hate, (I’m weird), so really share your most unloved beer with me!






5 thoughts on “Happy Hour: Favorite New Mascara and Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ace

    • Yes, I’m so surprised how nicely it works for drugstore mascara! It reminds me of my Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, but for like a third of the price.

      And one lady’s sad beer might be another’s treasure, so maybe some one else out there will love the Sorachi Ace! 🙂

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